V CAST Music with Rhapsody Now Available on the Storm!

V CAST Now Available on the BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Nov 2008 02:35 pm EST

Time for all you new Verizon BlackBerry Storm owners to put the Application Center to use.... Verizon's V CAST Music service, powered by Rhapsody, is now available for download!!

Somehow I let my Storm's battery drain to the point of battery too low for radio use, so while it's recharging and I'm waiting to install, be sure to let us know in the comments what you think!  Thanks to Jason and Mikey for sending this in!

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V CAST Music with Rhapsody Now Available on the Storm!


but this program absolutely sucks. It is slow and clunky and it costs $1.99 for ONE SONG! If I can figure out how to get Rhapsody unlimited on this phone, then it might be worth it but right now, Apples iTunes mobile store definitely trumps this. :(

you are supposed to transfer from your computer to the phone with a suscription...then you get unlimted songs on your phone and computer for $14.99 A MONTH.

Hi Guys, Just loaded a boatload of music on my storm using the rhapsody subscription. Just download the rhapsody software from your pc, sign up for service, plug in ur phone and ur golden. up to 3 devices. $14.99/month. unlimited music. heck yeah! works for me.

I already had the Rhapsody subscriptiion for $14.99/mo on my PC. I went to Rhapsody.com, created an account to be billed for the 14.99.

You get to download as many songs as you want onto your phone. We have been doing this for awhile on the VZW Dare and the Voyager Titanium... very sweet.

I knew before getting the storm that Rhapsody would work on the storm.

After you create your account, EXIT Rhapsody, plug in your storm to the USB, then launch Rhapsody. You will see your storm icon in the left panel of the screen. You will then need to right click on your phone icon to "authorize" it before dragging songs from your library to your storm icon(you are allowed 3 authorizations.) You may have to also right click on your storm icon and click on "license" as well. If your songs don't play, be sure to UNPLUG from USB before going into playlist and try again.

Once you go into the media player and view your playlist, press the menu button, and select options. Under media section, you will find options for audio boost and a headset equalizer option to set a default for the equalizer. The equalizer is only for the headset and not the actual speakers on the phone. . darn . . the speakers on the phone need some help not to mention so does the camera (it seems like my curve takes better pics at 2.0)

Once you are playing a song on your storm, there are more options from the blackberry menu. When you are playing a song, make sure you can see the album cover or (or only info for that just that song - not the playlist) and press the menu button. You will see options to "activate the handset" (speaker on the top of phone) so you can listen to it like a phone call in case you don't have your headphones. You can also "enable Bluetooth" through the menu for bluetooth headsets.

There are shuffle and repeat modes as well.

Plug in your headset and you get different options from the menu . . AN EQUALIZER! I think the music sounds awesome through the headset that comes with the storm!!

When you are rotating around to different apps while listening to your tunes, you will also see a "now playing" from the menu to get you back to your song quickly.

Now, if I can only figure out how to set my alarm to the songs in the playlist or set it to a streamlined radio while sitting in that dock in the bedside mode! Let me know if you figure this one out or if it's possible!

I have been looking for that all around phone that can message, work on docs, browse, AND also have an "awesome" camera, video camera, and unlimited music. NO more $2.00/song Itunes. (Zune also has unlimited for 14.99 and just changed their subscription to allow you to pick 10 songs every month to keep while still continuing monthly unlimited subscription. Now that's what I'm talking about. Are you next Rhapsody?!)

Have fun listening to your unlimited downloads while "working" on your apps. The music will continue to play as you switch apps unless a call comes in.

PS If you try to call VZW tech support for help with music, good luck. Most do not know much about the Rhapsody connection to the Storm. In fact, they may still tell you that's not possible. Many have not used the storm and don't realize this all exists. This isn't listed in our own book that comes with the Storm. Hopefully, the details above will get you up and running!


When I try and transfer subscription content over to my storm it tells me that I need to purchase it before I can transfer it..... any ideas why that might be? I have the TO GO subscription.

Thats because you DO need to purchase the songs. The to go subcription only lets you download songs on your pc. If you want to burn them to a cd or transfer them to a device, you WILL have to pay 99 cents per song.

That is just wrong. The to go allows you to transfer music to your device. Please do not make comments if you have lack of the knowledge. You just confuse people.

somehow, i had the VCast Icon on my main menu sitting pretty all on it's own without nary a selection from me. it was just sitting there (the icon). i clicked it and it downloaded the app...but still, weird? VZW can push icons to my menu?? Dunno if i like that...

i was hoping you could transfer music with rhapsody directly from the phone...but i can only figure out how to listen to listen to 10 sec clips. i do have rhapsody to go on my vzn account.

annonymous is NOT that smart... vcast is awesome with your computer and rhapsody on the go. unlimited songs for $14.99 a month....drag right onto your phone and 2 other phones.

LOL Then hmm WHAT brought you to the Crackberry site and so interested in the vcast?? Too funny. Only took 5 words from the guy to make him an idiot! Where can you go for $15mo. and get all the music you want? However, keep coming back and joining us apparently the underlying interest is killing ya! It's ok Mr. Jobs will not send a hit man after ya, just keep an eye out for his cult hit man! :)

BTW loving my Rhapsody+Storm already. Just flew two hours jamming to what I could download in a short time this afternoon. Ah the life...

i would like it if the next update gave you the ability to download unlimited songs to your device via OTA, if you had the subscription, so i wouldnt have to connect to the computer so often.

Hello fellow BB Storm user.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue.

I've been a Rhapsody user before purchasing my Storm. I have a yearly subscription with Rhapsody that does not end until June 2009. So at this time I'm able to transfer subscription songs to my Storm without a problem. However I would like to use VCast/Rhapsody application on my Storm to download unlimited music wireless (through my phone)instead of from my computer.

Big V says I have to pay the $14.99 a month fee, I assume there should be some way for Verizon to activate VCast/Rhapsody on my phone without the additional charge. Any input would be helpful.

Storm User

The only way to get my storm working halfway right is by removing all unessential programs so it's hard to get excited about new programs until the OS gets improved!

There are actually subscription alternatives to rhapsody. Ones that you can use with the storm.

Like for example i had a zune. So i have a subscription to the zune software already which has an unlimited music package which is the same monthly rate. Plus they allow you to download 10 songs per month now on top of that. Since they offer mp3 downloads you can download 10 songs DRM free every month too (appx value $10) so your subscription is really only 5 dollars on top of that.

Using it is fairly simple, you just download the tunes through zune.
Close zune
Add zune folder to windows media player.
Sync songs to zune with windows media player.


I'm excited for this. As someone who has been crippled by WinMo phones without this options, getting music on the previous phones cards was possible, but much more cumbersome. The ease of this is great. Plus for me, I never make CDs so the subscription suits me just fine.

I go into the application menu on my phone and the application vcast music w/ rhapsody is not there. How do i go about getting this so i can download it so if i want to be able to download songs for 1.99 on the go i can. I already have vcast music w/rhapsody through the pc which is awesome. One other question i am on a account on my own. But my brother and sister in law have there own account since your allowed 3 devices would they be able to upload songs onto there phones since i pay the service or do the phones have to be on the same account. Also if they can do that would they have to upload them from my pc or could they download the rhapsody on their pc and use my login to upload songs.
Thanks in advance

Is the 2.2.22 versions of GTalk, MSN and Yahoo Messenger (as shown in the above picture) i) available to the public and ii) for the Storm only?

I currently subscribe to Napster-To-Go which is $15 a month for unlimited to-go songs on a compatible MP3 player. Unfortunately this service does not work with the Storm since Napster requires the device use DMR (digital media rights - or something like that).

I LOVE the idea that a similar service such as Rhapsody will work. However, I am still confused because when I look on Rhapsody's website it doesn't list the Storm as a compatible device.

- Has anyone else used this service and found it to work / be satisfactory?

- Is the music selection current and broad?

EDIT: I'm not sure how this is able to work on the Storm but it certainly does. I am so HAPPY about this. I was pissed at the thought of even having to consider switching to iTunes to be able to have music on the STORM but this is such an awesome service since you pay one low monthly fee and get almost unlimited music. The Storm just got sweeter!

By the way I subscribed to the Rhapsody To-Go service (you can download the software on their site). I have not toyed with whatever V-Cast is, nor would I considering the abilities of / my preference for using Rhapsody To-Go.

Although you can download it, it doesn't work correctly yet. You still can't add music to the library or authorize the devices yet even though the application is available. Any ides or suggestions when this will be corrected?

You need to take your device out of Mass Storage Mode. Options--> Memory --> Mass Storage Off or Prompt

V CAST with Rhapsody will only work in MTP Mode as with all Music devices. Make sure you don't see Drive letters (ie. E:, F:).

Hope this helps

thank you thank you thank you.....

I've been searching, unsuccessfully for three weeks on how to make this silly subscription work...

you ROCK

When I disable mass storage mode, the blackberry icons disappear so it is impossible to authorize or transfer anything.

What is going on?

Mass storage mode needs to be on, folks.

I got my Blackberry Storm. Love it! BUT the software cd is for PC only and the Vcast/Rhapsody is for PC only... C'mon! Let's get with the program!

Just a quick question if you have the V-Cast version of Rhapsody What are the songs formatted in. Are the songs coded so you can’t transfer them to you IPod or other devices? Or are the songs just streamed from Verizon and you don’t download the songs? If you cancel your subscription in a year does all your music that you have downloads stop working?


This is not making any sense. Everything I read about this service says I can download an unlimited number of songs and transfer all of them to my phone at no additional charge. Well, I have had no problem downloading any song that I want on my PC, but in order to transfer or burn it says "burn with purchase" and "transfer with purchase".

I also do not see my blackberry storm icon even when connected via USB!!

I have the app installed and the only way the icons (E: and F:) show up is when mass storage mode is connected.

Everybody is telling me to disable mass storage mode, and when I do, the icons disappear. So please tell me how to transfer music with mass storage mode on.

Thank you

you have to pay $14.99 per month for the songs on your pc and if you want them on your phone you need to pay 99 cents a song...thats waaaay too much money.

no thanks verizon.

If you could only download music liek you do with the computer transfering to device would be great. And I dont mean buying the songs and then downloading it. I mean download the DRM songs and just play them on phone. Instead of having to go back to computer then download it to computer then sync it to phone. Kinda funny that you can buy and download but you need to go back to comp if you dont want to buy the song just want to add it to 3 licensed devices lol.

If you could only download music liek you do with the computer transfering to device would be great. And I dont mean buying the songs and then downloading it. I mean download the DRM songs and just play them on phone. Instead of having to go back to computer then download it to computer then sync it to phone. Kinda funny that you can buy and download but you need to go back to comp if you dont want to buy the song just want to add it to 3 licensed devices lol.

I have a Storm and upgraded to the new operating system. Rhapsody on the Go no longer works. When Mass Storage Mode is disabled, the Rhapdosy software does see the device. When it is enabled, only purchased music can be transferred to the device. I've downgraded back to 4.7 and re-installed the new OS, but nothing changes. I'm at the point of either changing to a new phone, perhaps the Droid, or dumping the Rhapsody service. Anyone have any ideas or experience something similar?