Verizon (finally) begins rolling out OS 10.1 for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2013 04:02 pm EDT

Many Verizon users have been waiting patiently (or not patiently at all) for the rollout of OS 10.1 and it looks like today is finally the day. AT&T released their 10.1 update for the Z10 already and users are reporting that the Verizon update is now showing on the BlackBerry Z10.

The update is to OS and will bring Verizon users up to the latest official version. While many have already installed one or more of the leaks we've seen in the last few weeks, those that waited it out for an official release can finally get in on the fun.

As a reminder, OS 10.1 brings new features such as HDR camera, PIN messaging, new text selector, Skype support and much more.

If you're a Verizon Z10 user you should see the update available but if not you can always check manually by going to Settings > Software Updates or connect through a PC to BlackBerry Link. We're told it may take a bit to show for all users, so be sure to hit up the comments if you're seeing it and let us know where you're at.

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Verizon (finally) begins rolling out OS 10.1 for the BlackBerry Z10



Damn. I was expecting a release well into 2014.

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Official news! Everyone's who updating: The text bubble supports moving one space forward and backwards by tapping either side of the bubble.

Also had that already. That and a few other things mentioned by those that received 10.1 earlier. I generally try everything I hear is an enhancement and some of it worked without 10.1.

I loaded a leak last week and wondered why those handles were there. Seriously WHY doesn't BlackBerry give us a complete reference to every shortcut in the OS?!?

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Every Verizon device seems to take wayyy tooo long too update... I think they might have dropped support for some phones i used to use instead of updating...

Unacceptable! BlackBerry really needs to start pushing out the OS update with the carriers bloatware coming later

Posted via Me on my Z

Exactly, meanwhile at the T-Mobile labs, they're probably wrapping up 10.2 final touches. lol

Posted with my weapon of choice, Z10.

I am letting Verizon slide, as always, because they never released an OS update to the 9370 as it is even while pushing one to the 9930. Its Verizon. The delay probably had some reasonable explanation and Verizon did have it scheduled to release, which is more than enough for me considering their track record.

When 10.2 come out in less than two months. Verizon customers (like me) can expect the update in January of 2014. Anyway, finally!

White Z10 Verizon

FYI, yanks means something different here in America now... The Civil War gave it a new meaning, almost the opposite of the British meaning. Just saying.

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....and than they will post on their website once again "Coming Soon"

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lol... not yet, but there was an earthquake off of the Northern tip of Vancouver Island recently. maybe that jolted something.

Disgusting that you've had to wait that long. I'd ditch them tomorrow.

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan

Well, since they're the only ones with 4G in my town, or even 3G near it, I'm kinda stuck with them.

This fact plus they have been slowly dismantling and trying to push me off of unlimited may just see me going to sprint or t mobile, they do this with droid too, abysmal indeed

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I've been running .2354 leak, anyone know if update will show or will I need to downgrade to get it?

If you have a newer version that whatever this is (too lazy to scroll up :p) you will not get a notification.

Thought it was too good to be true until I saw it on my very own device with my very own eyes.

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If I was a Verizon Customer, I would want a full investigation as to the delay.

If you didn't get an adequate answer. Take your business elsewhere.

I would have to question the business practices of Verizon and other cellphone companies regarding the release of BlackBerry updates. If there is any sabotaging of BlackBerry then the Anti competition Commission must be informed.

Get the Zipper on to this.......

This can't be all BlackBerry's fault.

I smell a rat....

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Their shitty OEM edits on the software itself got z10s rebooting and other flaws and the people still have to wait?

Glad you guys finally got it but face it, BlackBerry hates America. You should have gotten a leak long ago.

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No. Verizon and ATT hate BlackBerry consumers. There's a difference. American T-Mobile customers had it in a timely manner.

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Sort of... it was still a couple weeks later from T-Mobile than Thorsten said it would be. But, at least it came.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 (OS

Was just in a VZW store and noticed their display Z10 had the update waiting. Good to hear for all the VZW Z10 owners out there.

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"If you're getting it, there must be a shortage of white women." -Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx)

Sorry. I know this has nothing to do with your post except for a play on words, but I've wanted to say this for a while :)

At least your version is more current than the version we got for ATT

Posted via CB10 with my White Chocolate Z10

About time. I'm in on leaks though. The amount of time that took is ridiculousness. BlackBerry should pull their exclusive rights to the white Z.

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Just completed a backup and notification of update came thru....but battery too low to update right now....argh...

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Finally! I'm not on Verizon and I've been wondering when it would happen. Taking too long for these updates is very detrimental for Blackberry

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You poor souls on Verizon. Your update has finally arrived. Enjoy it you deserve it for your extreme patience.

Aw look, tons of angry people who aren't even Verizon customers. How about just let us enjoy the update, and you continue enjoying what you have. :)

OMG!! I'm so glad I switched to AT&T! Although they were super late with their rollout as well. Good think I believe in leaks!

Keith. Posted by CB10.

I feel for everyone who had to wait this long! I'd change to someone else asap, that wait would have killed me!

QNX is the future

Yeah, why not... pushed the Update button at the start of my drive home... Installing now

Oh Really?

An update from Verizon?

Is that possible?

It should solve some of the random reboot that people were longing for.

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After checking manually I have seen the update and am downloading it as I text I'm in Rochester NY.

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Lmfao the day I download my 1st leak we get an update from Verizon.. oh well Z10STL100-4/ Is running how can I say SEXY

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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Finally. Updating now.
Unless my leak was better than I'm going back to that one.

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Updated. Woo hoo. 14 min. Nothing new. Cause I was already on 2009. Guess I'll grab a real update from the leaks again this week. Was hoping for a real Verizon. Real big update. Hahaha. Who am I kidding. It's Verizon.

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Just got the upgrade in Bethlehem Pa. Would have installed a leak long ago- but think I read that you can't reliably back up the phone and I have too many apps. ,etc to lose them all. Damn!!!

What if we are running a leak? How can we get to the vzw os? I'm on. 4543 is it worth the trouble?

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I'm running 2345 and I'm going to downgrade, then upgrade to the official OS. Only because the leaks still have their glitches... so hopefully the official OS will work perfectly.

My phone has only phantom restarted 6 times since the update started downloading. Hopefully the phone survives long enough to update.. 17% left..

This is really unbelievable. I'm on AT&T and running a leak, but it still angers me that this took 4 months to reach Verizon users! What the heck is the deal??

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Woo hoo! It's about damn time. Verizon is quite punctual as usual. Lol

Swiping like a mad man on my Z10!!!!

Update now installed. It takes forever to do it and get all systems going again. De spite all of this, I am as happy as a Pig in S..

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I have bugged them and bugged them every day for the past 2 weeks @VZWSupport they gave me the run around today. And finally this what they sent me today. @cgrant1202 Great News! You will be getting the update some time this weekend. I am sure it will fix your concerns. ^BLS

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So glad you guys got this update finally. Really did not seem fair? I'm sure there was blame on both BlackBerry and Verizon. This really needs to figured out before 10.2.

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Really. The whole thing is ridiculous. BlackBerry better start to strong arm all American providers if they want to succeed. I understand that there's a business side to the equation but they definitely must be more aggressive in order to compete. blackberry is the best out there. People just don't know.

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Think about that a second longer. How are we to strong arm the carriers? Would love ideas.

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Happy for the US users it's about damn time. On another note if Verizon expects to break into the Canadian market this 3 month delays won't fly. This is BlackBerry's hometown and our carriers don't f*** around with updates we get then on a timely matter.

We should see 10.2 sometime in August or early sept. Which won't be until sometime q1 2014 for Verizon the way they roll.

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And with that 10.2 release we should also see the A10 announced by the next Quarterly report. And hopefully a fast release date.

Got mine in Idaho. Hang in there all those who have not gotten it. Usually if I check software updates and there is nothing I figure there is no chance until the next day. But today I hit it again about 3:00 Mountain time and there it was. I actually wondered if I was hallicinating, it has been such a long wait.
And don't anyone pipe up suggesting I should have installed a leak. I enjoy reading about what is in them and am happy for you all. Please just accept the fact there are some of us that can NOT go there, for very valid reasons. If you are curious it has been discussed in numerous threads.
Meanwhile, I am doin' my happy dance!

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I am on vacation at. Point Pleasant Beach with the family. Just got the notification now it's available.
I know what I am going to do when we get back to the hotel

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Wow, welcome to the 21 century the rest of the world should be getting 10.2 soon...

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I was in the middle of downloading & chasing my daughter around the playground... I forgot my phone for 2 min ran back to get it some Lil lid smashed it!!! Arrrggg

You left your Z10 alone with children. Obviously you were due some karmic pay back. Ouch. Damn kids.

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Downloaded. Phone is faster and everything is smoother. Stupid that it took so long. But I'm glad it's here. Finally.

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I don't know about YALLL. But. My BlackBerry. Z10. Just went up 10 notches in my book. After the UPDATE

NOW ITS A "20"
BlackBerry Z20 is what I call it now

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I can't choose several Facebook msgs in the hub to delete. When I leave it pressed the only option is trash.

You guys too?

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They pissed off a lot of BlackBerry customers. And majority will be blaming BlackBerry. Things could have been so much better because this is a great phone and great update.

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Very excited to have finally gotten the update! However, did anyone else have to download two different times for it to work? One was 320MB and the other was over 400MB. Once I downloaded the second one it worked.

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I was happy with my Z10 before, but wow what a difference! As soon as I finished the update half of my apps had updates as well fixing various bugs. Phone definitely is smoother and more responsive. Hopefully Verizon will release updates more in line with the other carriers or I'll be jumping on the leak train.

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LMAO Verizon is such a disgrace. And to think- you fools still using Verizon pay a premium to be the last ones to get these software updates. What a joke.

This finally gives Enterprise Pilot users the ability to now push 10.1 versions of apps to their employees. I'm not how many of you realize this was a limitation, but it was very frustrating for the Enterprise customers. Shame on the carriers in the U.S.

I can't think of a better way to start a Friday night.

I have noticed lots of improvements. Some highlights:

1. Universal Search comes up much faster.
2. Flick typing word prediction text is bigger.
3. Call app automatically closes after receiving a call and hanging up.
4. Word prediction in space bar is now green.
5. Clicking a call entry in the Hub now brings up a confirm prompt. This is a big one as I was frequently calling people by accident.
6. Drum roll...not a random reboot yet.

Very nice update!!!

Posted via CB10

A few more:

7. If you search for messages either by subject or sender, you can now delete all of the results via the "Delete Prior" button (trash icon) at the bottom of the right bar after you hold tap on the date bar.
8. Open in calendar, snooze, and dismiss buttons have been rearranged on the calendar reminder popup.
9. In BlackBerry World, the "Check For Updates" button has been moved from the submenu to the lower bar in the "My Apps & Games" window.

Some more:

10. The new text editor spy glass (not sure of the official term) is VASTLY improved. Brilliant!!!
11. Older photos no longer briefly appear when opening the "Pictures" app. Now I see the most recent photos right away.
12. Different color scheme in the list of methods to share an item (BBM, BBM Group, Text Messages, etc.).

13. In the text message conversation view, MMS messages with both an image and text now have a dotted horizontal line separating the text (top) from the image (bottom).
14. I might be imagining for this one but I think on the unlock screen the top row of numbers has been added to the keyboard. Can someone confirm?

Does this update have the darker theme like the Q10 has? Or is that an exclusive thing?

Posted Via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10

Now I expect everybody that is with Verizon to give them a piece of your mind. Absolutely no reason to delay such an update. Here in Canada, we got that update 7 weeks ago, and there is already talk about the 10.2 update via BELL, ROGERS & TELUS along with the smaller carriers.

And the HYPE of the A10 coming soon, hopefully by Sept 2013. Many people are holding off buying the Z10 in favour of the larger A10. Get moving BlackBerry.

I spoke with my vzw rep yesterday and he knew absolutely nothing about the update. He was running a z10 on the old 10.0 version. I have updated mine to a newer leak I couldn't wait any longer.

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Central CA here, rebooted phone, checked for updates, aaaaand YES! - Size 13 MB.....what the hell?!

I give up.


Update: FINALLY got the update 4 days later. Downloaded, and I now have no hub (black screen when I swipe back), BBM doesn't work, and I can't delete or move any icons on my screens.

I just can't even...what a bunch of f**king shit.

What happened to "It just works"?!

As someone who has had ONLY BlackBerry phones since my 1st smart phone, I can see why people go to the competition. I am so tired of my phone(s) not working due to buggy OS updates.

Chicago area here. Downloaded and installed without any issues. Z10 runs smooth as silk and feels like it is on steroids!

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BS. They said they didn't sell many Z10 s then said only 30,000 updates per month. Sounds like a lot of sales to me. I bought my phone day ONE still no F'ing upgrade. Damn BlackBerry and Verizon. Can't wait to go to Samsung and AT&T.

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So far smooth and went down from a leaked OS to see the difference and I didn't find anything so far. Keep ya posted.


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Can you tell me how you back off of a higher version leak and then download the Verizon update? I'm not familiar with the process... Thank you. Sorry if the question has already been asked and answered but I would like to change from the leak of 4543 I am currently running to the official update in hopes that I will get my caller ID back.

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Hmmm... Just downloaded and installed this Verizon update but settings indicates that I'm still running 10.0. I have the notification for 10.1 but when I open it it shows 10.0 installed and that I have the latest software. WTF? Are there any telltale signs that 10.1 is up and running aside from the device info? Performed a restart.

As I still have the same color word suggestions I guessing that my Z failed to load the update. Once the install was completed, there was a triangular caution symbol displayed. I check for updates and it shows 10.0 running and that I have the latest software installed. WTF?

Anyone else seeing "No information available" for "Boot Time" in the Settings -> About -> Category/Hardware screen? I was going to check that data to see if the random reboots have ceased.

Damn! My hub said that I have the new ver. updated, but when I hit the open but, I get the Check for Updates, and it comes back saying that I have the latest update which is the original WTF? since I'm running the .4543 leak (and quite well, with great battery life and no reboots) is there any advantage to going to the Verizon update or is it indeed a step backwards?

Does your caller ID work on incoming calls? I am running 4543 on an STL100-4 for VZW and as soon as I downloaded it I lost my caller ID. Kind of a pain....

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It would be several steps back. Om going up sometime this week. Was on 2009. Verizon is only 2034. Dumb.

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I have a Q10 but I got my wife to switch to a Z10 from a DROID. She wants to switch back because she can't get Skype. I just checked her phone - No Verizon update available yet!!!! Verizon makes it hard to keep the family with BlackBerry. Lost 2 of my 3 sons to Samsung.
Sent from my playbook.

So how do I go back to 10.0? Other than a few cosmetic changes I see no functional improvement. Decrease actually, because instead of an overnight reboot, and a few here and there during the day, my phone has now spontaneously rebooted about a dozen times this morning, and it is really hot around where a media card would be if I had one installed.

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I'm wondering if Verizon might have yanked the update due to numerous bugs. One odd thing : In the course of checking things that might have been changed even though my update ultimately failed, the app "Soundhound", which was previously listed as unavailable for my device was listed as available has been downloaded to my phone and works (after a fashion).

I got my update overnight and through the morning. My girlfriend decided to hold out till a few minutes ago and no update. They must have pulled it!

After upgrading, has anyone noticed that if you reboot the Reboot Time states 'no information available'?

Cheers from my Z10!! - 00

Now that the 10.1 is released, I genuinely expecting 10.2 2016....but guess what? I'll be leaving Verizon before once my contract is completed. Done deal!

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I saw the update yesterday but wanted to have backed up my phone before doing so. Just tried to update and it's saying I have the latest software again. :(

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