The World of Pootermobile releases Verano - a refreshing and clean theme for your legacy device

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Aug 2013 05:33 pm EDT

For those loyal theme addicts patiently awaiting the arrival of another crisp and lovely Pootermobile design, the wait is finally over with Verano! This long awaited creation is certianly one you will fall in love with. Nothing beats their attention to detail from the clear fonts in the top banner right down to the custom icon set. 

Verano, of course, means summer in Spanish, and this is a refreshing theme that is stylish and beautiful to complement the season. I love how the clean and balanced homscreen immediately draws you in. Various elements are customized from top to bottom with no one overpowering the other. They all fit together perfectly and flows while navigating through each screen. The overall effect is pleasing to the eye and is sure to stand out no matter where you are. Even outdoors, Verano is bright and lively.

No theme would be complete without its icon set and these are amazing to view. This extremely detailed set were designed from scratch by Pootermobile and not only do I adore them, but you can see all of the hard work he put in them. 

If you are concerned over performance and battery life this theme does not slow down your device nor dies it hide your icons in folders as it utilizes the default OS 6/7 layout. 

In addition to the uncluttered appearance, it offers a skinned media player, custom fonts, fresh colors in the menus and dialog boxes, and is wallpaper friendly. I must say this is a refreshing sight to see on my BlackBerry Bold 9900. It breathes new live into this legacy device and for those who still rock one I think it makes a fine addition to your theme rotation.

Overall, this stunning theme is worth the wait. It can be purchased for $1.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 9350/60/70, 9620/50, 9700/80/88, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 6 and higher.

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The World of Pootermobile releases Verano - a refreshing and clean theme for your legacy device


Agreed. The theme in this article is shockingly sexy. Almost makes me want to back to my bb pearl :p

Posted via CB10

The pic of the 9900 has the network off, suggesting that this phone is no longer used as a daily driver. I wondering if Alicia is on BlackBerry 10 or has jumped ship...

Posted via CB10

If you look at the screen shots their is one with August Burns Red's album. Good album, too bad BB10 doesn't support themes. Oddly enough though, BlackBerry World will let me buy it on my Z10 even though I can't apply it. Odd.

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As I know the man behind the work, it is a crisp clean and well running theme, that I got even though I only lasted with my 9900, for a few month. It was a great find, I have his wallpaper app on my Q10 as well I had it one my Z before. Love the work @Pootermobile!!

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I do miss my 9930, and that theme does look damn good. I just really wish BlackBerry keeps trying to upsell to legacy devices and of course add theme support