Using fonts, colors and formatting on the BlackBerry Playbook

By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2012 03:29 pm EST

There are plenty of great new features in the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software, one of which is the Rich Text editor in the Messages app. Gone are the days of plain text emails; now you can bold, center and color your way to email greatness. The editor lets you format your text in numerous ways and really adds a lot to the new Messages application. You can choose formatting (bold, italic, plain) alignment, color, font style, size, indent and much more. While I'm not one for crazy rich text emails, I'm still happy to see such a featured editor within the Messages app. Hit the video above for a look at the new features and how to use them.



I wish the overall OS had half the customization that the email client has...


excepting typing is so slow on any touchscreen's not incredibly useful to format them when it's so bloody slow that it will take forever....

RIM needs to think before adding in features...don't just throw in whatever cheap features that are feasible and ignore the useful ones...or don't bother making those cheap features into useful ones...

The new features are just chaotic...there's no design intelligence in the's like a bunch of things being thrown together...RIM is so far behind now, I have no faith in them anymore; if they don't do something amazing with BB10, something that is exclusive, innovative and useful then I'm pretty sure it's bye bye BlackBerry for me...


Yikes - fancy text formatting in e-mails always irks me. Who wants to add bloat to your messages? That being said, glad the functionality is there for those who want it.


Ok but I'd rather see ability to edit bookmarks rather than to color my email text.


I want font size adjustments in the BBM bridge app.


@JackKennedy- You are such a winer! OS 2.0 is so much better than before. Sure it still needs work but RIM isn't like Android where only some phones or some tablets get the updates. There are still many more updates to come and I'm so excited for what new updates come.

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+1000 agree .... Playbook 2.0 is fantastic and more improvements will continue to enhance the overall experience of Playbook and also of those with RIM phones!


Hey Adam,

I like it, I really like it. I love to type in colours, different backgrounds and large fonts!! So, for those of us who want to be creative, this is perfect.


- CB


NOW to be able to change fonts in DOCUMENTS?