Verizon BlackBerry 9530 is the STORM

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Aug 2008 11:17 pm EDT

BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBerry Storm name just became a LOT more official. Engadget scored a sweet image of the actual BOX the Verizon BlackBerry 9530 is going to ship in. How do you like that for a leaked pic?! Details from the box suggest Verizon's touchscreen will feature a pre-installed 8GB microSD card and pre-installed SIM card (global phone).

As for the name... I guess nobody is going to win my BlackBerry Curve afterall. Rewind to our blog post on May 1st when we were the first to make a prediction on RIM's touchscreen device being called the BlackBerry Storm - I promised I'd give away my Curve to a lucky reader if I ended up being proved wrong on this one. The funny thing here is that none of the prevailing device name thoughts that surfaced were wrong... BOTH the STORM and THUNDER names are going to get action. CrackBerry Podcast listeners heard this notion a couple of episodes ago that RIM's touchscreen could be going by different names on different carriers (we dropped the notion again in the blogs when we mockingly began referring to the device as the "ThunderStorm"). 

While Verizon brews the Storm, the Thunder name will accompany the device on carriers like Vodafone and .... ROGERS??!! Yup, that's the new word. I wonder what happened to that Telus Canadian exclusivity we heard about?! So much for the worldwide lifetime exclusive. While I LOVE the Storm name and like the Thunder name, I'm now thinking this phone should have been called the TRANSFORMER. There has always been way more to this story than has ever met the eye. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is the first time in the history of RIM that the device's codename(s) have actually gone through and become the product names. Awesome! Now, enough of the Box. What I want to know is how we do get our hands on what's inside the box?! Great find Engadget!

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Verizon BlackBerry 9530 is the STORM


It's definately sticking out knocking things over and banging against my desk everytime i try to find an update about it.

That's a great find alright! I'm just loving all of the new BlackBerry phones! And Engadget claims that BlackBerry fans on Verizon "can expect in a few weeks' time." Sounds good to me!

I have seen more pics of this phone and idk the phone is nice but looks too much like iphone and im so sick of iphone and Steve Jobs that i want to vomit, BB Bold will be my choice

This will have to be the first BlackBerry I don't even care for. I'll just skip this release and wait for the Niagra?

I'm pretty sure it's still going to be a solid device given RIM doesn't manufacturer crappy hardware, but I'm saying this now, it won't compare to the iPhone. In terms of technology, the iPhone will still have this beat even when the 9530 is released. I just don't see RIM creating a new consumer friendly OS to compete with the iPhone's GUI. I guess with all the talk about the iPhone's touch keyboard, RIM has to nail this or else the phone will be their first flop.

You're off on this assumption. The touch on the 9500 is BETTER than on the Iphone. I don't like the Iphone period, but IMHO, the 9500 is better. The OS is very nice, and is different(in it's on way) than any other OS previously built. Mark my words, this device will TAKE a LARGE share of the market. Including some of Apples share. ;)

This won't compare to the iPhone because unlike the iPhone this one has a chance of actually working correctly! :) Like maybe the bluetooth will work and you'll be able to get your voicemail, and...

Plus, this will do picture and video messages. The camera on the iphone is a joke...what's the point in even having a camera if you can't send and receive pictures?

Do I want the Storm or Bold??? I don't know what to do now, it seems obvious that the storm is coming out this year too along side with Bold, that seems it was due like last year but literally last month. Both phones look great but why only Verizon I have AT&T. What to do???

Nah I already tried, you can only make out the writing on the left panel which is what the box contains. The other writing is just a font size too small to make anything out. I hope its small and thin!

Will a CDMA phone be released before a GSM?
This is going to be...wait for it.....Awesome!

Now if only this phone can make its way over to Sprint than i shall be a happy(ier) man.

Verizon, if u are reading this... hurry up release the new blackberry phones. You are a bunch of laggers, always last in the pack to get the cool phones. On top of that you never carry the cool looking phones. As a Verizon customer, I am happy with your service, but your phone selection is CRAP. Your a bunch of followers, following other carriers and last in line to release the phones.

I am so sick of waiting on AT&T to break out the Bold.
If Verizon beats them to market with the STORM, AT&T just
lost a customer. As far as I'm concerned, whoever gets the new phone out first wins! I am currently with AT&T but will not hesitate to jump over if Verizon breaks this baby out first!

verizon just purchased alltel (or at least is in the preliminary stages to do so) So, more than likely/eventually?

You know what? I'm not even that hot for the Bold anymore. Too many delays. What I'm going to do is simply this. I'll be waiting on AT&T for a few more weeks anyway. So why not just wait a couple more after that then make a comparison. I'll go over to AT&T check out the BOLD then go two blocks and check out the STORM at Verizon. I can hold both devices, check them out, try the display model and THEN make a decision. AT&T - you left the door open and VERIZON just walked in!!

That's exactly what I'm gonna do also. I've been an ATT customer since 2004 but this is getting ridiculous. I may need to wait for Tmobile to release the Javelin so that I can get the best comparison of all three. ATT waited just a little too long. Nyeh!

So if the picture is the actual phone, think we could update the picture for the "BlackBerry 9500 Touchscreen" forum?

It's not just you. Box could be a wrapper for the actual phone package which would slip into the open end... but if this were so, wouldn't the UPC be on the phone's package and not on the wrapper?

Looking at the side that has the UPC and the side that has the package contents, when the sides are put together either the UPC is going to be hidden or part of the package contents side will be obscured by the UPC side.

Have you guys ever seen boxes that have one end that has two curved flaps that actually fold into the box? Very hard to explain, but it gives one end of the box a concave side. If you look at the red lines on the right side of the image, those lines are most likely where the box will be scored to fold in to create the concave end of the box.

Sorry, but its hard to see it sometimes on platic packages in which heasets and headphones ship.

Actually, after looking again - the red lines are the cut lines for the printer/box maker. The green lines are the score/fold lines.

It is most definetly a sleeve for another box. The curved part of the cut is where you will see the classic Verizon black box underneath.

The real iphone killer? I love that it may beat the Bold to US market! I hope its not just another phone, I hope its a real iphone comparable.

And here I sit with my 2 year TMo contract! They better make up to us or I believe they'll see an exodus of customers. The Storm looks like a very sweet device - if one can get used to a touch screen.

i do believe that it is missing a side. that side would be the one that breaks down the phone. ie X megapixel camera, OS 4.x, things like that. im going to check at my store today and see if the curve, pearl and 8830 have stuff written on the other side, but i am pretty sure they do.

Ya, wow.. What a sweet piece of electronical phone thingy..I am too much of a ruch but does anyone know when that is coming out in Canada? Can someone email me or text? (519)312-4427

Does "pre-installed sim card" mean that they put it in at the factory to save you time and you can remove it?

Or does it mean they installed it at the factory, put a bunch of metal, screws, and circuit boards on top of it; and you can't remove it unless you take it to get serviced?

Thanks for this Kevin. Do you think you can work your contacts to confirm the Rogers bit though...I'm shocked that they would have exclusive rights to the iphone, exclusive rights to the Bold and now get the Thund..I mean Storm?!?! If so, I hope they take some lessons learned from the Bold release...I mean two units in a store does not a release make. And if anyone from RIM is listening, you might want to keep an eye/ear out for how Rogers reps promote the Storm...I was in a store last week looking at the Curves (one of my weaker moments when I didn't think I could wait for the Storm anymore) and the second I said I wanted it for personal use, the Rogers guy says to me "well you don't want a Blackberry then, you want an iphone" and physically led me away from the Blackberries to the iphone display. I left the store, but RIM, keep an eye on these people..a less crackberry-savvy person may have fallen for it!!!!

I'm so excited!! I love my BB now, and want the Storm so I can have the touch experience with all the goodies of the Curve!! Kuddos for the all the sneak peaks we've seen and this is the best of the best.. Thank You

coming to at&t possibly or am I reading something wrong. I thought it said something about a sim card and that leaves the question out there.

I hope that this Rogers news is just another cooked up fib. If Telus dropped the ball on this, they are out of the wireless race, they can't compete with their stock of last year's blackberries, the TOuch Diamond and the Keybo. Telus, Telus, Telus. Do you want to give your business to Rogers? Are you going to offer free porting? Get with the program!!!!

Well, if this phone goes to Rogers, then RIM has lost another sale. Rogers' prices are ridiculous and their customer service is a joke. At least I can get unlimited internet, email, text and data with Telus for a reasonable price. As much of a big deal everyone was making over the iphone I personally know a lot of people who declined once they released the rate plans. And the second release of the rate plans...and the third release of the rate plans.
When Telus and Rogers have the same phones Telus usually gets the better models. I'm hoping that is the case here again otherwise no touch screen for me!

How much Cred can we really give the info about it being given to Rogers? A few weeks ago a financial analyst said that it was coming to Telus.....Now the info on Rogers is acoming from an unknown source. Yes they have the pic of the box for Verizon but till I see a box with Rogers on it I am not buying it. Explain why on earth RIM would put their first released touchscreen in the hands of the exclusive carrier of the iphone in Canada. You don't see car companies releasing a car to a dealer to compete with another car they make. If they give it to Rogers their sales are at the mercy of the sales force, and I am pretty sure some high school/first year UNIversity student is going to be all about the iphone over the blackberry. If the Thunder/Storm is expected to be a direct competitor to the iphone customers unfamiliar with the BB T/S will take the iphone. I am thinking RIM is WAY smarter than that. I will believe it when I see it. ...anybody else?

Is the storm going to have a removable battery or will it have the iphone type where you have to send it in for repair or replacement? I apologize if this info has already been disclosed. ( still a newbie )


I don't suppose we'll be seeing accessories and/or cases in the CrackBerry store soon will we?

If anyone was watching last night's Democratic National Convention coverage on CNN...between some of the speeches last night; CNN's anchor John King (the one who operates that screen where he draws on, pulls up maps and such)...had two phones on him during one of the breaks where they were talking.

He had a phone in each hand; and Anderson Cooper looked at him and said something on the lines of, "John is busy on his TWO blackberrys trying to find out if McCain made an announcement as to who his running mate may be".

If you looked at the devices, one was for sure a BlackBerry (the 7000 series); and the other looked just like the Thunder; nothing like the typical qwerty-keyboard Berry-fare. I only thought about it like that since AC said that John had 2 BlackBerrys on him.

Eh, it's cute but the touchscreen technology just isn't my thing.

Once my contract is up with my Pearl, i'll go for whatever device with actual buttons is the BlackBerry du jour.

So really? You folks are buying this? You can tell this is a photo-shopped box. Yes it is missing a side, even IF the UPC is missing. In addition, the UPC symbol listed in the above picture, (which is hidden when the box is put together) is the same as that of the Curve for Verizon.

Sorry to burst any bubbles, but this picture is just a collage of previous Blackberry boxes through Verizon.

I hope that this isnt true to go to Rogers!! they aren't even doing ads for the BB Bold so why give them something like the thunder? that is so crappy if they do this I am so gonna tell helus! (telus) just how much they suck!! because Im so tired of this crap not being able to get a phone when others get one. I am living in the flintstone days staying with helus and if I go to robbers I get robbed. darn if i do darn if i dont!! crap!!

I'm sick of hearing all you berry users complain about the touchscreen! BB is stepping up to the ever changing market, you guys got your Bold now shut up! Plus the TS is actually a button it moves under your finger, unlike the iPhone so you will actually be able to feel when you click something.

oh i want this when does it come out. i want to put all 5 of my roommates with Iphones to shame with this phone!!

Maybe this is a photoshop - after all it might only be a picture for the marketing reps at Verizon to look at.

Why do people ask what features and specifics of design are on the 95xx when it isn't out yet? This isn't "ask the blackberry r/d tech" forum.

How can you blast a perceived carrier's decision on the product when we don't know if they are going to carry it?


Skool be gud four many of we.

So I spoke with a store manager that is working on the Telus Smartphones for all campaigne, and anyways, he says the Blackberry 9530 World phone is in their systems, and should be due for a December release, just in time for Christmas...Just thought I'd pass that on, buy into it as you will. IMHO Rogers will not be the first Canadian Provider to offer the Storm, there may be a GOD!

I am looking to get a blackberry because right now my phone sucks and I have wanted to upgrade for a while. i have verizon and want the curve but how long would I have to wait to get the storm? it looks incredible

The reason why Verizon Wireless takes so long to release devices is because they got thru alot of testing with the equipment before it's released. Yes its true some devices go out and still have issues but Verizon has to wait for updates from the manufactures to release. It has become a benefit since it reduces churn within the company and has the lowest out of all the other competitors.

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I have a Blackberry 9530 from verizon that is unlocked, but i cannot go to the internet or send and receive picture messages. i was told i need to change the service packs to AT&T does anyone know where i can find these and instructions on how to do it?? I appreciate it very much... is my email address..