Vector 27: Top tech trends of 2014!

By Rene Ritchie on 20 Jan 2014 05:24 pm EST

Vector is our cross-platform news and analysis show where we bring you the biggest stories of the week with the best guests in the business. Today Ben Bajarin of TIME and Techpinions joins Rene to talk about the top tech trends of 2014, including 4K televisions, wearables and watches, embedded Android, Xbox One, and more!

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Vector 27: Top tech trends of 2014!


An hour of listening? Can we have a good article that summarizes this in a few hundred words?

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Already listened this morning. Another great show. I'd like to have Chris Umi on there again soon about his thought on the future of BlackBerry since a lot has changed since his 1st time on.

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We did an entire episode on BlackBerry with Kevin last week! As much as we love phones, we all also use TVs, cars, etc. so with Vector, we want to give you the bigger picture.

We'll do BlackBerry and other phones every so often, but the future of tech in general is where Vector is at!

Oh I understand that. I listen to all the shows, and wasn't expecting another BlackBerry round right away, but later this year perhaps.

As the company is in a way being divided into sub sections, like a bunch of other companies to make a whole, kind of the Samsung approach in a smaller scale, it is becoming different from month to month. So it's not just about phones anymore. But like I said, later this year when it becomes more developed I'd like to hear his thoughts. :)

Incidentally, your year end wrap up was particularly interesting to listen to. A job well done on all the shows. Vector is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to since it's launch.

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