Verizon adds two new BlackBerry Bold 9650 SKU's - BlackBerry 6 preloaded devices?!

By Bla1ze on 29 Oct 2010 06:16 pm EDT
Verizon BlackBerry 6

There is no doubt that Verizon's preperations for a BlackBerry 6 for numerous devices is well underway. BlackBerry applications are randomly being updated, users are reporting some strange things happening with their PTT (push to talk) modules and well, we've already got a BlackBerry 6 leak for the Bold 9650 and Curve 3G anyways.

The most recent nod to the fact that launch is close could be the Verizon rebate forms which have mysteriously added two new SKU's for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. While it's not confirmation, it's speculated that the new SKU's are for the BlackBerry 6 preloaded versions of the BlackBerry Bold 9650. Just release it already, it's not like it's a huge secret any more Verizon. Your network already has many users running it.

Source: Engadget

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Verizon adds two new BlackBerry Bold 9650 SKU's - BlackBerry 6 preloaded devices?!


Should it be days or weeks behind Verizon? Or will it be a silent release? Come on Sprint you released the 9650 1st why let Verizon release 6 1st ugggghhhhhh?!

Sprint claims in their BlackBerry Style advertising material they will be the first to have a CDMA BlackBerry 6 released device a la Style.

True.. but why two new SKUS for devices that already exist? Camera and non camera are already available.

Sike!!!! I already have 6.0 on my bold. couldn't wait and was having issues with the old os. Verizon needs to hurry up and release it already, so I can out an official one on.

Too late. My Storm2 is dead and can't see myself using OS6 on a non touch screen BB. Verizon will either keep me on another platform or other.

If I didn't choose to update the latest version of 5.0, will I run into any problems once the (eventual) 6.0 platform rolls out from Verizon? I just didn't see the point in wasting time/memory for another version of 5.0 with primarily PTT updates, of which I do not use.

Personally I got much improved battery life, my BB can actually last a tad longer than 2 days on a charge..., with normal use (no excessive video or gps)

Somehow, I'm losing faith in "6". Is the consensus that 6 truly is a no-doubt, real-deal improvement?
Or is this just that the browser is better?

I'm happy for a good browser, but wondering if a better browser is worth the concerns about all my 3rd party apps.

I gave in waiting for 6 for my 9700 and bought the 9800. I ,love it and think 6 ias a great upgrade (browser included).

I also wonder if this could be a ploy to hide the Storm 3 sku (if it's an actual device that will be launched in Nov). It seems RIMM lately has been going to extra lengths to a hide new highly anticipated devices. VZ could be following suit by including this as a 9650 device until it's announced. I am just purely speculating, but would love to see it play out that way.

Hopefully it is soon and something other than .280, any idea what the 9780 is being released with? Are they into the .300's yet? Hopefully the two new sku's are not just different colors!

they have been delaying the release of OS 6 for what ever reason. One would think that a well run company would want its customers to have the best possible experience and that would mean making the best software available as soon as possible. Not so with Verizon because they don't care about their customers. The 9650 is buggy as hell and they don't even admit to that and neither does RIM. I'm on my 3rd replacement and I can finally get mine to reboot in 15 to 20 minutes which is short by comparison. Settings change all on their own and many features that worked well on my old trusty 8330 are not even on this phone. Bluetooth volume is horrible and the list goes on and on. Not sure that OS 6 will solve any of this but I can hope.

Hopefully they're different color 9650s. Hope one is white because I would swap my black one for it!

The two new sku's are only used for rebates. Just like the curve 3G, the bold will now require two UPC sku's to be submitted for rebates.I want an official release of 6.0 just as bad as the next person, but the new sku's mean nothing. 6.0 is just around the corner, and that is why VZW has been updating all the apps, to make them 66.0 compliant. They don't want to release the update without all apps working. If they did that then everyone here would complain that VZNav, or their beloved PTT (sarcasm) are not working. Give VZW a little time, they are working to make you all happy, but want everything to work correctly too.