Vector 40: The future of screen size and display density

Vector 40: The future of screen size and display density
By Rene Ritchie on 13 May 2014 10:33 am EDT

Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform analysis show tackling the biggest stories and issues in tech. On this week's episode Marc Edwards of Bjango talks to Rene about screen sizes and display densities, the different implementations choices made by the different platforms, the road to 1080p and @2x, the advent of 2K, the possibility of @4x, and the question — how big and dense to phones really need to get? Subscribe and listen along!

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Vector 40: The future of screen size and display density


This looks horrible on the CB10 app. Letters are tiny and need a magnifying glass for the media buttons. Just like the Z3 review earlier today. Bad job, CrackBerrry. Just don't push it out to the app if the user experience will be this bad.

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+10 Typically all Rene's articles are not formatted for BB10/Z10 for me when pushed out, do I never bother reading them.

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Same here - the article is absolutely unreadable on CB10. :-(

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Having read on glasses free 3d, all of that technology improves with pixel density.

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Guess this article was meant to be read on those Future Screen size and display density devices.

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And yet the Android version comes up correctly. Does no one check before these are posted that they will be OK on the CB10 app? Apparently not it seems! : (

Careful! Z10 in action!

No idea why this post would be different than any other :(

I'll ask Adam!

BUT... It's a podcast, so you don't have to read, just listen!

Can't even do that. Try getting to that "play" button lol.
On a Q10 using the CB10 app. It's actually kind of comical. Have Adam send you a screen shot of how it looks, and you'll feel our pain.

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It every post from you. Most of the time if I see it from you I usually don't even look at it. The print is so small I can't read it on the Q10. Pinch to zoom is ridiculous on the Q10. If you barely now the screen to the right it closes. Will read it later on Playbook.

Yes it isn't formatted properly. But other stories don't reformat properly either when turning the display to landscape ( on a Z30) . This, I hope, is some of the fixes that we'll see from the new "open" programming model CB announced last week.

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No idea why this works on my Z30. In portrait mode put your thumb in the middle of the picture. Turn your BlackBerry through 90 degrees to landscape. Post back if it works for you.

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Correction. Place your thumb in the top left corner of the photo. Leave your thumb where it is and pivot your BlackBerry through 90.

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