ColorWare RapidReturn Service is Rapid... and Awesome!

BlackBerry Curve 8320 by ColorWare
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Aug 2008 01:35 pm EDT

Wow. Two Thumbs up for ColorWare and their new RapidReturn service! Before the effects of BlackBerry withdrawal could even begin to take effect, my Curve was already back in my hands, now pimped in SMOKE WHITE! The paint job is Fantastic. More pics after the jump!!

The Nice Box ColorWare Ships your RapidReturn Curve Back In ColorWare Blackberry Curve

ColorWare BlackBerry Curve ColorWare Blackberry Curve

ColorWare BlackBerry Curve and White iPhone 3G ColorWare Blackberry Curve and White iPhone 3G

The all white paint job has given me a renewed love for my Curve 8320 as I sit waiting for the BlackBerry Bold to be released. 

The RapidReturn service isn't cheap -- it starts at $129 -- but if you're a BlackBerry 8310 or 8320 owner/addict living in the United States and device customization is a priority and in your budget, ColorWare's RapidReturn service is top notch. You can also buy a brand new customized Curve straight from ColorWare (starting at $499) if you're looking to buy new.

If you've never visited ColorWare's website before, definitely check it out. Warning - you will spend a lot of time playing in the Design Studio trying to figure out which color to paint your BlackBerry!

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Al Sacco

You decided to go Jay Z style, huh Kevin? (Jay also has a white Curve from ColorWare.) Very cool.

I've been flirting with sending my device off to CW for either the all black or all white treatment myself, but I just can't get over that price tag. That's damn expensive for a new paint job...



Your ColorWare 83XX looks sooo AWESOME. Now, I am envy of you!

Please take my advice, you should get clear hardcase cover your colorware to protect from scratch or else. Keep your colorware as new.. ;)

Kevin Michaluk

Al - I decided a long time ago I would one day ColorWare up my Curve. I woulda beat Jay Z to the all white, but ya know, there's NO WAY I could have survived for weeks without my device. Only a couple of days without my Curve with the RapidReturn service? Now that's a different story. It was like a mini-vacation from the BB (though not having BlackBerry Messenger is a complete pain in the butt) and I KNEW I would would have it back soon which made getting through my Curve's absence more tolerable. Re: Cost. Definitely on the pricier side... but that's why Jermaine Dupri and Jay Z wrote that song "Money Ain't a Thang!" Watch the video below... it'll make the $129 cost seem more reasonable compared to a new Bentley or $100,000 bracelet..and I'd argue this is way cooler..LOL.. (I always listen to the song/watch the video before spending money on something that I really want but maybe don't somehow makes me feel better! Warning - Bad Language in Video):

Rene Ritchie

How'ja get it sent through Canada? Surcharge? Li'l help across Da Border?

Rene Ritchie

D'oh... sometimes I forget to read down the comments... never mind.


How did you get this since they don't service Canada????

Kevin Michaluk

sometimes a CrackBerry Addict has to drive across the border for a visit :)


I love my new Curve but my wife got a Treo 800 because she couldn't get the Curve in Pink(only for Verizon, we are Sprint customers). Now I may have to give her my Curve and take her Treo. Man, I just got it!


hay the white looks nice, but my question is how good is the paint job. will it chip.


How is the durability. Since the original case is colored thoughtout the plastic, how well does the new paint stick and what protection is there? I was seriously looking at having my 8820 done, but have some serious questions about the durability of the paint. And, if you have to cover it up with a skin, then what is the point.


Seriously...for $6.99 I would of rather did this:,11997.htm

O.k. so the sides aren't white...well you are paying $6.99 remember?


I'm curious if the sides still have a rubbery feel to them or is the entire phone slick?


ColorWare RapidReturn will you ever show Canadians with the 8330 any love?


im so angry they dont offer the rapid return service for the 8330 :(


I'd rather paint it myself. I gave my 8310 a Flat White paint job, but I think a Glossy White would look better. I'll try it as soon as I get a new housing. :)


Awesome outcome!! Glad you have your Curve back...

(Does it void warranty?!)


just went to check the decalgirl website...its a cool alternative (specially for those with budgetary constraints like me lol) and removable in case you change your mind. But that paintjob by colorware is truly beautiful.

John Yester

Very Nice Kevin.. Turned out well huh:)


Looks pimp! If I go this route I would do the same color.

Meaghan Loren

That would be tight with the black keys that come on the red curve!


Once again Verizon customers have another reason to complain,our curve 8330 are not included in the Rapid Return Service from Colarware this being the only reason I haven't sent mine yet,I can't go two weeks without it.....O'well I guess its the old Verizon silver for me for a while.


I HATE the logo they put on it. Why put THEIR LOGO on YOUR PHONE that you pay 130 bucks for? If I sent mine off, I would tell them not to put their ugly logo on my phone. It is seriously a very ugly logo.



Here are pics of two options. I had the ipod touch done a few months ago and have had the decal-girl sticker since January. The sticker is holding up well, though I do keep my pearl in a BB leather case. On the other hand, the colorware job cost so much that I keep the ipod in a Griffin clear plastic case.




you didn't get it branded with your CB! LOL!! When i clicked for more pics, i was expecting it! Irregardless it looks fantastic!


Oooh, I wish I had money to burn to do this. I would get it done in either concord, mystique or cobalt. But ah well, I'm glad yours turned out so well.


So jealous! That looks great!


You actually pimped that iPhone on Crackberry?


Talked to a rep the other day and asked why no love for the 8330. They state that they cant stand verizon and they want to make their customers wait hahaha kidding but they have alot more housing for the 8310 and 8320 so after you submitt your order they just painted right then and by time your phone arrives (if you send it in) they can just undo your old slap on the new and send it back within one business day. Unfortunatly they dont have enough housings for the 8330. And if you buy a new they keep a limited supply of each of the phones on hand and It will take just as much time if you sent it in FYI (Kinda makes you wanna ditch Vz huh? lol).


How come the 8330 curve isnt available for the rapid return service?


I assume if you have your BB painted that your warranty will be voided. Am I correct or wrong?


From what I understand at least from Vz that It will but CW offers warranty.


Yeap I want my silver BB to be White -- so thanks a lot for that information and for the warning heheh =o)


They did a beautiful job on that.....


They are so awesome! That looks sick.


I would do this if they kept the mirror around the camera on the back the way it is! I hate the look of having it painted over...I'm thinking of getting another housing and taking it to an autoshop and painting it myself...that and the pain of having to drive across the border to have it done...


Just too much as cool as it looks..cost more than i paid for the thanks