Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 available for direct fufillment June 3rd; In stores June 10th?

Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 Available For Direct Fufillment June 3rd, In Stores June 10th?
By Bla1ze on 28 May 2010 10:15 pm EDT

Could it be? Could Verizon customers actually be able to grab the BlackBerry Bold 9650 through direct fufillment on June 3rd and then head on into a store to grab one on June 10th? Sure seems that way if the internal pic above is to be believed. If it turns out to be correct then it should make some Verizon customers out there who have been waiting what seems like, forever for this device. Thanks to everyone who sent this in and exploded our tip line.

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Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 available for direct fufillment June 3rd; In stores June 10th?


The specs of this device are nothing next to the Droid Incredible. RIM's entire consumer market depends on the release of OS 6.0. If it doesn't match up to the competitors, RIM will become an enterprise-only phone maker.

Rim has some great devises. If you don't like them don't buy them. This may be what the tour should have been but you just can't have everything at one time. There is always going to be a next gen.Tech moves forward. Even with the droid.

I am a RIM fan and love Berries but honestly they need to step their game up. OS 6.0 better deliver or honestly its time to jump ship to something fresh and new.

I beleive rim builds smart phones and droid is a social phone platform. There is no evereything phone yet, and never will be. Just as there are different types of people there are different phones. At some point you have to market a phone. if you continue to look for the best and never deliver you will never suceed. Too many people want it all now. We have a long way to go and a lot of time left.

Sorry maybe too preachy

Its time to get rid of this 8130 pearl.I need a phone with more memory and a faster processor.

You're just not gonna let the Tour R.I.P. under the bed are you? If so.... care to give / sell it to a current 8310 user whose phone's memory will never be big enough for all the apps I like to have? :)

I might be able to sell you mine. It all depends on if verizon will work with me on a early upgrade. We used a early upgrade to get the wife a bb curve 8530 from a dare (I made a newbie crackberry addict :D ) so idk if they will let me upgrade mine. If they do I be more then will to either sell or just flat out give mine to you. Its a little dinged up tho. Unlocked tho for good messure haha

business drag out any longer? Geez, you would think they had created a completely new phone from ground up instead of just replacing some parts on the original Tour 9630.

haha for Sprint that is :P .. i am currently waiting for dumb Tmo to transfer my number to sprint so i can start abusing this bad boy

my first BB everr :O

Not enough
By: jetman1287 | Date: Fri, 05/28/2010 - 21:24 |

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The specs of this device are nothing next to the Droid Incredible. RIM's entire consumer market depends on the release of OS 6.0. If it doesn't match up to the competitors, RIM will become an enterprise-only phone maker.

You can't compare android to bb. when android can make messaging work reliably like bb then maybe but now it's just eye candy.

What can't android messaging do that blackberry can? If you're talking about push services, my email and data comes in at split second speeds. If you're talking about actual messaging, I don't remember texting ever being this intuitive and easy to use.

Went to the HTC incredible after four disappointing tours and I have yet to look back. Enjoy the subpar processor and small screen. Though I miss bbm, theres nothing blackberry devices can do that the incredible can't do equally or more impressive.

And blackberry 6? Radical considering its from RIM, but in the grand scheme of things, a couple of years too late. Still love this blog though!

Wow ..I wanted this phone so last year.. Hello 9800? What's up w Rim dragging feet w verizon? At this rate I'm movin to droid2..

Welp, I have a free upgrade avaliable, but previously bought a 3rd party 9630...I think I will wait until the 9630 turns out how my Pearl 8130 was.

It's not RIM that causes delays with device releases, it is the carrier's that drag their feet with testing. And if you knew anything about Verizon's rigorous software and hardware testing, they take months to test each very thoroughly.

yea! Like they did with S2's OS .607? YEA! There's "rigorous testing"for ya! Verizon should try testing the keyboard to making sure the darn actually pops up when its supposed to before they or anyone claims that their testing is rigorous! smh!!!

the new 5.0 OS for the Tour was HORRIBLE I had it with the TOUR 4 of them I couldn't wait. I have the Curve 8530 and I like just fine. I will get the new Bold in March

I just don't see the point of people jumping in and declaring that the topic device sux or is inferior to their own. It happens every time anymore. It wasn't tolerated much with iPhone fans but android fans/converts seem to get a pass. I've seen and played with a droid and its not for me, but I've never posted on androidcentral because I have nothing constructive to say.

im getting a new phone june 14 n i have windows mobile now :) and i had a bb pearl. i dont like windows mobile 6.1 but i want a touch pro 2 windows 6.5 or a bb 9650 what do you guys think??

I would go back to BB I had winmo before my 9700 and looked at possibly getting the htc tilt 2 and I'm so glad I got my BB. The 9650 (even tho it should be 9750, cuz it's just a tich better the then 9700) will be a great phone. And will hopefully get 6.0 before the year end.

Im thinking about it im just scared because the touch pro 2 "is the best windows mobile phone to date". lol but i need a blackberry for skype so i can talk to my friends overseas. But thanks im probably going to get this one cause i want a tour but i want a d pad tooo :D

Its amazing how these total trolls, who have zero lives keep hanging around on a BB board. Are they that empty?? Do they need to talk to their shrinks about why they cant move on with themselves?? Who cares what they think or change to? No one will care when they arent satisfied with Android next and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge or put their vacuum cleaner hose on their exhaust pipe and run it in their car window. You left so leave already. Jesus.

You see.. the reason there are such people is because the platform is falling behind. The issue I've had with all my RIM devices is that they build them to 'just work' instead of exceeding expectations with things like giving them a faster processor than they'll realistically ever need, more memory than they'll ever need. Blackberry devices serve a great purpose, I miss my push email, and could care less about BBM.. I just got my incredible after 2 Tours, 4 Storms, and a old Pearl and Curve, I loved those phones to death, but they were always lacking, and when the MotoDroid came out, I saw it as setting a new standard for smartphones, it was nice, but not enough to sway me, the current generation of Androids.. the Incredible, the EVO, the soon to be MotoDroid2.. They're working towards what people want. They will never take the place of the Blackberry in the enterprise world, nobody ever will, but in the consumer's eyes they're slowly starting to fall off the page. Having played with OS6 already and seeing what its capable of, its definitely a step in the right direction, but the devices are still crippling what this company is capable of. I will be the first to say I'm not a fanboy of any kind, and I will admit that Android has its flaws, but to keep telling yourself that Blackberry is still competent with other things on the market, you're fooling yourself, seriously. I really genuinely hope that RIM does something revolutionary with devices and OS updates in the future to make it a platform that performs as far out on the plank in the consumer market as it does the enterprise/business world. Sway me back RIM, that's my challenge to the Blackberry platform.

I think those are strong words.

If people want a simple interface, an industry-leading qwerty keyboard, a long battery life, and a utility phone, they will get a Blackberry. If they want a rich multi-media experience, then they will go Android, or iPhone.

Blackberry is definitely still very competent in the smartphone world; it specializes in messaging. It's all just what you're looking for, and I don't think most people buying Blackberries are fooling themselves.

They're very strong words, and like I said, Blackberry still has a very strong hold on the business/enterprise end of things, as far as flexibility, raw power, and the ability to 'get shit done' Android has it.. iPhone OS is still too proprietary and now with it bascially being said that they'll never get Flash, is off the edge.

Hopefully the WebKit BB Browser later this year gets full Flash 10.1 like Android is getting with v2.2. I have my doubts that will be the case though, since the devices aren't spec'd up to handle flash, thats the main reasoning behind the Berry platform not having Flash yet, it requires a lot of resources and a blazing fast OS. Something RIM hasn't been able to pin down quite yet in their search for the perfect blend of general consumer and power user/business consumer. The ONLY 'messaging' advantage is push email across the board, ActiveSync for Gmail is wonderful and since my main account is a gmail it works fine for me, they never quite got the gmail right in BB in my opinion anyways. As far as all other types of messaging, there is an equal if not better application on Android. Blackberry Messenger, sure, in the years that I've owned my Blackberries though, I never really used it. Google Talk works just fine for that purpose, and isn't proprietary like BBM. So you can have a data based messenging system across all BB/Android/iPhone platforms. I think most people that are buying their Blackberry and telling themselves its the best phone out there are fooling themselves, they're nice devices, but definitely not at the top of the game anymore. Unless you just can't live without having 4 pushed email accounts and BBM, on an underspec'd device running slow operating software after you've installed a few apps.

I was so excited for this phone months ago. I couldn't wait to upgrade from my Tour. Then it took forever to come out, the incredible was released, and that was that. I'm still a huge fan of BBs, but rim lost a customer by dragging their feet.

A blackberry is a blackberry...andriod is an android...iphone is an iphone...enough with the "bashing" of the blackberry. I myself love my blackberry and realized that yeah android is on another level and so is an iphone...but so what?!?!?!?! I love my 9650 and I'm satisfied with what it does for me on an everyday...all those new shiny "gadget" toy phones do not call my attention. I myself never go into android/iphone forums bashing those devices cuz I don't care nor have nothing to say about it. Enough said =]

Its always the slow cars that rev their engines if you know what i mean. Got something to prove you know. Enjoy your blackberries and dont pay attention to the remorseful switchers.

Ok, VZW finally has the 9650, now when is USC going to actually release the 9650 for its customers. I currently have the 9630 and love it, but was very disappointed to find out that WiFi was dropped from the specs. I will gladly pay to upgrade to the 9650 when it comes out.

But don't get fanboy-like attached to any platform. BB does push email and bbm better than the rest, but is outperformed in every other category right now by Android. Maybe 6.0 changes that. We'll see. I want to stick with BB but their software is terrible. How can you say they don't compete? They offer the same functions. Enterprise users may still prefer BBs but we are falling in the eyes of consumers VERY quickly.

I hate verizons BB because it always seems like they want to take your money and give you a crappy product. I mean I thought I would love my tour but...... I was highly disappointed. Not having WiFi is a huge deal. Verizon is supposed to have this crazy coverage across the US (which they do) but its so slow. AT&T's BB are where its at. Fast network and I feel way more worth my money. Not to impressed with verizons "bold 9650". They can keep it.

I would love to have one of those, but I have a Tour and it is by far the best device ihave ever had. It treats me well. I have had the iPhone, Hero, Palm Pre, and others, but I still love the tour the best. No reason to upgrade to the 9650 now. But it is a great device. Love that it has WiFi and a lot more memory. And there are rumors that it will be upgradeable to OS 6. For BlackBerry fans, it doesn't get any better. Glad to see it.

i have the new bold and i must say this is one of the best phones out so far extremly fast and on point just wish it was in white and no im not part of big red i was so glad sprint got it before verison

I checked the Verizon website and called the phone sales department earlier today. It does not appear that at the current time the phone is available for pre-order through Verizon. Also, I don't see the phone in the "Upcoming" section. Does anyone know when pre-orders will be an option?

If i order it online on June 3rd, will it ship right away or not until June 10th? Basically what I'm trying to do is get the phone as soon as possible because I have been waiting forever for it. So I am trying to figure out if anybody knows whether ordering it June 3rd or just going to the store on June 10th will make me get this phone faster. Any help?

I was @ a VZ store earlier today and they let me upgrade my storm to a 9650. it was 199 with 100 mail in rebate so 299 upfront. They told me it would ship on the 3rd and it usually takes 3 days