Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 unboxing [video]

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Unboxing
By Adam Zeis on 9 Jun 2010 02:09 pm EDT

I finally got my hands on a shiny new Bold 9650 from Verizon. I'm very excited to check it out and be back on CDMA (for a while at least) since I've been rocking the Bold 9700 on T-Mobile for months. I was a big Tour fan when it came out, but now having the optical trackpad as well as Wifi (among other things) on the Bold 9650 is definitely a bonus. Nothing too exciting in the box that we haven't seen before. The standard world charger with adapters, a few manuals and the leather holster (no fun new charger like with the Pearl 3G). Check out the video after the jump for a quick unboxing, and stay tuned as I'll have a full review in the next few days.

Video Unboxing of the Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650

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Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 unboxing [video]


Actually going to pick this up Friday. Cant wait to check it out. Lol dude you just dont sound like your feeling it today (:

I had a very hectic morning but wanted to get this done. I totally agree that the video is not very exciting though .. I'll do better next time :)

why dont they include the better headphones that come with the bold? that headset is the crappiest one EVER. i dont see what all the fuss is with this phone. what a waste of time, not a big enough difference from my tour for me to want this device. nuff said.

No man its all good! I hear that! This is actually going to be my girls bb and it will be her first so were pretty excited. Thanks for the unboxing its always nice to see Verizon steping up to the plate.

When you opened the power cord box, the cord was not tied all nice and tidy. Looks like someone's been in your box. I have an 8330 and am up for a new one. I have been waiting for this. I hear it has the best of the bold and curve in one. My only hope is that US Cellular gets it soon.

Its a review unit .. they activate it before it ships out so most likely used the charger before it made it to me.

He says it likes its no big deal haha.

Btw since when did they start throwing in the leather clip belt. Ice had 3 BBs and neither had one. or did they throw it in just for you?

Adam, it would be awesome if you would address some of the concerns in the forums about the VZW 9650 (battery life, signal fluctuation) in your review. Just a thought!

had it for about a week, love it. The WiFi allows me to mess around on the phone while talking on it. Something I loved about ATT but the big red don't let us do.....yet I hope.

Just wanted to point out that the OEM holsters that come with the BlackBerry devices are NOT real leather.

We can't get enough of these unboxing videos. I'm picking one up for my wife soon. She can't wait to turn off that 8330

Your video says that it was the first time you saw the device and opened the box.... but SOMEONE clearly opened it before you did. The battery doesn't come installed in the phone for one and the power cable should come bundled with a twist-tie and not tied in a knot.

Its a review unit so it was opened and activated before I got it .. but it was the first time I had opened the box.

I was happy to see this video. I am getting one this week. but let me tell you the crazy and stupid thing I did. I was due for an upgrade and I was using a storm 9530 and it was doing good. I decided stupidly let me check out the Droid Eris. WOW what a mistake. the battery could not even make it through the day (even with the so call app killer program) help desk said i needed a extended battery if i was going to leave push email on. only allowed to look at one inbox at a time. I mean it was horrible. after less than 2 days I switched to my old 8330 since my storm is being sold. the Droid is going back and i am getting the new verizon BOLD. so those thinking of switching be careful. blackberry is truely the only way to go.

I would disagree on Blackberry is the only way. I have the Droid not the Droid Eris and battery lasts longer than my Storm and Tour did. Using One email box is not a big deal to me. The function of the phone and the need not to do battery pulls because of memory leaks. Besides this it is nice not to rely on a server to take my phone out. There has been way too many BIS outages in the last 24 months for my liking.

But as we all know each is there own when it comes to opinions. My wife loves her 8330 but it is dying and will need to be replaced. She is eying the purple 8530 which I am trying to talk her out of because of the poor excuse for memory but then again it is common among Blackberry until the 9650.

All the cool phones always come out after you purchase what in your mind is the best thing (tour) on the market. commercialism what a concept? Thanks for allowing me to rant.

Just picked up my Bold on Saturday and I'm very happy with it, WiFi and more memory and no more trackball!!!!

Only had my Tour for a few months now, and this beauty comes out. Oh well. Guess I'll have to wait till my one year upgrade. Still love my Tour though.

I just bought this phone with Sprint and it came with the standard charging module and as I was watching this I realized that this comes with an international module..... I'm guessing this is just something that Verizon is adding and Sprint is trying to save money by not adding.

Thanks Adam.

VZW has that since they have those "world" edition phones so they feel as though they are doing a favor by having the adapters in there.

I'm getting mine tomorrow. i thought i would've had it today but the vzw store did not receive there shipment yet. i have an 8530 that i am currently using and i thought there wouldn't be much of a difference other then the camera until i had it in my hand on Monday. i fell in love. it didn't feel as light as the 8530 and there was a noticeable difference in the screen display. much better quality. when i tested it out on Monday, i wanted to see how long it would take to pull up a web page. it seem there was no difference in the speed to bring up a page but i could be wrong. the only thing I'm not going to like is what i'm going to pay. i'm only six months into the contract and i'm not up for any upgrade so i would think they would charge me at retail for the phone.

I've tested this out on a couple of different systems, two different 9650's from VZW, and still reproduced the same issue.

When pairing your BB Bold 9650 with your computer to sync with your Desktop Manager, all is good. When you close out DM and leave the bluetooth signal on (for example, your BT headset), the device begins looping and looking for a desktop connection every 30 seconds. Over and over and over, the only way to prevent the connection is to either turn of the BT signal or delete the pairing with the computer. I've spoken with RIM about this issue for hours, reinstalled the OS, etc. I've sent the logs in, so it looks like there's a build issue regarding the BT signal/connection to the desktop. I tested the issue with my Storm2, Bold2, and Pearl Flip, but none of them displayed the issue, working perfectly fine and disengaging unless prompted by DM.

I'm surprised this one got by both RIM and VZW.

I currently use a Curve 8330. I bought a Curve 8530, hated it and have been using the 8330 constantly. I am up for an upgrade and I was thinking about the 9630 until this new 9650 came out. I am a little disappointed the 9650 doesn't have a camera, but can live without it. I basically just use my phone for e-mail, phone, appointments, and texting my sons. It is very important I have a good calendar program on the phone. I had cancer and have doctor appts all the time. The 8330 is great with appointments, but the 8530 doesn't have an alarm you can set to warn you in advance. You have to set up an extra alarm to go off. I hate this.

What would a Blackberry expert recommend I buy. I don't want a touchscreen. I want the full keyboard.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

The 9650 does have a camera. Verizon just carries a non camera version as well for those that can't have camera phones at work.

another pos from rim...and after everyonegoes out ( like Lemmings ) as buys one, they will introduce the next "new and improved model". And rim is so cheap, thet do not even pay dividends!

you are probally correct something new will come out. The other side is rim is not the only one who does that I see alot of other companys doing the same thing that is just the way technology works. I know when i get my 9650 in 3 to 6 months there will be something else out but that is just the way it works.

This looks just like the Tour 2 that was supposed to come out. Is this replacing it? If this is old news, please forgive me. I have not been in the forums lately.

I was waiting for the release of the Tour 2.

i have a Month and 2 days b4 i can upgrade to a New Blackberry from a Tour...cant wait to pick this one up!!! I am sick of them damn trackball not working!

Ive lost interest n BLackberry since the curve 8900 (my current phone). Every phone that came out since the curve seems to be just a variation with minor tweaks. These blackberries are just fillers. EVen the flip is a difference. I cant wait to see what the slider has in store and when it comes out. Blackberry should focus on having a GOOd flip phone, a flagship (9700) type, and the slider, and an all-touchscreen device instead of these little filler phones.

Just to let everyone know, I had damaged my screen on my Tour and had to do an insurance claim. I was told that I would be receving a new Bold because the Tour was no longer made. So if you really want a Bold this might be a way to go.