Verizon App Store now showing up in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2011 11:49 pm EST
Verizon App Store showing up in BlackBerry App World

If you're on Verizon and you fire up BlackBerry App World any time soon, you may notice you now have a dedicated Verizon section to choose from. A lot of folks have reported it now showing up and of course -- as you would expect, there are apps listed in there, more specifically apps chosen by Verizon as good apps. Not a whole lot more to say about it really but we figured we'd mention it in case anyone was wondering why it's now there. Thanks, to everyone who sent it in!

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Verizon App Store now showing up in BlackBerry App World


Why??? Not interested. Verizons own app store is less than adequate especially where Blackberry OS7 is concerned. Not sure about other OS. Look at what they offered in their beta release. Seriuosly!!! They constantly slight Blackberry in the shadows of Android and IOS and Blackberry gives them a key to the pearly gates.

WTF ??? I'm not on VRW, half way around the world in VietNam but guest what, the VRW app store showed up on my Bold 9650 !!!

Gee Verizon, I won't spend an additional dime on any lame app that you try to push through the BB App World. You have enough of my money now for terrible signal as I am not near a city in Maryland and HEY, I have seen about 10 official and leaked OS upgrades for the 9900 and it has been months that anything has been out for the 9930 you Droid selling fools. How about an app that tells us when the next OS7 upgrade will be out for the 9930. Now that one I might pay for. Can you hear me NOW!!!!! Probably NOT!!!!!

lol when i bought my 9930 it had been out for over a week, and there was no display, no mention, not even a hint that they even sold blackberries anymore. i had to special ask for it to be taken out of the back and no one could understand why i wanted it, its like the verizon employees are told to not push BB after the storm fiasco.

The AT&T one merely has 'suggested' apps - apps you can find elsewhere in App World, but they are all gathered together in one place. Some are AT&T branded, but most are simply good apps that people might find useful. They have also included almost every single one of the free 'Thank-You' apps that RIM is providing to customers.

verizon store doesnt include those, just has some seemingly randomly aggregated apps, some are free and some are overpriced like usual. before anyone complains im calling bb apps overpriced, they just are. you cant tell me that you dont feel ripped off paying 2.99+ for a stone age looking app UI when that same 3$ could buy you more than one beuitfully animated game on ios.

ive got a vodafone icon - and it just shows a random list of apps - nothing to do with vodafone so whats the point???