The Ventev Colorclick Pro Case offers style and portability for your BlackBerry Z10

The Ventev Colorclick Pro Case and Holster Combo offers lightweight protection while on the go with your BlackBerry Z10.

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Apr 2013 03:20 pm EDT

While many prefer to leave their device naked, unfortunately that is not an option for me. Less than twenty four hours after receiving my LE, I somehow managed to drop it from my desk at work onto the floor. In this instance there were no scratches but I immediately navigated to the ShopCrackBerry page and picked up the Ventev Colorclick Pro Case for the BlackBerry Z10. I prefer holsters, so this choice was a no brainer. Let's take a look at how it holds up with my day to day routine.

As a case and holster combo, it offers a plastic hard shell case that protects the sides and back of your BlackBerry Z10. All of the buttons, ports, and camera are accessible via the cutouts to allow for full functionality. The holster offers a felt lining to protect the display and once locked inside offers sold and durable protection from the pitfalls of everyday use. As of now the case is only offered in two colors which are red and black.  

  • Case and Holster combo
  • Durable hard plastic shell
  • Swivel clip holster
  • Access to all ports, buttons, screen and camera
  • Protects against drops and impacts
  • Felt-lined holster protects screen

Normally, I prefer full body, heavy duty protection. I've come to terms with my klutziness and the Z10 is not something I want to see shattered on the sidewalk. The Ventev is thin, lightweight, and most of the time doesn't even feel like it's there.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my LE but the smooth back doesn't sit quite right. The Ventev back is textured with no chance of it slipping from your hands. While protection is minimal (only the back and sides are covered), this does provide the best of both worlds for those who do not want to completely cover the beauty of their Z10. I did not find it to be flimsy and even when paired with the holster is quite sturdy. In addition, the Ventev case does not detract from showing it off nor hinder gestures from working when swiping from side to side.

For those, like myself, who can't be without a holster the good news is it does a decent job of staying put. I admit to being spoiled by the many BlackBerry and Seidio holsters owned over the years. In that respect, I wish this one did a better job of latching onto the device. As it does not employ a spring clip, it just snaps on over the top. You must be careful as sometimes if you are too fast, it won't extend all the way over the top. It may need an extra minute or two to make sure it stays secure, but there is no difficulty in removing and no chance of it slipping from your hands onto the floor while performing this action. 

Installing and removing is a simple process, yet I worry the case will snap because of its rigidity. While the lack of flexibility won't deter users, just note there is a tendency to break a nail or snap the sides. In the case of the latter, I do recommend that you remove from the left hand side first as the right is rather thin from the volume button cutouts. 

  • Lightweight / No bulk
  • Firm grip
  • Durable in holster and offers a snug fit
  • Protected on sides and back 
  • Slim / stylish
The Bad
  • Leaves corners and top and bottom unprotected
  • Holster clip does not always allow for it to be inserted properly 
The Bottom Line

For the price, this is a reasonable option for light to moderate protection. It works well without the holster and prevents scratches from the back and sides caused by occasional drops. However, while it is durable for occasional spills on carpeting and everyday use, concrete and other hard surfaces may not be the same. For the purposes of this review, though, I am reluctant to try that scenario out. Even with its faults, I do find it to be a decent case and no damage has befallen my Z10 while using it.



Reader comments

The Ventev Colorclick Pro Case offers style and portability for your BlackBerry Z10


I like how Alicia flaunts her special edition red Zed.
It's all I see in her demos.

Kidding aside, this is just what I'm looking for. I need a skin that can fit in a holster. Perfect!!

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

I hate to rant, but does some company have a patent design that makes it so other manufacturers can't show the product logo on the back with a small circular Window?

I love my Z10, I want to show off that it is a BlackBerry, but it seems that most protective cases stop me from showing off that logo on the battery door. Even the currently offered Otter box case for the Z10 hides the logo.

I love the Poetic Atmosphere cases for that reason, to show that it is a BlackBerry front and back. I do like the design of this holster-case combo, but it isn't for me.

Posted via CB10

I agree.. i also wish to show others I have z10 but the cover I brought makes it seem I have some sort of Android..
Before I get the grand feeling of enjoying the z10's attention, I fall down miserably due to such comments.

Posted via CB10

Not a rant at all. That's one of the reasons I use the holster. I don't like hiding that it's a blackberry. The holster even says it across it. Of course you also have the fact that the phone has this felt back that I love. I don't know why anybody would want to cover ir up.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

Get the seido active case. It doesn't cover the BlackBerry logo on front like the otterbox

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10

They meant how so many iPhone cases have holes on the back to show the Apple logo on back side of phone, and that it doesn't seem like there's any Z10 cases with similar hole to show BB logo on battery cover.

If you use a Seidio plus holster, there's no way anyone can tell what device you have.
We want to wear our Z10s with pride!

This is how you CB10, son!

I've seen lots of cases that have a hole on the back for the BlackBerry logo. Problem is they are all ugly as hell

Posted via CB10

Go for 'tech21 impactology' case. Covers all relevant bits, like sides, top, bottom and back; has small lip to protect screen when phone laid face down; has holes / cutouts for ports, and is opaque enough to show the BlackBerry logo on the back battery door. It's also quite sleek. What's not to like??

Posted via CB10

I have a white/grey Incipio that looks great in the Z10! I hated to cover mine up too, but the Incipio looks great!

Posted via CB10

I recently received my seido white and black combo with holster. Honestly I love it. If it covered the charger port and headphone hole it would be 100% awesome. But for now it's 90% awesome. I have an otterbox defender and it's the worst case I've ever bought from them. I bought a white Z10 so why would I cover my phone up with a ugly otterbox? I'm a Lil disappointed with otterbox. I think it's unfair that Apple and everyone else gets cool colored Otter boxes while BlackBerry gets the ugly black.

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10

Well guys, I have this case and loving it so bad. But I think that I will cut my own hole in the back

Posted via CB10

Knew there would be red as soon as I saw accessories in red... just wish I could get one!!! I agree the back is too slick my white is more slippery than hubby's black which has a more rubberized back. I have the transform case but am very clumsy and want something more serious...but don't wear a belt so holster isn't good. I find the z a hit too long and slim to stay securely in my pocket. I am afraid every day of dropping my z since I have a bad drop history(killed preBb of hubby's years ago when I was wiping the table and dropped it). Sigh. I need a minimal case with max protection and think Otter box is ugly!!!

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

Ya I had the otter box at first but I returned it, it makes your z10 into a VCR and cuts down on function. Just have a skin with a screen protector works great, survives falls all the time

Posted via CB10

I got a similar case and holster combo from a T-MOBILE store that I really like.
The phone slides into that one though

Posted via CB10

I have this case and it works quite well. The holster has the sleep magnet in it, so it wakes up as soon as you slide it out of the holster. So far, I've been quite happy with this combo.

Posted via CB10

I checked out the cases for the Z10 by tech 21 ( that @sharpie45 mentioned but their cases also had a solid back that blocked the BlackBerry logo. I'm surprised that no one makes a case with a rear cutout to show off the logo for the Z10. I guess a clear case or naked is the only way to fly the BB logo..

Posted via CB10

This is the worst Holster i ever had. I bought it before my Z10 arrived so I don have to dent it as I always do that 2weeks into any new phone that i have had. The very day my Z10 Arrived it fitted like a clove and snugly but on my way home i sat down in my car and the clip was pinching my west so tried to take it out and the clip separated from the body and that was it. I couldn't fix it back because of the flimsy plastic that clips them together. Fortunately i got my money back.

That case over the phone doesn't look like it will help at all during a fall. I also prefer the sleek look of the z10 on its own so I purchased the seido (open face) spring clip holster from - pretty much same holster as the one mentioned above but designed to holster z10 nakedly on its own face in. I've been using it for two weeks now and love it.

Posted via CB10

Forgot to mention when the phone is faced in (to protect the screen) the BlackBerry logo is clearly visible.

Posted via CB10

Bought it in need love the feel of the actual case convenient clip on holster too, just not durable the actual belt clip broke off while getting into my car had it less than a week, so looks good but durability not so much

Posted via CB10

I have this same clip and it's great. My phone has fallen a couple times and this has saved the day. I need a belt clip, hate having my phone in my pocket. I just found out recently that it has a spring under the clip so it doubles as a stand too. My only gripe is that it doesn't show off that it is blackberry.

Any where I can get a BlackBerry sticker

Posted via CB10

If your looking for a good decent looking case with a hole on the back for the logo check out the turtle box by kays case. I have it and it's pretty nice. Only flaw is it doesn't cover the power button. Just has a small cut out you have to dig in.

Posted via CB10