uZard web browser for BlackBerry shows some promise

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2010 03:29 pm EDT
uZard Web Browser For BlackBerry Shows Some Promise

As BlackBerry users, the choices for browsers on our devices really are not that broad. Sure we have Opera Mini, we have Bolt and we have the built in BlackBerry browser. We could have had Skyfire but they suffered from failure to launch syndrom and have since moved on. While we know Webkit is in the works for our beloved devices we still have no indication as to when that may actually arrive. Many folks enjoy the options that are available and others simply just are looking for more.

As one of our forums moderators, Shao128 pointed out. We seemed to of have passed over another option. uZard is seemingly a beta browser for BlackBerry that offers a lot according to their website. Fast, desktop like experience with uploads and downloads of files included in the feature set. As well as on device conversion of flash videos. Having only tested it for a little while on my 9700 I can say it shows some promise but it may not meet the needs of all users. But, that's not to say it shouldn't be considered. Currently the site indicates it's available for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 but it does indeed run on other devices. Download, install and let us know what you think. It appears to have some issues on Storm devices so please, keep that in mind.

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uZard web browser for BlackBerry shows some promise


That its pretty sad that in todays day an age, an age where the browsers on competitors phones are blazing fast and incredibly rendered that we have to continue to rely on third party browsers.

Also the Webkit won't be available for everyone. the 9650 or newer might be the only ones to run it perfectly.

Sad very sad.

from my expericance of iphone and android browsers over 3G.. Blackberry wins hands down on page load times.

That's a very good point. All we keep hearing is iPhone this and Android that, but from people I've seen using the iPhone, yes, it is much more intuitive and better out of the box online (still no Flash). But I can't really say that it's a FASTER loading experience. Easier to navigate once the page is loaded? Maybe. But not faster. Especially given that iPhones are limited by the same overburdened AT & T network that I have with my 9700.

Tried downloading it to my Curve 8310 several times and it wouldn't work.

Also tried downloading it to desktop then transferring it and it still didn't work.

Guess I am stuck with the built in one.
Tried BOLT and didn't like it. I had to scroll to see everything and it had issues with me trying to fill in account names and passwords.


I had Bolt and happened to download Opera, definitely like Opera more. I don't think I'll be trying a 4th browser anytime soon.

Works well on my Bold 9000. Rendering of the web pages is almost perfect but flash video is very choppy (as expected). I REALLY don't like the fact that you can't completely close the application (back and menu keys don't do anything) the only way to exit once it's opened is with by pressing the red key thus letting it run in the background.
PS: you can zoom in/out via the volume up/down keys ;)

Looks really good. After 5 minutes of playing with it I'm very impressed. It might be the best one out there for now. The only drawback (at least for me) is that it needs a LOT of trackball travel. Scrolling across a big website is tiring but the shortcuts make it better :)

This ran ok but like u said trackball gets overworked, I don't dislike the native enough to use this browser

Only use the trackball to make fine adjustments - use the number keys (2=up, 8=down, etc.). It even works diagonally!

Then only use the trackball to position exactly within a field.

It really renders every site as it was intended. One of the trickiest sites does not work in any other BB browser except this one.

I'm loving it! Awesome addition to the browser arsenal. If you have a Bold 9000 you really have to try it, IMO

This is a great option for sites requiring flash. It will not replace my Opera due to the text input or lack of search function, but I am definitely not deleting it.

It doesn't matter about the exact date if u know it will be out soon and sure of it as Mick L said "Third Quarter" and if ur referring to a specific device then I rest my case :P

This browser is sick! I know, its beta and its not perfect but i like it a lot! Good UI, tabs, flash etc. Its a bit slow when u navigate but this is beta so what u expect? :) uZard Browser has great potential and i know it beat Bolt & OperaMini!

BTW/ Skyfire, u f*?# looser!

Ok so I went to Myspace and one of the ads was moving. I don't think it was a gif. I'm gonna have to do more testing. I think from this Crackberry post it's flooding their servers. The ad was very choppy, but there is definite promise here.


you dont need trackpad, just press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

Amazing but its lack of BIS support :(

When i try to open any site .. it says APN Not specified

and i dont know how to close the APP ? :)

the scrolling is crazy LOL ... very fast .. and in Options very slow

Go to Options (wrench/spanner icon)
APN settings enabled (CHECK)

under APN:*
and username for APN:*
and password for APN:*

All * above should be replaced with what your Internet Service Provider needs to make it work. I use Rogers, and it requires:
Password: WAP

But this will change between ISPs. Do a google search and you should find them easily.

Good luck!

Hulu works but very choppy. Either this company took over what Skyfire was trying to do on the BB, or they are going about it different. I don't know if this is Flash lite, or what, but it's definetally Flash!


Tested it browsing some facebook apps. Works great! Loads even farmville. Only downside is, at least in my opinion, that you can't really close it and you have to continue running uZard in the background.
Other than that, it looks really promising!

I was thinking the same thing... I kinda WISH it ran in the background until I could close it completely (manually) but it completely shuts down when I back all the way out.

While playing with it on my Storm (and failing to navigate) I found out if you use the volume buttons on the side of the phone you can control the zoom of the webpages...makes for easier reading


On their website they show a youtube video playing in what looks like an internal player. Once it tells me that it detects a video and asks if I would like to play it I choose "Yes". The problem is that the screen stays black. I was able to get audio 1 time with no video. Anyone have this option working?

The slowness of the mouse was getting on my nerves! Thanks to fdorr for posting that you can use the numbers to navigate around the page. Loads fast, pictures and sharp, I think I like it! Just farting around and trying to pull some different sites.

It can indeed run FB flash apps, very poorly, but it still worked! It reminds me of when I used to feed my daughter's Neopets on my old Sanyo in the early days of Operamini, LOL.

This browser has ALOT of promise! I"m using a 9700 and so far it does run FB apps. I went into Cafe' World and it seems to be working.
Right now I am using UMA (T-Mobile) at home so I'll have to test it "out in the field" using 3G.

Also, if you go into the tools (icon beside the address bar) you can adjust for mobile and desktop views, stop popups, adjust screen ratio, webpage width, etc. You can even enable and disable WiFi so this is absolutely great.

Personally, I like the upfront text entry feature. To me it makes entering text for websites easier because you can see what you're entering.

As mentioned above, since this is in beta, it's not perfect but when it is tweaked to run flash conversion (or Flash for mobile), it's gonna be great!

Fast page loading!
Clean and clear website rendering.

Zoom in/out makes for alot of touchpad scrolling
Based on your signal and speed, it may lose connection.
No option to fully close and exit browser.
Using features like mouse drag requires going into 'tools'.

As I said, this is beta so don't expect an all inclusive and easy experience. That's all for now, will continue to test it out!

• Space bar brings up context menu with "mouse drag" on it.
• Red 'End Call' button has completely exited the browser for me

I can see this becoming a good browser. The page rendering is really good and the controls are intuitive, but it is still a little rough. But a good effort.

I like this more than Opera Mini & Bolt, just wish they had the option to save user name & password for certain web sites. Super fast.

Thanks for the info on the browser. Its working pretty good on my 9650. I tried bolt and opera mini. Opera mini was unusable, the trackpad caused the eratic scrolling. Bolt didn't let me me click button. This new one seems to be working pretty good though.

Thanks for the info on the browser. Its working pretty good on my 9650. I tried bolt and opera mini. Opera mini was unusable, the trackpad caused the eratic scrolling. Bolt didn't let me me click button. This new one seems to be working pretty good though.

I downloaded it on my 9700 and couldn't get it to work. Promptly deleted it. But Farmville? Maybe even Scrabble on Facebook? Hmmmmmm...maybe I'll give it one more try.

I have ran into the same problem as other 83xx users. When I open the browser, it tells me that I am out of memory, to close out other programs and try again. No other apps were running and wasn't out of memory.

Oh well...

Not just a little but a whole heapin' mess 'o work.

Loaded it and almost immediately unloaded it.

Slow as hell. Too many errors. Completely non-intuitive

I checked on the Adobe site, it's coming up as the latest flash player. I've been geeking out on Farmville and Cafe World. I even played some Farkle. It's slow but if you click the spots you want to plow it reads it, just takes a few seconds to catch up. It's freaking awesome. I've also found you can have up to three tabs. This is still in beta, but I think this is gonna be one heck of a browser for the BB.

The video for me is very choppy and slow, and I haven't been able to get sound as of yet, but this is cool enough for now.


Just wanted to put that out there. I'm on a Sprint 9630 Blackberry Tour.

I'm gonna see if this works later on a Curve.


Hey!!! works great on 9630. It needs work but if they do it right I really dont care about BB new browser, I really really like this

Works fine on the 8530. I pulled up the flash browser game evony on my BB for the very time! If you allow a little time for the pages to load fully, it seems to work fantastic. If you don't, it comes off as sluggish with poor page rendering. This is staying on my device and I'll be following the progress as it gets more polished.

So i downloaded the uZard browser on my 8530 running
and it downloaded perfectly until i told it to run, then i got the clock for a few seconds (note this browser is supposed to be for the Bold 9000 so download it if you want to try it. I did...). So it loads up just fine and then thats it. it looks nice but it doesn't work. well the options work and all but the actual browsing is a bit challenging because it only works on WIFI and not over the cellular network. Otherwise its really an intuitive browser and has a great form flow (it uses the 2,4,6,8 panning method). (p.s. this post is incomplete as of now because i just DL'd it so i guess you could say this is my first impression so please comment and add as you see fit)

Looks like this browser has alot of potential. I have a Tour 9630 and I have limited functionality with the browser. It does not play flash video from Youtube or sites like CNN or MSNBC. It does load other websites and is extremely quick, even faster than Opera & Bolt. Hopefully they work out the kinks and make this a fully functional browser for all the current Blackberries.

This browser plays full flash just slow. And I've been running mine over 3G all day. The Tour does not have wifi.

Also, I've found you can run this in the background by using the app switcher (holding down the BB button) and going to the home icon, or which ever other one you want to see.

It's a great browser, can't wait to see updates. Hopefully before I go to Android. Lol. Damn, this is like BBs last "Don't go!!!"


This browser definitely is fast on my vzw tour. If only it would let me stay on facebook for more than 3 minutes before the error "[SOCKET ERROR] Disconnected. Try again later. (Socket closed by peer.)" popped up. It wouldn't be that bad if I didn't have to retype the username and password every time it happens. I did manage to load Farmville which was pretty awesome in itself. I will definitely be waiting for a better, updated version before I get rid of Bolt as my web browser though.

Ok I am loving this browser. I got excited at the idea that I could use the fb chat as well but got shot down because of the inability to just hit enter to send (it just bring up the text input window). With games like farmville and potfarm how to you move around your farm? I can't seem to figure out how to do the click and drag yet.

Once you're in the game, press BB symbol, then go to tools menu in upper left hand corner next to address bar and press touchpad, scroll down to Tools and select Mouse drag. Now you can move the page. Once done, press touchpad again to release. Unfortunately you have to repeat this process for each time you release the mouse drag....unless some else has figured out another shortcut.

Works like a charm on my 8520, with OS 5.509. Compared with Opera, Bolt and native browser, shows the best rendering, and is really fast doing it. Hope development keeps going on. Cheers.

EVERYTHING!! Scrolling across the page is slow, it's very unresponsive when trying to bring up menu or moving from option to option. Rendering sucks even on Wifi. Maybe it's because i"m on a 9700, but I think i'll stick with Bolt browser.

I get the sneaking suspicion we'll finally have a decent browser sometime in 2012.

Then, the world ends, and RIM has to start all over again.

I'm shocked that nobody discovered this browser earlier! It's really quite impressive for a beta project! Show's what's possible on the Blackberry platform with a little imagination. I would imagine the flash rendering is slow due to having to process the commands with the Java VM, but it's extremely promising and can only get better. The smooth scrolling is a wonderful treat compared to all other browsers currently available on Blackberry. Great job with this one guys, I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!

Well this is a waste of app space. Dl'ed it to my 9000 and it really does nothing. Entering web addresses is retarded, and even on WiFi it is as slow as hell. WORSE than BOLT!!!!!

Worse than bolt lol.. Wow apparently you haven't tried Bolt lately... It really has come along way. I do understand some people prefer opera. If you haven't tried bolt in a while just give it a shot you may be surprised:)

Tried it, kind of annoying that everything is menu driven, even entering a web address opens up a menu and then you have to hit ok to actually enter it rather than just typing in and hitting the enter key.

The browsing is slower than default on my 9700. And closing the application can not be done by hitting the menu key or the u-turn key, you have to use the end call button which would be a major pain if on att and browsing the web while in a call. Also the regular menu key basically is useless you have to move your pointer around and get to the built in application menu button.

It looks nice otherwise and it is in a beta if they get a few things fixed and working a bit better it could be nice but sadly enough that will probably be after the 6.0 release and be useless for me.

Works on my 9700 on wifi. It's nice, the page rendering is quite good! Like the interface, the scrolling and .. FLASH! :D. But it's really a beta, doesn't really function how it should yet..

but promising!

I have never been too fussed about the quality of even the BB browser, but dont like this one bit. Running on my 9700 its not a great experience. Even worse, I am yet to find an exit application option, so its been deleted already. For alternatives I will stick to Bolt and Opera for now if I feel the need.

Looks like another option with some potential, but at this point it is pretty buggy on my Storm.

Still holding out for OS6 and the Webkit browser.

First thing everyone needs to do is switch WiFi ON, since it defaults OFF. The page rendering on this thing is far better than both Opera and Bolt. Scrolling is easy--just use 2-4-6-8 to move and the trackpad to click. Handles drop down menus and even some Flash, how do you beat that?

I think this just became my non-mobile browser...

For a beta browser, it does pretty well. It definitely has some ways to go for working better (like adding the Exit menu option), but I was able to go to a flash website and fully control it. That was pretty kewl.

Yeah, I think a lot of people here are going to flash-heavy websites and expecting to run them like they do on a laptop. Be realistic here for what your device and data connection are capable of. When I enabled WiFi and ran it at home, it literally loads 400-600k pages almost as quickly as the BB browser loads mobile sites. That's absurd! I don't really care about being able to play Farmville on my phone. I just want to be able to visit all of the websites I would normally visit on a computer, and while this is a Beta version with surely a few bugs and hitches, it does seem to do that very well.

Also LOVE the use of the red END CALL button to fully exit the program. Why the hell don't all BB apps do that?

It's a bit slow but gets the job done. I was at the laundry yesterday fertilizing friend's farms and putting out dishes in cafe world. I also hit up Farkle for a while.

It can only get better. I'll be using this browser exclusivly until it's Evo time!!! Lol


i cant seem to get any audio when the flash is playing on any video. im running it on my 9700 bold w/ att. also when i choose to play a detected media file it will stay black and say stop or exit and thats it???? i dont get it. other than those 2 things its really great

Try it on my 9630 and doesn't work well at all. Very laboring and doesn't select. Stick with Bolt, best thing to date.

As a browser this application is very good for the Beta build. The Flash portion must be improved.
I'm on AT&T, and the Speedtest app never shows true download speed on my 9700. With uZard I was able to connect to the Flash-enabled and got 9.44 Mbps with WiFi off and 26.38 Mbps with WiFi on. Cool!.

Used it for about a day on my 8900 w/5.0. Have to say, it definitely shows some promise, though it has some work to do on the bugs. Pages load quickly and extremely clean/bright, but once you scroll to another part of the page, it takes a minute for it to show up.
Also, the mouse pointer gets a bit quirky at times, and extremely sensitive. Barely touching the trackball makes it move almost halfway across the screen, making it almost impossible to put it where you want.
Another problem is that you have to go through hoops & loops just to close it.
All in all, I am anticipating the next time it is updated.

Just finished downloading it and the page comes up and says "Due to the increase of users, the service could not be working properly sometimes. The service will be better sooner or later. Thank you."

Sooner or later?? That doesn't sound promising!!

Seems to be very slow...scrolling over to check out the icons at the bottom and I just get the "transferring arrows"! Can't get the trackball to move up to the url address to enter anything.

Don't think I'll be keeping this one on my Bold 9000. Thanx for letting us know about it though!

This one really sucks on my BOLD 9000.
Kept on getting socket error, where as other browsers able to work....

Trackball Navigation is not very responsive... kind of nightmarish.....

No menu option to EXIT??

It's not enough to replace Opera Mini or Bolt on my Bold 9000. When I tried streaming video, it asked me about loading the player, said it was disconnected, then played various frames. Navigation is a bit cumbersome to me as well. This one needs some refining.

One thing I notice from reading the comments, is that no matter of the OS seems the 8330 refuses to run this browser :(

This is the only browser I have come across that gives me full access to my novell groupwise (work email), I am finally able to view and send email! (employer currently is not pushing email to handheld devices). Love it.

cant get it to work on my 9700. I get an error message. (socket Error) disconnected, please try again later, APN is not specified

Hi, I can't wait till blackberries can play flash, so I hoped this would work on my storm but it doesn't. Guess I gotta keep waiting.

Last night I was amazed to find another browser with some comparison to the big bad bolt browser, most ov the comments excited my towards this browser,
Until I dl it, no doubt it looks grest. But it failed to work on my bold2 "socket error" is all it read on my 2g network, till I ran wifi... Ran like a boss ye..yea... Yeah! Until, it read socket error 2minutes later....
So guys ya'll need to do better.
I was willing so switch but I kyar do da, ya'll gotta better bolt fo mek me do da.

If you have a curve 8330 this browser will work on your phone and rather well other than the flash video is slow and choppy. All you have to do is actually close any other running programs going through the menu, close option. Just like that, no more out of memory message and it works well. Bolt is a little faster but uZard has many user friendly options. I like it. Give it a try for yourself and let's see if you have the same luck as me.