Valentine's Day theme pack now available in Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Valentine's Day BlackBerry Playbook Scrapbook
By Michelle Haag on 6 Feb 2012 11:59 pm EST
Watchful CrackBerry member @NorthsideB noticed tonight that Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook has another new pack available for download. I've been waiting for this one, because it's the Valentine's Day pack! I think handmade Valentine's Day cards are the best, and what better way to make them than on your PlayBook? Combine your own pictures with wallpapers, accents, and stickers, save it, and post to Facebook from within the app. You can send your saved image to Twitter or email it as well. The new Valentine's pack is small but goes really well with the Shabby Chic pack that was released a couple of weeks ago. The packs can be found within the Scrapbook app, and are individual downloads, so you don't have to install them all if you don't want to.

Scrapbook is a free app for the PlayBook that was designed by The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). I think it's a fun app to use, and it's so simple even the kids can enjoy making pages to share. There are a few things I would like to see added to the Scrapbook app, like the ability to edit pages once you save them, and I would like to be able to resize stickers. Maybe a future update will bring us these additional options.

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Valentine's Day theme pack now available in Scrapbook for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Yes! I'd love to see it applied to the native media app like they showed awhile back. It looked incredible.

Nice, this is a fun application, love it. But, I don't necessarily want to share every scrapbook entry on Facebook. How about adding email and possibly a few other social networks.

you know what.. i actually seen that before on youtube.. long time ago when they introduced this app online.. some guy saved his work, came back and edit it from where he left off. for some reason they took that option out. hmmm.. is it because its free?

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