Using Dropbox on BlackBerry 10

Easily integrate Dropbox on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10!

Dropbox BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 18 Feb 2013 12:31 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 offers some awesome Dropbox integration on devices. By connecting your Dropbox account, you can use the built-in file manager to browse and open all of your Dropbox files, right on your BlackBerry 10 device. 

This means that all of your Dropbox files are readily accessible right on your phone including music, movies, photos and documents. You can easily transfer items back and forth, and if you connect Dropbox to your computer, have a simple file transfer solution.

All of your folders and files will be localized on your BlackBerry 10 device so you can seamlessly use Dropbox right on your phone to manage all of your Dropbox files on the go. 

The integration is pretty awesome and once you're set up you won't have to touch anything. All of your Dropbox items are kept in sync with your device and you can manage them from either end.

Keep reading for more on how to use Dropbox with BlackBerry 10.

Setting up

For the initial setup, fire up the Connect to Dropbox app on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

Here you simply enter your credentials and verify the connection (after choosing a new or existing account).

Wait a few minutes and your files will populate on your device.

Dropbox BlackBerry 10  Dropbox BlackBerry 10

  • To view and manage your Dropbox files from your phone you can use the native BlackBerry 10 file manager. Open File Manager, then swipe right for the navigation menu.
  • Tap Dropbox

Dropbox BlackBerry 10  Dropbox BlackBerry 10

Here you will see all of your connected Dropbox files and folders. You can manage any of these files the same as if they were stored locally on your device. 

The integration here is as good as it gets. You can view and manage all of your Dropbox items with no problem. Copy/move items, save to Dropbox folders, share files from Dropbox and much more.

Connecting to a computer

Dropbox BlackBerry 10

To kick things up the extra notch you can connect Dropbox to your computer as well making for easy phone to computer transfers. Yes, you can also use WiFi file transfer for this as well.

To connect Dropbox to your computer, just download the compatible app here.

Once installed and connected, you'll see all of your Dropbox folders listed just the same as on your device. If you feel like it you can even make a dedicated Transfer folder (as I've done) that solely acts as a go-between for moving files.  

Overall there really isn't anything bad to say about the Dropbox integration on BlackBerry 10. The integration is flawless and as of now, the only thing we'd like to see it automatic uploads like Box for photos and videos. It's just something that really needs to be there. (that should be coming soon however). 

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Reader comments

Using Dropbox on BlackBerry 10


First :-D
Its great to have it on BB10, but doesn't works that well as it does on Android or IOS. i mean if i want to scroll through my pictures on drop box, i can only view one at a time which it takes 2-3 seconds to download. It definitely needs a lot of improvement.

Folder synchronization is in devel on PlayCloud 10. The application is available in the BlackBerry World (free and paid).
I wait my device to complete and release this feature.

It's really a shame that blackberry has fallen so far behind that when apps are released for the new os they don't work as well as on other platforms that have had it for a while. Even during the short time I owned a bb (storm9530) almost every app was okay. Never could I say it was better or just as good. Email push and security aren't going to bring them back to even number three here in the us.

Not sure how you can say this doesn't work well unless you are a crazy involved Dropbox user. Plus it's not an app - it's built in to the OS which makes it even awesomer. 

But i do not see how it is more different than the one on Android. Ive been using drop box on HTC 1X and note 2, where i could share and access dropbox from literally evry app, more fluidly then in BB10.

It's a Dropbox... what more could it do that it's not doing today that could be better than iOS or Android? Make you bacon and eggs?

I'm a heavy Dropbox user and the native BB10 integration is absolutely seamless and awesome. I can't think of anything I'd more I'd want it to do.

I am happy to say that I am a big BlackBerry fan. Good thing come to those who are patient. We have the best hardware. The rest is just a mater of time. Build it and they will come.

Does this allow real-time playback for audio and video files? Well, maybe video is pushing it, but at least audio? I know Files & Folders recently brought that functionality to their PlayBook app for files accessed via Dropbox.

Perhaps the article could have touched on what "Pin to DropBox" does??? I personally love the DropBox integration, although I am hoping that future updates allow for automatic upload of photos and videos (to specified folders and not just to some arbitrary location). I would also like to see a few more settings to allow DropBox sync folders to be designated to sdcard. Currently it defaults to the device with no option to select scdard.

The weird thing is that until two days ago, I had the option to "share to" videos directly to DropBox. But yesterday that feature disappeared for some reason. I think this may have to do with the update to the connect to dropbox app that happened the day before yesterday. Anyone else has this problem or know how to fix it?

I love the deep integration of Dropbox on the Z10. It works great and at a much deeper level that the Dropbox app on Android or iOS. It behaves more like the PC version, with the Dropbox folder just being another directory. (Albeit one not on the local device, in the case of BlackBerry 10.)

It will be great if they enable Camera Uploading, though I'd suggest that they do it from within Camera app. If you could select the destination folder from in it, it would make adding features to the Dropbox functionality unnecessary.

I've had the Z10 for just over a week now. It's great, and the way it handles Dropbox and Box is just one part of what I like so much about it.

I just read this and the dropbox post. What is the difference between the two? Is either one better? Which one should I get (lots of pictures, want to sync music from computer)?

When connected, do files in the Dropbox account automatically download to the device, or must they be selected? I have a lot on my Dropbox, probably too much, and don't feel the need to have them auto-sync'ed to the phone, taking up precious space.

It's confusing to me, I'd never taken or downloaded any video with the Z10, yet after connecting to Dropbox, it seemed to be eating up a couple GB of my storage overall, and appeared to be storing pictures and video directly to the phone.

Anyway, I managed to freeze up the phone in File Manager switching between Box, Dropbox and Device storage. Restarted the Hub (5 swipe salute), now have no videos directly on the device, as I expected -- but can still view them in their appropriate slots in File Manager. Dropbox still claims it's 'synched' though. So I'm not sure what I did. Probably user error (maybe expensive if I wasn't on wi-fi.)

Unfortunately it does not automatically syncronise. To push anything to dropbox you need to go through the painfull process: open dropbox > select folder > select items > select share > select dropbox > select target folder. Pffff. It is absolutely awfull.

Adam, I own a 100GB DropBox account. I have the app in my BB Strom, so there is no way to have access to all 100GB on the device without internet.
My question is: In BB Z10 can I choose an specific amount of GB store on the device. Like use my Music folder as permanents files, so I don't have to worry about the sync.

Hi Adam and all,
Please advise how to move a dropbox file from dropbox on z10 over to the 'device'. Also, I cant find a search function with the native dropbox on my z10. is there a setting somewhere? Sadly, it actually worked much better on my iphnoe 4s..... Also, should I install an SD card? Does that allow for better options of saving files for instant retrival? I am using the 'remember me' option for saving some files, but I prefer to be able to save some directly onto the phone screen itself. Thanks for the feedback!

Adam Zeis, I own the Z10.
What I want is put the files on the SD card. Is that possible?
I have a 100 GB DropBox account. I know is not possible have all that in the device, but some files. Like my music.