Verizon BlackBerry BOGO To End November 7th?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2009 03:48 pm EDT

Verizon to end BlackBerry BOGO Nov. 7th

If you've been thinking about picking up a new BlackBerry Smartphone from Verizon, you may want to move quick. Assuming the info we just received above holds true, it shows that Big Red is looking to end their current Buy One, Get One BlackBerry promotion next Saturday, November 7th. I'm sure the BlackBerry BOGO will make its return at somepoint in the not so distant future, but we're not exactly sure when or for how long. So if you've been eyeing up the Verizon BlackBerry Tour or newly-launched BlackBerry Storm2 for you and a loved one, there's no time like the present!

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hehe, a bit more than a week time to decide between Tour or Storm2... could be fun to watch :)


A corp rep mentioned to me that it ends then.


Anyone hear about black Friday Deals yet? I am eligible now but my husband isnt until thanksgiving weekend- really want the new storm but was waiting the month and hoping to get the BOGO...


I'm leaving the berry world soon....the droid is just too sweet not to get. lol


I think that they're ending the policy because RIM might launch a replacement for the Tour soon. It only makes sense since the new Bold 9700 is not CDMA compatible, besides the Curve, Storm, and Bold have all received their's the Tour's turn. I think they could have saved costs if they had made the 9700 CDMA (Verizon)'s a shame they didn't.


the tours "turn".

the tour has only been out for a little over 4 months. its still a brand new phone.


that's correct, however Verizon and Sprint, who run on CDMA, do not have a device that has the trackpad. I don't think that it will be a completely new Tour as much as it will be an update with 5.0 software, wifi, and a trackpad.

The Antagonist

Curve2 with trackpad is more likely than a new Tour at this point.


think they will bring back the BOGO for holidays?


verizon giveth and they taketh away lol


i tell you this, the sales numbers on Blackberry's skyrocketed when the BOGO was originally announced in Jan. It's aggressive, but it worked. I personally think this is the best time to have the BOGO though, because with the Android launch on the 6th, alot of people may not be buying the Blackberry's if they are no longer BOGO.

me personally, i'm holding out for a Tour2.

may the BB God's smile upon me.


its a tough decision- buy it now and be pissed when they re launch the BOGO at the end of November or dont buy it now and be pissed if they dont offer the BOGO


Verizon is having a netbook (not sure which one) for $34.99 w/2 year contract for black friday. I'm not too sure about what they're doing with phones yet


and they say that you have to have 2 lines available for upgrade, or you have to add a line to an existing multiple line plan. i purchased a the 9630 last week and wasn't offered this at all. honestly, got quite excited for a minute. don't be's not a promo for everyone, sadly.


im adding a new line to my account, porting my girl from TMo. I figured since I was getting her the Tour and as long as I renewed for 2 years...I would be able to get the Storm 2 or the Tour under BOGO.


I'm not due until 08/ doesnt matter whether i would renews for 2 or not...such a let down!


Oh no! I'm not due for replacement till 11/22!


I am due on that same day. I am so mad!!!!!!!


They better run bogo. Cause the "DROID" is coming.


i know this is a little off topic, but why oh why does verizon still have the 8703e???


This BOGO offer was scheduled to end on this date for a looooong time now. This is old news that reps are just trying to make front page for. The curve2 is coming before the tour2 because the curve2 is already in the equipment guide for VZW. But this is OLD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just want to know if anyone has heard what holiday deals might be offered


I am not really liking the Droid. I'm not impressed.


Sprint just announced a holiday season bogo which includes most of their smart phones. Tour, Curve 8330, htc hero, palm pre, palm pixi, samsung moment! sorry i know they are not all blackberries but That is a bogo worth stopping for!


then I would think that verizon would bring it back then... I hope so anyway...


They will be going to buy a storm 2 and get a storm 1 for free on any line. Regardless of whether your up for a discounted price. So if you can get 1 upgrade now, you can get the 2 and they will and the 1 to another line you have. Heard this last month from a Verizon Rep. He said that is what might happen. Makes sense.


I was in one of their stores and the employee said the BOGO ends the 7th.


I bought a Storm2 on my upgrade last Wednesday and got a 2nd Storm2 on the BOGO. It was an awesome day.


when you got two storms you had both lines eligible though right?