Verizon begins rolling out OS 10.2.1

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jan 2014 01:20 pm EST

It looks like Verizon users may be in luck (for once). According to multiple reports in the forums, users are now seeing updates for OS

From what we've heard OS 10.2.1 isn't set to roll out for another few days for most users but if this stands correct, the process may already be underway. The update is appearing OTA for some as well as via BlackBerry Link.

We've reached out to verify if this is a go for Big Red users so we'll report back with any news, but if you're on Verizon be sure to check for updates and let us know if you're seeing anything. As for everyone else — hang in there! :) 

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Verizon begins rolling out OS 10.2.1



Update from BlackBerry via N4BB: "A limited number of VZW customers today received the BlackBerry 10.2.1 update however it is not generally available yet. We’ll keep you posted on general availability.”

Does anybody know if netflix will work with this update? If so, any particular APK version? I know some people don't care but some of us do.

It does work. Download Snap from the forums, then you can download and install the latest netflix.

Someone from the Crackberry team should post another article on the front page about Snap and other app markets for all the new 10.2.1 people.

Posted via telegraph

It was a shock for them too. My friend got a 12 MB update but they were running a leak so that's expected. I wonder how big the complete update is.

Previous updates were going out when they were approved meaning that the quicker carriers got it sooner, presumably this one has been getting approvals all month and BB have held it until they had enough of the major global carriers including the normally snail-like Verizon.

I heard that the updates will not coming from carriers any should come from blackberry that true?

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N4BB was claiming that they heard from BlackBerry that it is still carrier controlled :(
IF true, that sucks.

I bet the Department of Defense has to do something with the roll out since they are getting their BlackBerry devices next week!

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+1 BlackBerry release the update to all if the carriers won't, again!

Here is hoping that everyone gets it!

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BlackBerry delegates the hotline to the carriers hotline. What happens in your opinion if BlackBerry releases an OS to a carrier's subscribers without the carrier consent?

The carriers are not stupid. If things take time, it is because that time is:
- used to test for regressions according to the carrier's q&a requirements , which are higher than BlackBerry's
- used to train the carrier's hotline people

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Here is the training for AT&T. It's blackberry? Let me connect you to Blackberry customer support. Seriously that's all they do.

Just out of curiosity, why doesn't BB release it directly? Isn't that what Google does with Android?

Even the releases from Google or Apple go through the same carrier certification, if they unilaterally released stuff without getting carrier approval the carriers could just as easily turn around and block those devices from their network entirely.

Not true. If you have Nexus device or Samsung/Sony/HTC device of the "Google edition", than the updates are pushed directly by Google, and your carrier can suck a d****

Right, but that only applies to Nexus/Google Experience Edition phones, which are only GSM (and often LTE) [which leaves out Verizon and Sprint], and are sold at full price, carrier UNLOCKED, direct from Google.

Any non-Nexus Android phone that is sold by a carrier has to wait for that carrier to update it.

So that would mean that people who purchased a BlackBerry unlocked from the BlackBerry website would be getting updates directly from BB and not their carrier just like Nexus 5 owners who buy from Google Play unlocked?

I'm not privvy to BB's contracts with the carriers, but assuming they didn't agree not to do so in a contract somewhere, then it would be possible for BB to offer direct updated to people who bought carrier-unlocked GSM phones directly from BB, yes. I'm not suggesting this will happen, just that it may be possible.

The thing is, though: the vast majority of BB owners in the US, at least, bought their phones from a carrier, so this would be irrelevant. It would also be irrelevant to direct purchasers of CDMA phones (Verizon and Sprint).

Updates are still certified else they run the risk of either causing problems on a carriers network, or causing problems and being restricted to GSM/voice service only.

It has been said before, but it doesn't make it any less unfair than it would be for Comcast/Charter/Centurylink to keep me from an update of my desktop computer. It would be nice if only the part of the OS (radio file?) on our phones that directly applied to the carrier was delayed for approval by the carrier. Of course, we have bigger issues in the US with carriers. Sign petitions to get the FCC to reclassify the internet as a telecommunications service or it may become like cable TV... at least here.

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You're ignoring a HUGE difference between your PC and your phone. I'm sure you didn't buy your PC from your ISP, and I'm sure your ISP isn't set up to be the first-level support for your PC. In North America at least, 99% of phones are purchased from carriers, and carriers have to provide the support for them. Any software that broke something on your phone can generate direct costs to your carrier if you seek support from them, which is exactly what most people do.

This is why the carriers are so involved in the software update process for the phones. If everyone bought phones separately from the carrier, and had to go to Best Buy or Amazon or another retailer for support instead of to the carrier, then the carriers would be a lot more hands-off than they are, which is how it is in many other countries.

This is a quirk of the US syndicate of carrier and device vendor. Couldn't happen elsewhere.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

It's the exact same as One is the OS version, the other is the Software version. They are one and the same as far as the actual files and binaries are concerned.

Rough I hope. It would be sweet if they made you all who downloaded the leak to keep it. And if you tried to download the official release, your device was locked permanently lol.

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Probably because you already had the leak installed. I'm on AT&T and if this becomes OTA for them, I'll stick with the leak. You know that 8MB is just the useless bloatware apps Verizon wants to install on your phone right? :-P

Agreed. I'll be sticking with my leaked version of. 1925. No Verizon stuff to crash my phone like their first update back in July.

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Nice thing I've noticed about my first ever blackberry is that unlike android, I can delete any app I choose. At least so far I've been able to. I really like the option.

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They will. Except it will only be the 10.2 update, and that will only be after Verizon releases 10.3.

Our friends down south deserve a break. I can wait a few more days.

BlackBerry Since 2006. BB Z10,10.2 Official. Rogers Halifax, NS

yeah, I'm already running this, let's throw the US a bone this time. Get some positiveness going:)

Speak for yourself. I'm 100% legit and I prefer Canada gets it at the same time. F-ing tool.

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Yes it will check the bleak forums and install 1mobile then you can search for android APK's and install direct OTA to your phone!

Enjoy Verizon people!!

You are gonna love this version

Lots of great stuff!!

From my Zed 30 running

Does Snap automatically update your APKs when new updates are released on Google Play for your apps?

To me, that seems like it would be the biggest hassle of not having Google Play access... having to find a new APK every time an update comes to one of your apps.

The only diferences is that it doesnt notify you about the update so you have to check and update manually, but the app is SUPERB, i love it and i love even more my Z10!

Snap is the way to go as it will give you access to Google Play app store.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Q10

Not all android apps work, some work with some kind of work-around such as loading a couple other apps in order for it to work(like Ingress). It's not perfect but it's a remarkable upgrade from the official os and most previous leaks.

I posted about it yesterday, that I got kinda tired of US users (and especially Verizon users) constantly posting and complaining about not getting 10.2 (no offense!), and there you go, FIRST and also skipping 10.2, as many including myself have predicted.

Congrats guys, down unda and the rest of the world is still waiting.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Whooohooo! I don't see have access to the update but hopefully very soon! It's about time Verizon did something right!

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I just got update notification. Verizon in Los Angeles area. 538 mb download.

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Never did before, a leak is not like a Apple Jailbreak that is a hack IOS , a BBOS leak is an actual BB OS that is send to Dev to test their apps on the new feature coming out

You are one angry dude! They have programs to help people with issues like yours...

Posted with my AWESOME BlackBerry Z10;)

What? That's earlier than Canada :(. I'm happy for my American neighbors though. It's about time you guys get some love!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

I will accept the official version because I want the wifi calling to work when overseas but the leaked version rocks for me.

This is actually a HUGE Surprise to me coming from Verizon. I was already running this version so it just added bing back.

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Yes, I see it on my Verizon Z10. But the size is 7MB, not 8MB as the picture in the article. Anyone know how different this is from the leak OS

.537 is the same version as the latest leak I already have installed. I wonder if Verison has just decided to package the leak up and release it system wide to beat the rush.

Just loaded the 1925 leak earlier this week. Got the notice and let it go anyway. It was done in about a minute.

I got it and almost fell off my chair! 100% downloaded and 80% installed. Mine was 529M coming from a 10.2.0 leak. Nice surprise going into the weekend.

Hi checking for software updates on the device = says I have BB10.2.0.262 and this is the latest software? Any of you tech savvy folks have an idea how to access the latest 10.2.1 download without the side-load type requirements and potential issues? Not so tech savvy here, like to keep fully BB app store type installs... Otherwise, will continue to be patient. TIA.

If indeed you are on Verizon, it is released in waves. Keep trying throughout the day and you should see it soon.

hoorrraaaaaaaaaaay we need to know anyone has the official update please tell us your experience and what is new exactly

You Crackberry guys are fast! I was just about to open a new thread in the forums to state that Verizon actually PUSHED the update to my Z10! I didn't even have to check for one. Nice! It didn't matter, though, because I was already running ;)

Same for me. I picked up my phone, unlocked it, and it said it was "upgraded". Talk about a shock. Especially for VZW! Like you, I was already on the leak, it added the following apps: My Verizon Mobile, Backup Plus Contacts, Slacker Radio, Bing. Apps previously downloaded from Snap still work.

To test new app installs from Snap I tried "Little Ear Doctor" but crashes when running. Next I tried Amazon app and it did work. So maybe "Little Ear Doctor" just doesn't work and I was just unlucky picking that as my first one to try.

Ditto! When I woke up I unlocked it and said it had been upgraded and noticed the same programs back on. I don't remember having auto updates or anything but I never saw the download file at all. I was also running the .1925 leak.

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GDI. I started the ota update and it tells me I have the latest software and now the notification is gone.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-4

FINALLY!!!! Article is misleading - not an 8MB update if you're coming from 10.1.239 - more like 659MB!

Got the update about an hour ago out here in California. Of course I've running the leak for a couple of months now. FYI it is software. .537, OS .1925 and radio version.. 1899! Hell yeah Verizon!

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Can't wait till it reaches India even last 10.2 update never reached here on time. I eventually lost patience & used sachesi :p

Good for the Americans happy to see Verizon push it first :)

Posted via CB10

Likewise. Very happy for my American BlackBerry brethren. Keep on moving. Now all you guys show off the loading of apk's to your android friends.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I am running 1925 leak and only had a 3 MB update so things may differ depending on what you were running and if you had installed some stick apps.

Why is it always a surprise when updated OS rolls out?? BlackBerry news to promote these updates and all the awesome new features like apple does!
And way to go Verizon! Can't wait for Telus to push the update out!!

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I think I know what Verizon is trying to do here! They're trying to get BlackBerry lovers to switch over!

Posted via CB10

Me thinks this was a strategic decision for the US to get the update first. Try to stop the bleeding from a market that's been hemorrhaging for a while.

Great, I can't wait for it to hit here in Canada on Telus. I've been running the leak on my Z10 and it's been great. Side loaded Snap and have installed some Android apps that run very well.

Z10, Q10 & 32GB PlayBook

If you're running the latest leak and it is the same Software Version I doubt you will get any update other than maybe the radio file. I've had leaks before and when they went official I never got any update because it said I already have the latest software.

Running the latest leak on my Z10 but not on my Q10 that I use for work. No issues with the leak, been really smooth.

Holy mother of God! The US? Verizon!? F*** it, I'm going to church. Thanksgiving service for that matter!

From Zuri my Z10.

Ooh. Can't wait. May spend all afternoon at work hitting the check for updates button...

Posted via CB10

Smart move rewarding the loyal Verizon users like that. It might not help boost any numbers but it should help to maintain them, which is exactly what Mr. Chen seems to be trying to accomplish, which is to stop the bleeding.

Sent from the future on my  Z10

Come on Rogers! Tick tock tick tock.... good stuff Verizon users!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

I'm in NY and I don't see it on my Z10 running the same leaked version with radio1926 but Link is showing the software update. Check Link.

I saw the notification on my phone about 2 hopurs ago, but when I went to update it vanished. I'll try with Link later....

Yes. I'm in Manhattan and downloading now. I never downloaded a leaked version so my update is 644MB.

I just got the notice, and it said 644MB...but when I try to install it, it says I have the latest software - !

WTF ?!?!?!?!

Now it says "...update server temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

I guess that's progress... I'll keep trying to get the update.

Yay BBerry !!!!!

Dude, server overload probably....

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is downloading now!
Congrats, you beat the Aussies this time.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Same here, in Michigan. I'm running the latest leak. My wife is not. If this were a tsunami, it is the only kind I want. :)

Posted via my super-duper Z10

Those of you new to 10.2.1 will totally love it. It runs smooth from the beginning, but if slow, give it a few hours so the OS sets in. BlackBerry amazing

Posted via CB10

I heard that the updates will not coming from carriers any more will come from blackberry that true ?

Posted via CB10

You're not kidding, I've been waiting for them to release 10.2 for some time now and opted against installing a leaked version of 10.2.

Possibly prepping for Verizon's share of the 80,000 DoD activations. Nice to see the US get the heads up this time :)

I'm already running the leak of this version. Does that mean it won't get updated on my phone?

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its all just random shit. whoever is working on it fastest and doing updates at that time usually gets it first. thats what I think. It just so happens verizon gave some attention to bb at the time this was being released. Just a lotto luck draw thing

I'm running the leak on my z10. Any difference with this actual OS update or are they pretty much the same?

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I'm in Houston with the z30 and haven't gotten the update either... hopefully soon!

Posted via CB10

I was running leak .1055, I'm not seeing a lot new in this, it seems to respond a bit different, and changed a few of my minor settings, it's different, but I'm having trouble putting my finger on how. It is faster than my leak was.

Not showing up on Verizon yet for me as of 1:00pm CT.
I'm in the Chicago area.
Running leak software version, OS version on my Q10

Congratulation's to all Verizon customers now if all other U.S carriers would get with the program.

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I wonder if somehow they are rolling it out in the order you received your phone. I am downloading the update now and got my Z10 on the first day it was available from VZW.

Na, I don't think so, I didn't get my z10 till it had been out a few months, I'm in ND and the update is available here. It's anyones guess how they decided to do this.