Verizon BlackBerry 9530 to Take World by "Storm" Oct. 13?!

Verizon BlackBerry 9530
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2008 12:52 pm EDT

Master Verizon tipster Kevin Byrne just posted the above image over at HoFo. It seems the SKU for the RIM BlackBerry BB9530 Global is now in Verizon's system!!

Read between the lines on Kevin's post, and it seems like the Thunder may just be a "BlackBerry Storm" after all, though there is a "T" after the 9530 in the image above which sort of screams Thunder. I guess time will tell both the final release name and if the October 13th announcement date Kevin is predicting holds true. I sure hope so. Oh, and after the jump we've got a new photo of a Touchscreen BlackBerry spotted in the wild.

BlackBerry Touchscreen BlackBerry Spotted in the Wild...

BlackBerry 9530 spotted in the wild?
RIM's iPhone Killer Spotted in the Wild

Made ya look!! I guess it's more like "Spotted in a Gas Station" vs "Spotted in the Wild". Dieter snapped this photo and emailed it to me last night (dirty trick - the email subject line had me all excited) and I just couldn't resist posting. Consider it some Friday CrackBerry humor. But seriously, this beauty does feature BlackBerry navigation, and a nice BIG touchscreen display. I wonder if it's rocking OS4.7?! :-)   

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Verizon BlackBerry 9530 to Take World by "Storm" Oct. 13?!


almost all the rumored dates seemed to be lining up for an october-early november release if this is true i sure can't wait to try it out .

Give me an anyeurism? The bold is coming out....sometime....soon? The Storm not too far behind,.....let's not forget the Javelin who is still a contender for the non-3G mindset.......

I think I'll just wait till they all roll out...eventually. Play with them a bit....and then decide what to do. The bold is still the top choice....but curiosity is killing me on the Storm and Javelin.......

I'm forwarding all medical bills to RIM.

I just got my Curve from Alltel, I'm so excited but at the same time I'm wishing I was with AT&T or Verizon to get my hands on one of these new ones. Man, Good thing Verizon bought Alltel...maybe I can get a Thunder (Storm) in a year when I'm eligible for an upgrade!

Sooo excited for the "storm" or whatever it will be called... but I also see a pink curve there! what's the deal with that?!! is verizon releasing one or am I just misreading the sheet..

ooh so excited!

Check out the Verizon forum and you'll see that plenty of people have already ordered pink curves. I think from what was said the first ones deliver today.

There's a picture on the Verizon website of what they look like. Not into pink phones personally, but it doesn't look half-bad.

Doesn't everyone see the T after 9530. That stands for Thunder just like the C stands for Curve and P stands for Pearl. Why does everyone keep thinking it's going to be called storm?

PS. I heard from a liable source to expect a delay. They are just saying it'll be sooner to grab the people that haven't bought an iphone. Early November is a more accurate prediction just in time for everyone's holiday shopping

No the bold will be out first. that guys right it says T after 9530. If its 9530 does that mean some other us carrier MAY get these as 9520 or so later on? I think t mobile needs a new touchscreen phone and what better than a bb? And I heard there won't be delays because they're ramping up production and everything.

Unless the Antichrist carrier fails to meet the lifetime sales quota set by blackberry themselves, no other us carrier will have it. Vodafone will have it as well.

If I had to guess, which I do, I would say the "T" represents a color/finish; not a name.

Just look at Items 15, 16, 17, and 24. PNK, RED, P all stand for colors.

Perhaps the Storm will have a 'T'itainium finish...

PNK and RED may be color designators, but look at the following lines;
21 "EV" which is listed in the next column as "EVDO"
14 "C" doesn't have a reference to a color, as VZW only comes in SLV and RED, and both of those are already identified.
19 "E" The 7130E was the designation, not the color.

"T" may or may not mean color, Touchscreen, Thunder, coming Tomorrow, Too hot to discuss, or whatever.

I'm not on the Verizon network so my big waiting game is being played for the Bold which with as many rumors that are going around now god knows when that beast is coming out.

Not only does this show the phone is real, and coming, but if you look at the description, it says "RIM BLACKBERRY BB9530 GLOBAL". Global, as in 8830, as in GSM in Europe, Asia, South America, places that aren't the US! Look at all the others. They all say "Digital", but the 8830 and the 9530T Say "Global"...


Here is my understanding. Blackberry will present the 9500 Thunder model during the Blackberry Developer conference, on October 21, just the way Steve Jobs presented the iPhone during Apple's developer week. The phone will then be shipped two weeks later in November to the public.

Well i was told yesterday by a good source that a couple of people at Verizon are already testing the Thunder. Expected to come out in November.

Ok, I have to get my two "cents" in. I don't even like the berry phone. I have messed with them before. I have even messed with the LG Dare and the Samsung instinct. I don't like ANY of them. I had sprint and they pissed me off.
I now have Verizon. I will tell you even though it is somewhat bulky I love this phone and it's the LG Voyager.
It has touch screen and you flip it open it has an awesome keyboard. It also comes with lots of goodies! You can even watch tv. I measured the LG Voyager up against some of the phones it's a bit fatter mostly longer. I like how sleek the LG Voyager is. It also comes Titanium color. however the heck you spell it. Anyway. This is just my opinion.
So, like it or lump it.