The vast majority of BlackBerry 10 users prefer to use a password to lock down their device

By James Richardson on 8 Apr 2014 03:05 pm EDT

A short while back we asked the CrackBerry nation "Do you lock your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using a password". Although I don't use a password myself I wasn't at all surprised by the results - which saw 70% of BlackBerry 10 users voting that they did indeed use one. 

Now, I'm not sure how these results compare to other operating systems, but at a guess I would say that they aren't too dissimilar. Where we may have a slight lead on the likes of iOS, Android and Windows Phone is that a percentage of BlackBerry customers will be enterprise users and if that information got into the wrong hands there could be hell to pay. 

It's been a while since we asked if you were using the traditional password option or whether you had switched to Picture Password now that 10.2.1 has rolled out. Sound off in the comments with your choice. 

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The vast majority of BlackBerry 10 users prefer to use a password to lock down their device



Pic password is cool but very hard to get when on the move... wish the 4 digit simple password didn't require to click on Enter after the code (eg apple accepts password as soon as you enter the 4th number)... dunno why this 5th click annoys the hell out of me...

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Because the BlackBerry system is more secure... it can be more than four numbers. Therefore it can't just finish at four because that gives away how many numbers are in the password. (e.g. My password isn't four characters).

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Just changed mine from standard password to picture password today, even though a regular password is real easy on the Q10.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hear ya - I came from iPhone 4S, and having to press enter has caught me a few times out of habit...

For me......
Picture password is not great, simply novel and cool to use.........for the first little while. Then I realized i was faster with simple password instead of having to locate my number and fumble for it to get to the right place on the pic.

~edit~ ......just wish I didn't have to hit "enter" after adding my 4 digit code

I did! Unfortunately, I'm not in London, the tickets themselves the least of the expense involved, but very excited nevertheless.

Picture password is great! Way more efficient than a regular password AND you can do right in plain sight and not worry about your password being seen and therefore compromised. They can see it and not have a clue what they are looking for. BTW you don't have to drag the number your finger is on to the spot you chose, just the same number from anywhere on the grid to that spot.

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No doubt that picture password is more secure but I take issue with the suggestion that it's more efficient.
I know you don't have to put your finger on your number but you still have to locate your number. I'm consistently faster with simple password because I don't have to "look" anywhere new. Muscle memory allows a four digit pass code to be consistently faster than picture password

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I hear you re: efficiency, but knowing I can unlock my phone in front of my kid and not have to worry about coming up with a new unlock password.......priceless!

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Yeah, I prefer the picture password because of security. I've had people watch me unlock my phone and then handed it over to them and challenged them to unlock it. Even after I explained how picture password worked and repeated the process they still couldn't do it.

Then I watched a friend unlock their iPhone twice and showed I already knew their password.

On the Q10, the enter key is actually on the way to the rest position of your thumb, down the lower right corner (if you're right handed), so I has become second nature and a "muscle memory" action to press it automatically...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I love picture password for a touchscreen phone. But on the Q10 I'd rather just type out the password

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I would love to try picture password, but for corporate environment it's not an option.

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When you have corporate IT Policies, it blocks Picture password for security reason.

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Same here. Policy restrictions but not under BES. What does my MSO need to do to allow the policy to encompass picture password without also requiring a traditional password?

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The admin needs to have the ability to reset passwords. I'm not sure that's possible with a picture password.

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I didn't use a password on a regular basis before but, I now use picture password. I have the security of an elaborate password without the inconvenience of always typing it in whenever I need to get into my locked device.

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Picture password bricked my phone on an earlier 10.2.1 release. So I'm staying away from that.

Regardless I do development. Which requires a device password or numeric code.

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I just switched over to picture password. I have no idea why I didn't try it sooner. Wayyyy better for me than the 4 digit password =)

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I'm shocked that 30% don't lock their device. I don't know about you, but I have a lot of personal information in my phone. I think you're asking for your identity to be stolen by not locking your phone.

The 30% must be the Android app users.
Just kidding, before all the worms come out of the woodwork, complaining.


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In the office, I have to travel between floors for meetings, never take the phone with me. Just the thought of someone taking a look is enough for me to lock it.

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It shouldn't shock anyone that do many BlackBerry users lock their phone. If u have a BlackBerry, you value privacy way more than other people.

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Straight traditional son!

I wasn't too thrilled back in the leak days of the pic password, due to its accuracy level being tooooo specific for me lol. Now I believe it's better, but I'd rather just type the numbers in :]

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Agree with your assessment son!

I was afraid I was going to lock myself out of my own phone because sometimes I misfired on the pic and number lol

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Why worried? It changed back to conventional password if you can't get it right too many times.

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You can't actually lock yourself out of your phone with Picture Password. After 5 failed attempts it prompts you for whatever numeric/text password you've set.

Yup, you guys are right. I think it's about 10 tries before it goes back to numerical input

The point is the amount of times I get it right form the first try. When I used it, I think I averaged 3 times before I successfully unlocked it. I've hardly ever/never did it 10 times. But that's the problem, the time it took for that versus me entering my code, the latter was quicker, hence I decided on that instead

... My fingers + hand/eye coordination = revert back to the numerical bro lol

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At 5 failed attempts, you must key in "BlackBerry" and then enter your actual password.

I had a hard time with it as well, at first, and sometimes find the the screen at the enter "BlackBerry" screen thanks to being in my pocket or the hands of my little ones.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Picture pssword! Great job on this one BlackBerry team!

And I use it also as an icebreaker "watch me unlock my phone" some people areeven willing to bet they can umlock it by watching me a couple of times :) got me a free beer recently :)

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Regular alphanumeric password for me. Then again I do have a Q10 which makes it easy to input.

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Never used a password to lock any of my BlackBerry but now i find great the picture password and I am using it!

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Great thing to get all those people to secure their devices that would otherwise leave it unlocked and open to privacy invasion.

Thanks for your admission :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I honestly could no longer use a phone that does not use picture password. I'm pretty much hooked on BB10 now.

Picture it!! I always unlock my phone in front of my kids and they can't figure it drives them nuts :-P

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Love picture password, but I can't tie that to my corporate side (Balance) which makes me type in the password anyway. At least with typing in the password I only have to do it once.

Simple passcode...but honestly haven't tried picture password so can't complain or compare.

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I keep my phone locked in a safe deposit box at the bank...

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I always thought a password was an i convenience till pic password. Live by that now, takes 2 seconds

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Got to love the picture password. I've unlocked my phone in front of friends and they still can't figure it out. Great security feature.

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Picture password is working quite well for me so far. The fact that it is fairly difficult to figure out where things are going is helpful.

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I'm rocking Picture Password. little less convenient than pressing physical buttons, but a lot more secure and one swipe to unlock is getting pretty easy for me.


Picture password for me! It's quick easy and I can do it in front of anyone and they are clueless...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

i would like an option to set a higher autolock timer, or disable it entirely...

on my BB7 i used the BES Policy to set it to 8 hours...but my Q10, like my playbook allows me only up to an hour...this is really annoying...

i have some cases, where i want to lock my phone, but not always, and usually not after an hour...but the only way that it would work right now this way, would be to set the password only in these cases....

i hope they eventually make the timer longer, or give us the option to disable timed lock...but since the playbook has this since i can remember i somehow have no hope that this changes anytime soon...

Allowing your phone to stay unlocked for that long is a major security risk.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

not always...if i'm at home or at other "secure places", it doesn't need to be locked...
thats my point...

i need eighter a simpler way to disable the password, i.e. not disable entirely and then create new...or a longer autolock timer...

but at home its quite unnerving that i need to unlock my phone if i'm over the 1 hour....

a security risk? i don't think so...i'm using a torch since the first day with the 8hour autolock policy, and got no problems with security...

and its the user, who has to decide, if he wants a long or a short time without password...but 1 hour as max choice is too least for me :)

I didn't us a password before, but now with the convenience of the picture password, I now.

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Picture password is yet another great tool on our beloved BlackBerry 10 devices that others don't have. Love it, especially after learning that you don't have to grab your number, just make it land where it is supposed to end up. Show this off to all of the non-believers out there!

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I don't like the picture password. It's too specific in the location and takes me forever to unlock my phone. Much prefer alphanumeric

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Standard password for me: it's easier to do one handed, and without looking at the screen on my Q10.

When i used a password it was a normal pass, troed pic pass amd it was too slow for me i could have done a ton of things with the normal pass. But now i dont use a pass at all.

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I think it would be interesting to see a breakdown on the answers to this question between all-touch BBs and keyboard BBs. For example, I have a Q10 and find it very quick & easy to enter a numeric password.

Picture password rules!
BB should add a sensitivity slider, so you can decrease the precision and increase the speed of use.

I would like to use a password but I need a longer delay before it locks. The phone is rarely off my belt, but if I do accidentally leave it somewhere I would like it to lock. But with the short lock delay. I have to put in my password too often.

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Picture password. Backed up by the typed password if the suckers get it wrong on too many tries. Noone has even been able to figure out what I am doing, much less actually try to break it.

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You have to use both with picture password. Picture password is easier but it mess's up once in a while.

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I don't use a password on mine. To do so requires the device to auto-lock after xx minutes. If there was an option for manual lock only I'd use a password.

Picture password. It's harder to use when I'm driving though, especially if I'm eating as well.

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Picture password for sure.

I don't like wasting time fumbling with a regular password and certainly not in front of others. Always felt nervous doing that. Not with the pic.

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Picture password is fantastic. Love being able to unlock my BlackBerry in plain view without fear of giving away my password.

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I use picture password except when I'm driving then all passwords are off. I stream a lot of radio in the car. Passwords just make things dicey.

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Traditional character password. Annoying on a touchscreen phone though.

I experimented with picture password but eventually dumped it for lack of security. It was great for speed, ease of use and effectiveness in preventing over-the-shoulder observation of the password/PIN/swipe pattern. However, it was a little prone to an accidental lucky unlock because sometimes the correct number landed very close to the unlock spot, so the user just needed to bump the screen a little to unlock. If that flaw gets ironed out, I can see picture password being more useful. It could be used to secure the personal side on a device with Balance, with the Work side requiring an additional character password.

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I've had that happen too, correct number too close to the "epicentre", and oops,... it's unlocked. Definitely a bit of a bug...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Picture password is actually better on all touch phone. But not for Q10. Just use the keys, dammit.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Got to use a password. To much vital information stored on teh device to let it fall in the wrong hands. Plus if it does get stolen or lost and someone tries to use my device at least they wont be able to due to it being locked. That is unless they are super smart.

I did like the picture password but it got frustrating while drving to drag the screen around. Im back to the standard password.

At&t still makes me type in the password. Picture password sounds interesting. By the time I get picture password, BlackBerry will have ESP unlock.

Picture password is amazing, almost impossible to figure out but I think they should add a face detection, and for the q20 add a finger scanner on the trackpad.

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It would be nice to be able to read these vote graphs about BlackBerry on the crackberry app on my Z10 instead having to remember to use my laptop latter.

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Maybe a better question is who encrypts their phone AND their media card?

I thought it was automatic but turned out you have to activate them both in settings.

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Don't know about PP since I'm on AT&T and we don't have the f****** update yet. I do use the numerical however.

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Neither my father nor my brother lock their Z10s. I, on the other hand, lock my Z30 with a 10-digit alpha-numeric password and use picture password to unlock it.

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They could speed up the picture password a bit by letting the number be off centre a bit more, as long as it's in the correct's a password, it isn't supposed to be a hand eye coordination app

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I would like to use picture password, but it does not work encryption. So no go with that.

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Don't have any choice yet here. I am on AT&T. Still waiting for our update. AT&T is still dragging their feet!

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Im with AT&T as well but i updated my phone to OS 2.1.2758. Try it out. I found it in one of the forums.

Yeah I talked to AT&T the other day and told them if they don't release the update within the next two weeks I am going with a leak. I am tired of waiting. He told me he wouldn't recommend using a leak since everyone don't always have the same success using them. I might just wait until the end of this month and if no update I will most likely use a leak.

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I love the principle of picture password, plus it's pretty to look at ! But not useful when you want to unlock quickly your device though... It happens to me that I have to redo it several times before I unlock it ...

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I just started using the picture password today. I uploaded my own picture to it to make it more complex..

Regular password is the only way to go! It is way faster and most times it can be done without looking at the phone using muscle memory in your thumb.

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Picture Password for now, but will switch back to Simple Password for more ease of use.
Switching back and forth helps keep things fresh.

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PS. Picture Password is awesome and IMO extremely can have people look directly at the screen and they won't have a clue what is going on! I like them both.

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Yes I do. And with my Q10's awesome qwerty it's easy to unlock anytime

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Just started using picture password a week ago and it's been great. The only thing I am afraid of is that I will forget my number password.

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I prefer using picture password's's quick and it!

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I use picture password now. I like that if for some reason it fails 5 times I can use my original password :).

Locking it down is one extra step to stopping pocket dialing :p

If I don't lock it, I like that after a certain time it locks itself.

Picture password! Someone can actually watch you do it and still can't duplicate it because they have no idea which number you were looking at or where you put it.

Excellent idea.

I still don't use a password. Tried picture password but didn't work great for me.

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I love the concept of picture password but to be a top notch daily driver in the password category I would like to see BlackBerry make a slight adjustment wherein as you swipe to unlock your phone instead of the black screen, the long pause, then the appearance of pic password it simply reveals the picture password underneath as you swipe. Then once you've completed the swipe you are already looking at the picture password screen ready to go without the lag and wait time. As it is now it is so much faster to use the simple password or standard alphanumeric password.

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I found picture password cool, but a bit too fussy. It always took me several tries to get it right. Always worry about accidentally locking myself out of my device!

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Yeah I use Picture Password. True a little slower than alphanumeric but way more cool. To all my BlackBerry friends who mess with their phones while driving. DON'T. $300.00 fine and 3 demerit points in Ontario Canada. Ouch! Besides it would be terrible to meet you on the road. Try the old fashioned radio.

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I used picture password for a while, but it is easier to use the 4 digit one, especially if you are in a hurry or walking. Like others, I agree it would be nice if hitting the enter wasn't a necessity.

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Picture password. Have trouble putting the number in the right place, but hey, me and touchscreens are an uneasy truce at best. ;-)

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Picture password for me. I liked the swiping feature on my old Galaxy S2, but think I prefer picture password to that.

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Picture of the best BlackBerry 10 features. I actually had an employee swap from an Android phone to a Z10 after he saw me swiping the pic to unlock. He went nuts -then I got to show him say it, and 10 email accounts on one device And on an on.he tinkered with my phone for an hour and loved it.his Z 10 comes in tomorrow.hes on AT&T. My boss is next...

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life!

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I use picture password and constantly show this innovation to non BlackBerry users.

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I like the design of picture password. But to me, it seems the picture is a little off on its aspect ratio. Using Q5.

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I am using simple pass.. picture pass is cool.. but, I always put my phone inside my pocket, the problem is.. while walking.. it accidentaly wakens up my phone due to sensitive touch screen.. and when I checked my phone it already had 5 incorrect input pass..some said.. use a holster or case that covers up the screen.. well.. im not comfortable with that, and other said.. disable the "swipe to wake" uhm.. I always use my physical lock key to turn off the display screen.. its like a habit.. but.. to wake my phone using it..nah.. I dont think so.. thats too much.. ill ruin my physical key for sure..

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Picture password still isn't good enough for me, the way the grid moves it feels too "heavy", I can't just move the number I want to where I want it quickly and accurately!

Drag another number or somewhere away from your password so you will have a perfect view of your password being dragged into its correct spot.

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Regular old password for me...with many digits of all shapes, sizes, and types. :)

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Picture password...i play a game with my family all the time and ask them if they can figure it it

BlackBerry rocks.

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Picture password on my z30, buy my employer issued Q10 can not have picture password (a bank).

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Yep. Same here. Even though it's a pain in the ass to remembered all the passwords I have, yes indeed I prefer having one as supposed to a number...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Lol, of course it is...
Because theres no other way!
Picture password its a nice idea, but horribly implemented.
I'd really like to try some pattern lock, but... its BB10!!! (aka no alternatives at all)

Sometimes the picture password is so annoying. You have to put the number in the exact spot you placed it. Why can't it just be like a centimeter off to unlock your bb?

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To make it easier and not annoying, you need to drag another number far from your password so you will have a very good view of your password being dragged into the correct spot. Before, I thought it was annoying to when I dragged my exact password because I couldn't always see if it fitted well since it's entirely covered by my thumb or finger.

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Picture password all the way. Also have to say the most people I show it to on other platforms ask if it is an app and where they can get it.

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Still no picture password I'm still "enjoying" the features of "the latest software" courtesy of AT&T...

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