VeriSign Identity Protection for BlackBerry Smartphones Helps Keep Your Information Secure

By Bla1ze on 11 Nov 2009 02:47 pm EST

These days security is a top concern for everyone out there. VeriSign has stepped into the BlackBerry world to further assist with the needs of users in helping protect their personal information. VeriSign Identity Protection is a security based application which extends the layer of protection beyond your simple username and password by creating a unique one time password for all your registered sites and services every 30 seconds.

When logging in to any of your registered services you no longer need to worry about someone obtaining your username and password. If at the chance it was obtained, the unique login would be changed every 30 seconds to something only you would know. This type of protection is used in many environments, be it business or consumer level for VeriSign to make this available for everyone is a great offering. If security is among your concerns, be sure to check it out. Currently VeriSign Identity Protection is available via BlackBerry App World and for those who prefer a direct download you may visit the VeriSign mobile site for the download (note - latest devices like Storm2 / 9700 are not showing in App World yet so us the direct download).

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VeriSign Identity Protection for BlackBerry Smartphones Helps Keep Your Information Secure


Is this really necessary? shouldn't blackberries provide security all ready? thats a turn off if it doesn't since this is supposedly a "business" phone

The security is really for your laptop or desktop, the phone is the device hosting the verisign app that provides you will the changing passcode to login on your computer.

Operator error perhaps? When I try to launch after installing I get a white screen. Pretty, but not functional. Anyone else run into this?

To logon to the affiliated sites you will need the username, regular password and the code from the phone so the person who finds / stole the phone will need to know you username and regular password to access those sites too... that is why this is called a 2 factor authentication as you need something you know (the password) and something you carry with you (the phone).

Then there is the problem about how to sign in to those sites without the code, it depends on the site, Paypal and ebay will allow you to temporarily logon without the code until you fix the problem but the confirm your identity by calling you to the number on file... (so make sure don't give them your cellphone as the confirmation number)

Not a lot of sites in their network yet, although Paypal will hit a lot of people, and eBay. Aside from that, unless you bank at the particular bank...

I've got a Curve 8330. When I installed from AppWorld, v3.0.3, it didn't work - It failed immediately with a white screen and error message. Contacted Verisign tech support, and like at 10:00pm Eastern got an e-mail back saying to try a couple things. The relevant instruction was to download the next version from the Verisign site directly v3.0.4, which did the trick.

Companies like RSA and VASCO Data Security have been offering this technology for corporate network and remote access and commercial banking.

RSA and VASCO have the SecureID or Digipass tokens and both companies have Blackberry apps that do exactly the same as the Verisign application but to allow secure access to corporate resources.

VASCO offers this technology for large enterprises and banks but have also created a product for small businesses to secure their sensitive info the same way.

PIN me if you want more info or want to try. 30FE99AB

I get a white screen with the 9550.... doesn't seem to work.

Looks like this get a Fail from me until they fix it for the storm2.


This Does NOT work on Curve 8900. Fails to load with some error messages! Their website has the latest version, I believe 3.0.4, but it still fails...what a waste of time!!! Verisign, please fix it!

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