Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 OS 7.1 update on the way

Verizon OS 7.1 Update
By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2012 01:42 pm EST

According to some keen eyed forums members, it looks like Verizon Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 users may be happy campers very soon. Some support documents on Verizon's site are showing off the above software update notice. The OS build is the same one that was released by Sprint a few weeks back, so unfortunately there won't anything different in this version. Updates in OS 7.1 include:

  • Device will no longer repeatedly indicate that new software has been installed.
  • Device will no longer reset while connected to a charging source.
  • Device displays the correct wireless service provider while making calls or sending text messages.
  • While in a global roaming condition, connect to a previously registered CDMA network without experiencing lengthy search periods.
  • Improvements in home screen responsiveness and reduced touch screen lockups.
  • No longer experience delays in audio reception or unexpected call termination.
  • Improvements to audio quality during playback for audio files downloaded using the V CAST application.
  • The zoom in and zoom functionout on the browser application renders the page properly.
  • Device now supports Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot (MHS).

No word on just when the update will show, but expect it to be fairly soon.

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Reader comments

Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 OS 7.1 update on the way


7.1 is rolling out and most of app world's 7.0 compliant apps are not 7.1 compliant. This will be interesting. And still waiting for theme studio, though many sources have indicated it is never coming.

I updated to the Sprint version and had no issues with any of my downloaded apps. What apps are you talking about being 7.0 compliant but not 7.1?

Great stuff. If i wasn't lazy I would have loaded the leak a few weeks back. Figure I'll do this OTA once its available.

Do they still test these builds before they throw them to us?! If we are in fact given the same build as Sprint has, lots of people will be pissed. The CDMA official from Sprint drops 10% battery in the first 10mins off charger (universally, I haven't spoken to anyone who doesn't see this occur). Its fine after that and a decent build with only a few other smaller bugs in the OS. *sigh* Seems the stupid battery wonkiness would prevent them from release though and ask for ---what seems must be--- an easy fix from RIM in a newer build.

I downloaded the Sprint version and never experienced the battery issues you're describing. You may just have a bad battery. I had a bad battery on my old 9630 and was able to pick up a new OEM BB battery for $4 on Amazon. If they have one for the 9850 at that price, it might be worth the price to try it.

I have not heard of anyone using the 7.1 update ever see percentages between 98-93. After going from 99% most people drop to 92% battery in the first 30 minutes if using tools that see smaller increments. If using the built-in status, drops look more like 100-90% in that same "instadrop". If you are not having this issue, I'd like to see you at 96% battery.

Do not see the problem reported and have not seen it as an issue in the forum. Battery life is better with 7.1 and now I have mobile hot spot on Verizon, and it works great. Apps work fine, none were reporting as incompatible.

I have the 9850 and have never had any of the problems that this build fixes. Wonder if I should update? Especially if the apps don't carry over. Hmmmm .... gotta think about this one.

Funny, I've been running this version, since Sprint released it, and am contemplating downgrading back to the the last official VZN release. Too many annoying bugs...

1. Randomly not having any audio when making or receiving calls, requiring a reboot to resolve.

2. Intermittently losing my font choice, upon reboot, requiring a subsequent reboot to correct.

3. strange battery display behavior: sometime the amount of available battery will increase after a reboot.

4. Numerous problems with Pandora, and playing media files; not to mention Playlists not properly syncing with Blackberry DM.

All this started after I upgraded to 7.1, so I'm "assuming" that downgrading will resolve. Was going to try this weekend.

I agree. I was hoping it would be a different version. I had the sprint one and it had that ridiculous battery drop. I had to downgrade. Hopefully it gets fixed.

I'm going to sit this upgrade out. I'm happy with Bridge for my Playbook and Tether app on my laptop. I'm reading about too many bugs on the 7.1 software. Plus I understand VZW expects you to pay $20 more for the feature. I don't pay anything extra using the 2 methods above.

The media player .cods in this version have some serious coding issues. In addittion to being the cause of consistant memory leak, they often compete for the same resources as other running programs in the OS, causing either a media device is busy error (which can not be recovered from w/o a bat pull) or a full out OS lock up.

There is also a great deal of wonkiness with the GPS signal.

The fact that Verizon is pushing this one out says allot about both Verizon and RIM's ability to deliver a solid OS even into 2012. All those who think that RIM is suddenly going to pull it all together this year and take off really need to take a look at the ongoing 9900/9930 and 9850/9860 hardware/software issues for a splash of ice water on that dream.

Not seeing any of these issues, and they have not been reported in the forums. You are awfully quick to indict RIM and Verizon for an issue that seems to be only reported by you and one or two others. Have you asked for help in the forum? That would be more useful than badmouthing the phone supplier and the service provider. What are you trying to accomplish?

I'd like to see an update that doesn't reset/remove my email accounts. I don't recall my ATT Bold 9000 ever deleting my email accounts when I updated the OS, but each update my VZW 9930 has done has required my to setup my email accounts again. WTH!!

I have verizon 9850 torch. since the 7.1 OS update my speaker phone has not worked.

Where is the fix for this? its been 9 months!!!!