Using an iPhone isn't as easy as it looks - Just ask Obama

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2012 11:44 am EDT

Obama BlackBerry

President Barack Obama has always been high on our celebrity BlackBerry user lists. A long time BlackBerry owner, Mr. Obama has never really tested out the waters for another platform (as far as we know). While out on the campaign trail this weekend, Obama actually ran into a bit of trouble when trying to place a call from an unfamiliar iPhone. According to the Washington Times, President Obama was supposed to call some workers with a quick thank you. He was handed an iPhone, but couldn't quite manage to dial out. After some initial confusion Mr. Obama said "Oh, I got to dial it in. Hold on, hold on. I can do this. See, I still have a BlackBerry." This just goes to show that a BlackBerry is definitely still the best choice of phone for the President. I'd bet that he'll be picking up a new BlackBerry 10 device too so he can just get things done. I'm thinking he's a full QWERTY guy.  

Source: Washington Times 

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Using an iPhone isn't as easy as it looks - Just ask Obama


WTF is murst??? Do you have anything good to say in the article? No? I didn't think so....

Anyways, it's true, the iphone isn't the best phone for people to use for the first time...

Still sulking and being a miserable pr**k arent you. You troll all day waiting for a new article and pounce on people having fun with it. You're angry and pathetic.
Thanks for your wisdom and point of view on this article. Feel free to type your own idea's sometime.

Still sulking? From what? I'm far from angry and pathetic. But if that's how you perceive me, so be it.

It's one thing to say "First" but "Murst" What is murst? A bunch of giberish... That's what gets me, and the fact that the guy didn't even comment on the actual article... he's the one jumping on an article just to say something like murst without a word in about the actual article.

WTF is Murst? why don;t you write in english for god sake. It is annoying when people try to write gibrish and think they are cool!

You know what else is an internet fad? Using +1. You do it too. I'm barely on here, but whenever I am I see your pathetic insults you write from behind your computer.
Who cares what people write, it's fun, and it shows that people like to read the articles quickly and there's lots of fans.
But I still have no clue what the heck Murst means, lol

I would argue that "+1" actually contributes something since it's just shorthand for saying you agree with the statement, whereas "murst" is just a sad commentary on society today

RIM wake up and use President Obama in your ads!!

Come On!!! I really hope the Marketing Dept. at RIM is paying attention.

Unless those that didn't vote for him then don't want the phone because of him. I could see some people being that way.

I've always said this. But the time to use the President has passed. When he was campaigning four years ago and made a big deal about not giving up his Blackberry, that was the time to use him. But again, RIM dropped the ball.

Articles like this make me want to stop reading CrackBerry. A fun little tidbit, yes, but basically useless.

You guys post so many non-news articles, it's bordering ridiculous. I know you get paid based on views and clicks, but sometimes a day passes and there just isn't legitimate BlackBerry news. In that case, did you ever consider not posting?

Don't bother responding, I'm done venting.

Like you said, its a fun little tidbit. Thats it. I mean its only one paragraph. I dont think they were trying to make it "news"

Don't bother posting again, we are done listening to you.
I personally enjoy these litle articles just as much as the big news articles because they let me give me a laugh throughout my day at work.
I must have missed the memo about the internet no longer being available for entertainment.

Your post is utterly useless and your 2 cents are surely considered worthless here. If the Washington Post can post this article why can't a site devoted to everything BlackBerry? If you even decided to put your 2 cents on the positive you could see the underlying story here is that BlackBerry is just that much easier to use. This is interesting even on the a slow news day because it goes to show that iPhone, while beautifully designed isn't the greatest tool to get things done if the POTUS can't seem to get it right on the first try and I'd reckon he's one smart fella!

Just because you're president it doesn't mean you're smart ie: George Bush. I know what you're saying though. Obama seems like a pretty smart guy.

It was the American's that voted him in...anyhow, you can't use that as an example comparing Presidential smarts of Bush to Obama. Obama is waaaay above that idiot Texan!

I agree with you. It's similar to comparing the intelligence of a dolphin with a sun fish. I was just saying that you don't have to be too smart to become president.

I'm thinking the latter, he sorta looks like the one that can't speak "Austrian language", just a wild crazy out there guess... :) lol

Have you ever looked at the delirious shows of fanboyism in other 'cult' websites?

CrackBerry looks mild compared to them.

Also, you should know that CB is run by aficionados who in time are becoming serious Tech journalists. ;-)

This just proves he's an idiot! I kid you not when I tell you that my 86 year old grandmother picked up my sons iPhone and was using it like a pro within a minute. She had never used a mobile phone prior to that.

Actually, I think the two of you are idiots. Did you read the article? He wasn't given minutes to figure out how to get to the dial pad. With a BlackBerry, you just dial the number and that's what he's used to. No need to figure out how to launch the F-ing dial pad. At least the President of the United States has a phone that's made in North America. While Americans are suffering from lack of jobs, those same people suffering support those who export their jobs to Asia.

No, no, you have it wrong: the "i" in iPhone/iPad/iPod stands for "idiot" such as idiotPhone/idiotPad etc. since there are designed for use by idiots. Now the person who gave the President of the USA an "i"Phone is clearly an idiot for having one in the first place, but do you really want to associate your grandmother with a device designed for the feebly minded.

When you have been a Blackberry user as long as Mr Obama has, you will obviously have some problems with the latest technology! :)

Sorry but, this isn't really good news, as you quoted he said "I'm STILL using a Blackberry" as in, a Blackberry is old news and he needs to update to an iphone. It wasn't like he said "This is much easier on my Blackberry" or even just "I use a Blackberry"


Obama is *apologizing* to his staff for "still using a Backberry". How is that, in any way, a comment on how easy or not it is to use an iPhone? He would have had the same problem if he was a [insert any phone model or OS you can name] user and given any new device model/OS to use, even a Blackberry.

This post emphasizes the shift here at Crackberry from objective Blackberry news site to clinging-to-anything, unapologetically biased, fanboi site.

Combine this post with the "Could Blackberry 10 be the first 4G phone in the UK" and other examples of made up pro-Blackberry "news" and you have a real slip in the quality of editorial content that once attracted those of us who subscribe to Crackberry and read it every day.

Come on Crackberry... we expect more from a quality site.

By stating he still uses a BlackBerry he is really saying he hasn't seen any phone good enough to make him give up his BlackBerry. Not the iPhone, not the Galaxy S III, not the Lumia 920.

its funny i remember the day when they got all upset about it not being secure enough so they had to custom make him a special 1 time BlackBerry issued device.

I thinking trying to pass this for good news is a bit of a stretch...
Hey, I love my 9900, but when someone says "...I STILL have a Blackberry...", I don't believe that is a comment towards RIM. It sounds more like Obama is a little embarrassed, for not being up to date with current smartphone technology, and adaptation of full touch screen devices.

Yeah, I picked up on that too. He makes it sound like he's waiting for something better. Hardly a win for RIM here.

Yup, was going to say the same thing. Glad to see there are still people out there with comprehension skills.

Hmm, he probably wants to keep using his blackberry. Blackberry 10 is going to be kick ass when he has it. :D

Amen! A losing proposition all the way around. If they do use it they can call it the "tax your a$$ til you die" company.

It is actually a smart thing for them to stay out of American politics altogether. Keeping mum on this is probably the best idea. If they show a preference one way or the other, it could really affect them. Look at everyone who instantly calls for boycotts the moment they see something they don't agree with.

Letting my politics and loyalty show.

Showing him using a BB is enough for me to look at an android, but my loyalty to the best brand is keeping me here.

Wasn't it BlackBerry that was the only platform capable of being secure enough for the president of the United States of America?

Besides, if he had switched to an iPhone, all his user information would be in the hands of AntiSec courtesy of the FBI.

Secure BlackBerry FTW!

Keep using the BlackBerry, Mr. President! You won't be disappointed.

Yeahhh except he said it in a negative light by using the word "still". Like "oh, gee, I still have this archaic blackberry device, and not one of these newer cooler iphones..."

Love my BB, but just saying..

Letting my politics show too on a forum. The fact that Obama uses a Blackberry just makes me want to use one even more. Any scoop on what Romney is holding?

Romney uses the cheapest htc phone because he likes to give business to his chinese friends. I bet you he did not pay any taxes for the phone.

It could seem like he was dissing RIM, but it could be a positive form too. Saying "I still use a BlackBerry." If he added in " I still would use a BlackBerry" or I would still use a BlackBerry" means that his chosen device IS a BlackBerry because it gets him to do things he Needs to do like call up to say Thank You. It's a good feeling to know that the President uses a BlackBerry. That's a Big thing.

Everybody lighten-up, "I still have a BlackBerry" was a spur of the moment response to a potentially embarrassing situation and it was a very factual statement. If he (Obama) were to analyse the possible significance of every word he was about to speak, I'm sure he would develop a stutter. We should be happy that after four years in office he "still" prefers his BlackBerry.

i wonder what other things in life you make up to make yourself feel better about using an archaic blackberry...first the idiotphone and now this. And before you say I am doing the same, please note that BBOS is archaic, thats a much so that even RIM is dumping it and starting fresh with BB10.

By saying he still uses it, probably he is still using the same BlackBerry® from 4 years ago.

That is something nerds cannot understand. DURABLE AND RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY.

Why would you need a quad core mobile handset with the coolest app-lulz, if all phones are STILL sending text, email, and calls almost at the same speed?

Maybe when mobile phones are capable of quantum messaging, we'll be ready to ditch this, again, reliable and durable technology.


maybe you should be preaching that to RIM... because that is EXACTLY how they think they are going to save their company.

Maybe you should rethink what you just said. BlackBerry 10 AND BlackBerry 7 are going to be supported for many years to come.

"he'll be picking up a new BlackBerry 10 device too so he can just get things done"

Isn't it time the Crackberry Editors grow up and stop making such trollish comments? No wonder your forums are filled with trolls, cuz you guys are ones perpetuating this kind of non-sense.

Isn't it time you left here and stopped accusing the blog and forum admins, including the moderators, as trolls? You're asking for one of them to poke you right up where the sun don't ever shine and where it smells AWFUL.

Please, just STOP!! Before I stick my pin up there... LOL

maybe he should pull a Romney by buying plants and companies and either shutting them down for a profit or outsource to other countries. Hmm. Guess where iPhones are made? NOT in the USA! Tell that to anyone owning an iPhone and out of work. I'm sure Romney is proud of that. "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt". Remember that or is your memory spotty like your post?

Doesn't he have an iPad?
But yea, I can see the confusion. With a Bb you just start typinging the number, with iphone you need to first load the dial pad

Man, almost afraid to post my little blurb, I may get my head handed to me, all these angry people sniping at each other for the smallest things, feels like a war zone sometimes. So, even though I completely disagree with Mr. Obama on almost everything else, at least this is one thing we have in common, a love for the Blackberry. I completely understand fumbling around with the iPhone especially if it's unfamiliar to you. Kind of mean for the media to portray him as being dumb or out of touch simply because he is unfamiliar with a specific phone's interface. I've done the same thing, and I don't consider myself out of touch or totally dumb. (maybe a little, but not that bad...) I most certainly would not want to talk politics with him at all, but if he wanted to talk Blackberries with me, I'd shake his hand, smile, and oblige.

I've seen all the Crackberry articles insinuating that Obama only uses Blackberry fact is thats stretching the truth he always had an iPhone but anyway to continue the article "A volunteer called out, "I'll give you my phone, call my wife."
"I'll call her and tell her that you're messing around here in the office, giving the president …." Mr. Obama said, his voice trailing off.
Someone handed him another iPhone. He successfully dialed the volunteer this time, but the man didn't answer. Mr. Obama left a message. He eventually reached both volunteers, although one of them apparently didn't believe it was the president calling.
"I just want to point out, this volunteering is not as easy as it looks," Mr. Obama said."

well , weasting few seconds on dial a number by Iphone more easier than waiting Blackberry "watch" to disappear from the screen

Do you even have a blackberry? If you do, reload the OS from scratch and only restore what you need. Be it BIS data, calendar, BBM, contacts, you know. Skip everything else, install only the apps YOU ACTUALLY USE... And it'll be fast again.

The secret service didn't want to let the president carry any cell phone at all. He had to insist, and then they had to work with RIM to beef up the security before they would let him have it.

So it would be a big pain (and cost) for him to switch platforms, especially to an iPhone or Android where the "security" is a joke.

Well, iPhone use is simple, but it is different from Blackberry one. And of course, there will be some problems in figuring our how it works!
I'm one of Intellectsoft team of app developers!

So, are the comments on this website for arguing and bickering, or adult conversation about the topics posted here?

You might notice some of the worst trolls have gone quiet. CrackBerry doesn't tolerate trolls or troll-harassers.