V CAST Video Now Available on BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2009 12:21 pm EDT

V CAST Storm

V CAST Video is now playing on a BlackBerry Storm near you. The service by Verizon allows users to view over 100 full programs from various cable and broadcast networks, direcly on their device. V CAST Video will also feature some sporting events like NHL games and certain college football games. Users will be able to check out both full and partial programming for a variety of shows ranging from drama to comedy to childrens shows shortly after their television air date. You can check out the service for $10/month by visiting the Get Apps section from the VZ Today browser bookmark. I'm sure the icon will be pushed out by Verizon before long. Check out the full press release for more information.

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V CAST Video Now Available on BlackBerry Storm


With standard phones its $15 a month, but coms with UNLIMITED DATA! So, for the same service, BlackBerry users pay $40???

Not worth it at all.

I first saw the press release 3 hours ago in Google news. I can find NO INFORMATION AT ALL about how to download the link. VZ Today? Where is it? What is it? I've never seen it before. If you are going to publish a press release that says you should "click on the VZ Today link in your browser", would it not be a good idea to tell us where that link is? As a year long storm owner, I am used to being neglected by Verizon, but this takes the cake.

You would think Verizon could have easily put the link in the press release? At times, I think they actually get a vicarious thrill watching Storm users suffer.

I'm a big media user on my device, and thought this might be worth checking out. It lasted about 15 minutes on my device, after installing (yes huge - 1.5Mb - that alone made me unhappy) and the vids themselves were clips for (mostly) obscure things that I could care less about. (the cool and ironic thing was that I used the MyVerizon app on my Storm to remove the feature - take THAT Big Red!)

As a Storm user, I'm wanting that TVOnTheGo app that only works with WiFi...guess I have to wait until Storm 2 for that. Until then, it's Videos4BB.net and the Real Player video converter app, and no cheesy $10 per month app for me, thank you very much.

Sorry if you're having trouble finding the app. You can also try: http:\\mobile.vzw.com from the browser, then click on "get apps", then V CAST Videos to download if you want to check it out. -- debra

The press release says "full length videos, live sports events". So, I've signed up, added another 10$ to my monthly bill, but I see nothing up there but 45-60s clips.


ide like to see dodgers games on this thing. and no i dont see any full episodes beside nbc. which u can watch from their mobile site anyways. common vzw u cant fool us. i give you a week

vcast used to have a free version for short clips and a paid version for shows and longer vids. Does the same still apply?

I hope that this leads them to putting espn mv on the blackberry devices...i have a stom and i really want it.

There's already the free basic Vcast content site at m.vcast.com that is powered by buzzwire.com...

It has some cartoons, clips and free content, but the quality is a bit poor and frankly gets boring, except for the old cartoons...

Just register your mobile number and you're set.

The poor performance of the freebie Vcast is what makes me NOT want to spend $10 on the premium content...

Anyone think this will finally lead to the Storm being a 'Premium Content Enabled Phone' since we now have Vcast, VZ Navi, and a few other 'Premium features?'

What in the world is wrong with Verizon?! It's about time that Vcast came to smartphones... well at least one smartphone finally, being at&t and sprint have it on theirs. But Verizon has the nerve to charge $10 extra for it when Sprint and at&t include mobile video clips for free with their monthly data plans?! This is nuts.

I had VCast on my old Razr back in the day and it was junk then. It sounds like it's still junk. This is probably why VZ blocks videos from sites like m.nbc.com for people with BIS so they can force you to pay for VCast. Just more BS!

They dont have to release anything. And if they choose to charge they can, It would be a crime if they forced you to get it, but since its optional you dont have to pay the 10 bux =)

i have no prob with the vcast on storm. ive had regular devices with vcast, and its different on the storm. yeah, the clips are segmented, but, they break when the shows took commercial breaks. so, just go to the next part and start it up. whats the big deal. the video looks better than it does on other devices.

i mean, its still a "phone". what do you want? i mean you can watch your shows live on tv and sit through commercials, or dvr them and ff through the commercials. so, whats the difference between that and a 2 clicks?

and as far as the price... if you have a blackberry with a data plan, are you seriously concerned with $10? its optional. if youre so concerned, then go to youtube and find the same content with worse video. its all a choice...

can you ever make a blackberry fan happy? my god... take it easy. relax...

I'm Kinda like everybody else. I don't get why you would pay an extra $10 for it. I've tried vcast several times and really don't see the point of it. We're already paying for a data plan. Honestly, I think anything vcast should be free. The only thing extra I'd pay for is mobile TV...if it was compatible with the storm. Now that would be sweet.

Fact is you cant get a BB from verizon without a data plan.
which if you install YouTube you have the entire internet of video to see.
Why pay a dime more to see only what Vcast will let you see.

If you somehow manage to have a BB with no data plan, then vcast is a fun little app to pay for, also if you have EVDO coverage where you are.

But if you have unlimited data on your phone then any internet video out there is accessible, and to pay for vcast would be like paying to have someone lock you in a room.

I was about to download this, then I read some comments. Sounds like the same junk my friends used to complain about when they had VCast videos on their phone. Guess it hasn't gotten better. On top of that they want pay for it? My phone bill is high enough thank you. So glad I switched from At&t to Verizon.... :/

I'm confused. What's the difference between these vcast videos and the ones you can currently watch on vcast for free?

I had V Cast when I had my LG enV and with the exception of a search feature(I think it is new, don't recall it being on enV)and the video playback is a little better on my Storm, It is the same.

Would someone from VZ please explain to me why I need to pay $10 for this feature when I can get video from almost anywhere else for free?

There are rumours of VZ blocking the m.nbc.com site for BIS users to see videos. I don't know if this is true or not but what are you going to do? Block everyone?

Right above "Get Apps" is "Entertainment". Under entertainment is "Videos" Why would you pay for something that is already included?