Vector Podcast 10: Talking Pebble, iWatch, Galaxy Gear and the future of smart watches

Vector 10: Kevin Michaluk and smart watches
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2013 11:19 pm EDT

Introduced in May 2013 and hosted by Rene Ritchie, Vector is our new Mobile Nations podcast that focuses on analysis. The show has been receiving rave reviews since launching, and has routinely been in the iTunes' Top 20 tech podcasts.

This week yours truly had the pleasure of joining Rene to talk about smart watches, what they mean for traditional watch enthusiasts, for geeks, for the mainstream, for the tech industry, and for Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Apple. Also: Samsung Galaxy Gear!

As I say on the podcast, I'm not a watch expert, but watches have been a passion of mine for many years now (heck, I own and if only I had the time to get a site launched!) and have a lot of thoughts on the subject. Enjoy the show!

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Vector Podcast 10: Talking Pebble, iWatch, Galaxy Gear and the future of smart watches


A smart watch with 25 hours life battery is not smart at all LoL #samsunggear.. besides what do you need this watch for anyway.. state your 'smart' reason why you think one needs to have a smartwatch.. probe me wrongthat buying one of this is only a waste of money..

Posted via CB10

Interchangeable faceplates are fun.

And the idea of notification systems for all my devices on my watch is damn convenient. And a lot easier to be discreet than pulling out a red LE.

Plus as a developer I love being able to track my gym progress automatically and have it sync to the cloud.

Now where did I hear this argument before... right the same thing people said about smart phones.

Posted via CB from my LE

I haven't figured out the need for a smart watch yet.

Yes there are some great uses that people suggest for them, I just don't know if it would work. We all carry our phones with us and they can do most things we need them to in our daily routines.

Only time will tell to see if all of the many companies jumping in will be rewarded.

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin, Could you help me get my ideas to Blackberry. There on my playbook right now. 2 whole pages that are pretty good.

Copy and paste them into a new forum thread! If it's looking good we can always round it all up into a from the forums post here on the blogs. And it'll get noticed.

I don't want to put them on a forum though because some other company could steal them. But I don't know anyway else I could do it. I will have to think today while i'm in school.

Copying it to the forum is not a good idea.. if it is an original idea it might get hijacked and the original ideas might not get credit.. i have my ideas, but stop short from making it public to the forum for this reason..

Posted via CB10

No one will pay you for them. If you do nothing with them then they don't exist. Regardless, they were talking improvements bbry should make - not get rich schemes.

Posted via CB from my LE

Actually TOQ smart watch from qualcomm looks intriguing. States available for android platform. Any way we can see if this will work for BlackBerry 10?

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I like Rene and Kevin, they are both great talents. But... one of the things I appreciate most about carrying a mobile phone is that I don't have to wear a watch.

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Other then price I'd still much rather get a gps, abc, fitness watch all in one.

Notifications are a small feature that they're missing.

Hopefully this smartphone watch trend will bring the price of those watches down. Right not the garmin Fenix and suunto core (top tier) watches are around 600$

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If that smart watch can make me smarter, why not?

But if it'll be the same with other supposedly smart phones that doesn't really makes one smarter, it is just another waste of money...

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@Kevin a it's understanding blackberry what's to b different but come on y can't we get them apps don't c y can't they just make a deal whit android and it's funny how they r making new stuff but they will b in the same situation if they don't improve app world I really think monkeys r thinking for them lol

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It's kind of ironic that the smart phone is actually responsible for a lot of people not even wearing watches anymore and now they are trying to bring it back.

Full disclosure: I no longer wear a watch because it is redundant with all the information available on my phone and I don't think smart watches will ever take off.

Google glasss type devices are the future.

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I'm a wristwatch lover, but because they look classy and not techie, so i really don't think I'll wear a smart watch other then for specific situations or activities, e.g. sports: gym, maybe racing or scuba diving, parachuting etc. but as my daily use watch, never.