Verizon and Sprint open pre-registration for the BlackBerry Q10

By Michelle Haag on 14 May 2013 10:06 am EDT

BlackBerry fans in the US looking to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 will soon be able to do so, with the first QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry 10 devices launching as soon as early June. The first carriers to open up pre-registration for the much sought after device are Verizon and Sprint! You can head over to their websites at the links below to sign up for updates to stay in the loop regarding ordering the phone including pricing, release date, and more. Of course, we'll have all that info too, so keep your eyes on CrackBerry for all the new information as it becomes available!

Will you be picking up the BlackBerry Q10 in the US? Let us know in the comments below.

Pre-register for the BlackBerry Q10 on Verizon
Pre-register for the BlackBerry Q10 on Sprint

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Hope this means they will update the Z10 faster.

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Not even a pre-order page. And who knows when this will hit in June. But I like how crackberry puts a "positive spin" on it...


They get paid to be fanboys and girls. We don't.


Preorder to the preorder.... yay?

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Is the white one Verizon exclusive as well??

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Looks awesome!

Post by Z10.

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At this point, I don't even care that this is just a pre-register page and not a pre-order page from Sprint. This and the fact that there are Q10s running on Sprint at BB Live show me that there are at least some signs that the phone is coming within a month or so.


It's not even a retail device...

Christopher Medrano

It will not be within a month. :(

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Sadly, I noticed this just a few minutes ago. Late summer? Sprint, thanks for getting my hopes up about a Q10 before my birthday, only to let them plummet to the ground...


I already registered and posted a thread at about the same time as you posted your article. Let's hope they are serious-especially Sprint. Their message boards are full of people announcing defections because of Sprint's lack of commitment.
The page is actually:


In Sprint's Press Release, they state "Late Summer". So glad I left Sprint for Verizon and got my Z10 at US launch.


I saw that too...August or even September


that would be extremely lame if it's that late... i was really hoping for late May early June for a Q10 on VZW... if it takes too long, I might pass on the Q10... :(


Technically summer starts on June 21:

Theoretically it could be out by the end of June. But their statement is conflicting. The headline says late summer where as the rest of the article just says summer.

Either way hopefully we see it sooner rather than later!


I saw that also and if that's really the case, Sprint has lost a 10+ year customer. I will go to T-Mobile in a heartbeat.


That looks conflicting! As far as I know, Sprint should be offering the Q10 along the other three carriers in June. Perhaps a typo? Just wondering.

Gerald Mccrae

I'm tried of waiting I think I'm getting the iphone when I get off work today

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Well they lost my brothers sale for a q10 with this delay.


This is Blackberry's fault for having such launch much later than other parts of the world, regardless of carrier.


Remember before pre-ordering from Verizon: you will almost never receive an update. Try not to encourage that from Verizon.

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I am so tired of waiting for a BB10 device on Sprint.

Jon Tessler

You and a lot of other Sprint BB users.


Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sprint has a big problem. Just don't understand them.


Verizon Q10 here I come baby!!!!!

Bad Larry

Yes! Verizon Q10 come and get me for Father's Day!


Wow! It's hard to wait, but I will wait for Sprint. God Bless You!


Tried to find the Blackberry Q10 page (link above) on the website. Can't find it browsing or using search. When I switched to AT&T to get my Z10, the Sprint tele-representative asked why I was changing and then said in unison with me, "Blackberry Z10."


Such BS. Verizon hasn't even updated the Z10. I've had since march 28. Three updates to att and now 10.1. Wth is taking them so long. I am disgusted with Verizon. Don't get your hopes up because big red sucks.


Can't wait almost bought the Z10, but decided to wait for the Q10, it is just so sexy.


Me too. Now I need to figure out how to get it without losing my Unlimited Data Plan: A. Pay Full Retail or B us the upgrade on the Dumb phone on my account and switch handsets...


Yes!! I have the z10 and I want the q10 as well!!!! I love bb10!

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Totally leaving the iPhone 5 to comeback to BB. Q10 VZW here I come. Its been too long!


I can't wait for Sprint to get the Q10!!! They need to hurry the hell up with it! I love Sprint, but I just don't understand why they have to take forever when it comes to releasing phones. I remember they did the same thing with the Blackberry Style.... I want the Q10 so bad... I can't stand my iPhone!!