Verizon announces BlackBerry Z10 for $199

By Simon Sage on 30 Jan 2013 10:56 am EST

By now you're probably wondering where you can pick up a BlackBerry Z10. Verizon just went official with their announcement of the first BlackBerry 10 device.

They'll be offering it for $199 on a two-year contract, and they'll have an exclusivity deal on the white model. Verizon will also have the Q10, but no info on pricing just yet.

Be sure to hit up our carrier availability round-up for info on other providers. 

Smartphones are personal and a source for communication. That's why having choices about which phone fits your mobile lifestyle needs and style preferences is important.

The new BlackBerry® 10 platform includes the BlackBerry® Hub, a center for communication that streamlines all of a user's messages, and a keyboard that adapts to their style. Verizon Wireless plans to offer the BlackBerry® Z10 and the BlackBerry® Q10, two global-ready 4G LTE smartphones running BlackBerry 10, providing customers with more 4G LTE smartphones to choose from. The BlackBerry Z10 will be available for $199.99 with a new two year customer agreement in Black and White color models, with the White model being exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

A challenge for many users is managing multiple inboxes including text messages, personal e-mails and social media accounts. BlackBerry Hub helps organize the incoming messages, so users can view and participate in conversations as they happen. Finger gestures on the screen let users easily ‘peek' into the Hub from any screen, keeping conversations flowing.

The keyboard is no longer just about tapping letters on a screen. It's about how it adjusts to a user's typing style, whether it's a rapid or a one-handed typist. It's about the keyboard understanding what the user wants to say and creating personalized prediction and contextual auto-corrections. BlackBerry Calendar is another feature that understands and adapts to how the smartphone is used. Every time a new appointment or meeting is created, the calendar predicts and suggests who should be invited.

BlackBerry® Messenger (BBMTM) users will be able to take advantage of 4G LTE to enjoy innovative BBM video chatting with screen sharing. Co-workers can screen share and review documents and presentations, and friends can chat about things like recent vacations, sharing pictures and video to make it a richer exchange.

Employee-owned devices are a reality in today's mobile world. Business users will be able to take advantage of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and use features like BlackBerry® BalanceTM, which separates and secures work emails, apps and content without compromising the personal experience. Personal apps and data are kept separately so once the work day is done, you can easily switch the phone's persona to "personal."


Reader comments

Verizon announces BlackBerry Z10 for $199


WTF!?!?!?! I thought there were no exclusive deals!!!! I want the white on T-Mobile!!! This is some real BS...

#EpicFail for us Verizon customers in the U.S. Late March is ridiculous. Needless to say im truly disappointed like you would not believe. SMH

Me too. I watched the webcast, what was the big surprise supposed to be? Renaming the company? Alicia Keys? Skype and Kindle?

I'm trying not to cry... It's like when you knew you were going to get let down; built up some hope... then got let down (after ppl told you not to get your hopes up).

Somehow I don't think it'll be late March for Verizon though. Remember that carrier branded Z10 we saw before? My guess is Verizon will be the first US carrier to release it.

I think so too, as for carrier testing I'm sure its in testing right now. verizon reps are verry anti-BB. IDC i want their LTE and MY Z10!!!

Sorry CB team, I love you all, but where was all of the "so much more to come, you ain't seen it all yet" news?

Agreed - where are the things we didn't already know - other than the renaming of the company... What about the pictures of the Q10 we saw before not being final hardware? I am sold on BB10 but was hoping for bigger surprises...

Man RIM you shouldn't have caved to exclusivity b.s. although I am sure this is the only way verizon would allow the phone on their network. What a shame others can't get white if they wanted it.

Wow. Total epic fail today. Delayed to March and white is exclusive to Verizon despite them claiming that there was no exclusivity. Total complete bs

I expect that the prevelence of vocal complainers among US customers is a reason to make the devices available to other parts of the world first.

By delaying the US release Blackberry avoids inevitable nay-saying from BB and non-BB US customers alike, and instead is able to launch in areas where Blackberry has more market share among the population, and lauch to populations that are more 'friendly'.

If you don't believe me, look at the posts above.

The march launch in US is mostly due to carriers and not RIM(blackberry it better).My only worry is the steam might be gone by then........certainly no use of the Super Bowl ad.It will fade.

I agree complete waste of money for a Super Bowl ad because even if people get excited they can not run out and quickly pick up a phone. Spend the 3.8 million convincing US carriers to launch now.

i also agree.. Blackberry should save their money and not air the superbowl ad. this was a major f*** up in marketing. the other countries don't care about american football as much as the people in the states. You'll have all this excitement and energy that is wasted, because on monday they wont' be able to get a phone.

In sales you have to strike when the iron's hot.. not let it cool down first.

btw.. just a side note.. nascar has more fans than american football.. maybe blackberry should use their money during an nascar event.


also extremely disappointed i have to wait til march to get my phone.

I am on AT&T and I wanted the white. This is terrible. This delay makes me loose confidence in the new BLACKBERRY. It reminds me too much of the delays and disappointments I experienced for 2 yrs with the playbook. Anyone seen anything yet about buying an unlocked phone direct from the new BLACKBERRY? They kept everything so much of a secret and to announce in January and then wait till March or the end of March is so stupid. I feel that nothing has changed in this company except the face of the person standing on stage. THIS IS MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT that is beyond all understanding.

I know there are a few CDMA carriers in Canada and like none in the UK, but looking at the pre-order announcements and browsing the Z10 specs, none of them show the phone to be CDMA compatible (can't count 4G LTE). I get the impression that there are issues with the CDMA radio and getting approval based on that. Pure speculation, but I found it odd.

ok. for all those that say that the US is not a major market anymore and lets launch in markets that are already doing well, what happens if it fails in those areas? the US will surely follow suit and not buy the new phones. then where will RIM and BB be? people have said welcome to the global economy and globalization BS ...doent that mean that they should release everywhere at once and let the global market decide? And what about all those people that have been on the fence waiting for this phone to decide to stay with IOS or Andriod? will most just say this is more RIM BS and stalling? I say dont blame the carriers, blame RIM for allowing the carriers to dictate to them on when the phone will be released. I bet Apple and Samsung dont....ok enough rant and I'll get off my soap box

I'm so pissed, the launch was total BS, couldn't even hear him half the time, nothing new, was the worst presentation for a launch of this kind I've ever seen. And MARCH? Are you nuts Thorsten....I'm so pissed right now I dont even want to buy a BB....I'm headed to the verizon store and take a look at other phones...I'm tired of being disappointed by RIM and the excuse makers. Dammm I'm mad, I so wanted to stick with BB's but obviously they could care less about me. Believe my ******

very frustrated by the March release delay.

Also, I would love to see a slider released between now and March (a dream i know - but let me have it for the next 2 months - don't crush my hopes just yet).

so, someone explain this exclusive to VZW stuff in regards to the white Z10. I do not care about the March date. That is whatever. Already knew that was the date going in. However, the white Z10 being locked to one carrier is bananas. I know why it was probably done, but still sucks and not in a good way.

Hope VZW will sell them earlier, but can live waiting another month for availability.

With a March release, some of the 3rd party applications will have been updated at least once, the goods one have some good reviews from the January purchasers.

Blackberry droppped the ball big time...

I guess now rather than purchasing a phone and contributing to Blackberry's comeback...I will wait and see how it does...if it doesn't do so well...I might wait and see what else comes down the line or see what they do with the Galaxy line...

This waiting has some benefits for US residents but I think it has 0 benefits for Blackberry and is a huge negative when they needed a lot of positive...

I am on Verizon and want a White Z10 but am really not happy about another 45 to 60 day wait. Strike while the iron is hot.

This is bull. I was hoping at the least to preorder so the waiting would not be so bad knowing that i had it on the way. My devices would ship by ???. Like someone else said "we need another clock". Damn it...I have been waiting with the opportunity to upgrade since November!

Just flat out crushed! #teamblackberry has been wonderful, but our leaders failed us today. I so wanted to silence the haters. I was so incredibly excited for the surprises. I followed every RIM employee I could on twitter and they all kept acting like "just wait till the 30th." I took the morning off work to watch the launch with my wife. I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed. I just want to ask Vivek and Thorsten, exactly what was the big reveal I was supposed to be waiting for? The biggest surprise to me was that the battery life is so poor.

I hope I feel better later, but right now I am just looking for any other ship to catch my attention enough so I can jump to it.

What a bunch of BS. a Jan 31 launch does not mean March!!!!!!!!!!! A Holes. I have been a bb user for a long time. Switch from Palm when it went under. Now bb is dropping the ball... Good luck. I might as well upgrade my verizon bb phone for a crappy iphone tired of the wait.....

Really disappointed with Blackberry...I lost my phone about 6 weeks ago, but I decided to wait for the BB10 release will using the really old Motorola Razr. Definitely do not plan on now waiting until March without a smartphone. Can't believe they announced it today, but it won't come out until March. I know they've lost a lot of customers because of this.

This is all Verizon in the delay. BlackBerry is ready in the US but Verizon's decision to change networks into a GSM/CDMA network is screwing everyone up! They are shooting themselves in the foot by taking so long to get this going. Blame Verizon and their ranges and their networks.

I'm not going to get on a high as heck rate plan from verizon, no way. Can't we buy a white Z10 direct from BlackBerry? That's what I'm going to do.