First Look: Using the Messages application on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

By Adam Zeis on 21 Feb 2012 12:01 pm EST

The BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software brings along some much-awaited apps like native Messages (email), Calendar and Contacts. The Messages app is a home for all of your accounts including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You now have one stop where you can check out all of your incoming messages, complete with LED and banner alert. The Messages app is easy to get running once you setup your accounts and everything is simple to navigate so you should have no issues figuring it all out. Check out the video above for a quick look at the Messages app and how it all works.

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First Look: Using the Messages application on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0


Swipe down from the top bezel and choose "Select" from the menu. Then check the boxes next to your messages and file, delete or mark read.

still doesnt let me mark 200 unread messages in one click .. like on my BB where i can select Mark Prior Open..

i know u can multitap to select a a few emails, but u are limited to what is on your screen. it won't allow you to scroll while holding the first email u want to delete..

The only thing i can get to work like this is to:

touch the first message, while holding down, touch the last message on the screen. It should select everything in between.

then you can let go with both fingers. Scroll and repeat as needed.

Too bad there isn't a "Select All" or "None" option.

Help this helps. Only 1276 emails to "read/select"


so after nearly a year we get this great messages suite, but no BES integration?! so now i've got all this wonderful software on my playbook that i can't use with my corporate email/contacts/calendar except through the existing bridge apps, which are no where near the functionality of the native ones. call me a touch disappointed.

Free trial of BB Fusion is available - see the press rele3ase from RIM, or do a gooogle search. This allows management of BB from the BES.

For me the messaging app is the best part of OS2 so far, and has transformed my play book use. its really cool seeing that little red led blinking too! Thanks for the video walk through, great stuff!

I don't know if everyone is on the cloud or what... it seems like the playbook downloads everything when it loads up the messages app. The one thing I can't figure out... how do you add the bcc field in an email...

Edit: Nvm... I'm an idiot and forgot about the swipe down menu at the top ROFL. Continue on folks... nothing to see here.

Hey Guys,

Anyone know how to force a lookup in the GAL? I have gmail and Exchange configured. But for some reason when I do a lookup of an email account with the Exchange email, it still looks at the internal address book and does not look at the GAL. HELP PLEASE.

Im having an issue setting up my yahoo address. in accounts it sets up yahoo to sync contacts and calendar but not emails... anybody knows how to get that working.

I'm having the same issue, it won't setup my Yahoo mail. It keeps giving me -

"Your Calendar and Contacts have already been added. At this time, the server is unavailable and your email account can't be added. Please try again later."

CrackBerry any word on this issue?

Is there a way to enable more folders for push based automatic sync (meaning other than Inbox, Outbox, and Sent Items)?

I have subfolders to my inbox. When e-mails come to Outlook, they are filed into the appropriate subfolder based on certain criteria. I can't see these e-mail on the Playbook native app without going into the folder and refreshing. On Android and Apple I get to choose which folders are push. Can I do this on the Playbook?

I just added on one of my account to see how the messages app works. Looks pretty good and I like it, but i would like to know if you could set it up for multiple users and not just multiple accounts?

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed there appears to be no portrait mode for the Messages app. It would be so much easier to type.

I'm having issues with my yahoo mail, it won't setup my Yahoo mail. It keeps giving me -

"Your Calendar and Contacts have already been added. At this time, the server is unavailable and your email account can't be added. Please try again later."

CrackBerry any word on this issue?

love the messages app!!so cool how both screens move in all directions. love the cool red border on the corner of the screen. u get all your messages from all your social sites all in one screen!!

How do you keep the images attached to the email message intact even when you're off-line. I tried on the settings to load images by default but once you go off-line, everything is lost likewise. You have to be connected to wi-fi to have those images viewable. May you pls let me know if there is other settings that I need to do to have that option? Otherwise, RIM needs to update the software to have that since most email clients have that and you're truly productive even offline browsing emails while on non-wifi area. Thanks.

Set up the messages with my email accounts. Have the settings set to Leave email on Server, but when you delete an email on the Playbook, it deletes from the server.

WTF?!?!?!? Just lost 3 emails from clients and probably the money that I'd have made from them. Disabling the messages function now.

I feel duped by RIM- the Android player everybody thought we were gonna get- we DIDN'T get and what's more...there aren't ANY decent Android apps in app world they all suck! I thought we were gonna get the Android that ACTUALLY plays ANDROID and we can open and download Android apps from the Android Market but NOPE! There isn't ANY IM Apps still- Skype, Yahoo Messenger, OoVoO or anything just the sucky video app that belongs to RIM and which I can't use cause nobody I know has a PlayBook! Then there's the books, I'm going to college and Kobo doens't have crap of the ones I need so I figured with Android we would get Amazon, Kindle, etc... NOPE! Not even a decent Navigation App... we didn't get anything, as far as I can tell we got duped...again! I've been so caught up in the bridge remote that the more I've been thinking about it the more I get pissed. Another thing the email didn't work for me either, it won't let me setup Yahoo Mail! So still, what can I use my PlayBook for...surfing the web! TOTALLY USELESS!!!

I'm hoping my late reply finds your questions were resolved, but if not here's my comment:

Daily I check a few sites that carry the .bar files needed to side-load Android apps onto the Playbook, I have Kindle and quite a few others that I have enjoyed for quite some time on my other devices.

I would like to say, not having full access to the Android Market actually doesn't bother me, have you been on there lately??? Trying to find good quality apps, other than the big names is very hard and confusing.

I enjoy finding apps here and there for my Playbook, and I actually use my PB for things other than hunting down the latest coolest apps. Too many people have PB's, iPads, Galaxay tabs and such and spend more time looking for apps than they do spending productive time getting things done like studying and working.

OK, have to go finish researching for a thesis that's 1 1/2 years behind schedule LOL LOL. Yes, I was one of the app hounds.

Wow, there is no way to mark all messages as read. After the initial setup I have thousands of messages that I would like to quickly mark as read.

Is there a way to permanently remove emails from the PlayBook even after I delete them they still show up in the search function

Messages app appears woefully inadequate. I installed both my emails (pop3 and gmail). Neither one gives me access to any of my sub-folders, where I keep all my important stuff. So what's the use of it when I have to go into gmail to acces important stuff or even to file new emails. Am I doing something wrong, and if so, why is the proper way anything but obvious?

i'm using Outlook and it won't stay connected on the PB..message keeps coming up that server is not connected and i have to keep re-adding my email accounts...any one else having this company does not use an exchange server...

It seems no one has this problem or the playbook users have learned to live with it.

My playbook is no more than an expensive toy where I can't even have my mails consistently available.

Once again I list my issue for you.

1. I am on bb enterprise solution ln my blackberry
2. On my playbook I have configured my mail using the native mail client and configured it in exchange mode.

Here's my problem ( being rewritten maybe for the 5th time to the blackberry support team.

1. My subfolder mails do not come automatically I need to go to each folder and manually pull my mails ( i have more than 15 folders). Therefore it means every time I open my play book I need to go to each folder and manually sync. Does blackberry really opine that this is the way the user of playbook should be retrieving their mails????
2. Every time I start play book and connect to any available wifi connection, my mail box is empty.
Now if I go and try to sync I will get (or may not even) get all my mails. I therefore cannot bank on using my playbook to either read my mail or reply.

I'm getting a lot of spam from my yahoo/rogers account in Canada here. I'm just wondering if there is some of preventing the playbook from downloading emails that yahoo/rogers system is clearly labelling spam. it doesn't seem to be a problem on gmail.