Using a device password on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2013 02:47 pm EST

When I got my first BlackBerry way back when, I didn't care so much about keeping it locked with a password. As time went on however, I realized the importance of doing just that. On my Bold 9900 I used one of many pattern lock apps as it gave me a quick and easy way to secure my device without having to type in a password each time.

On BlackBerry 10, currently the only option is using a device password to keep things safe. I do find it a bit cumbersome at the moment, as you still have to swipe up the screen (or tap the lock button) then enter your password on the virtual keyboard. I think that having the option for a PIN or pattern lock would be much better suited for the BlackBerry Z10. Anyway - if you're looking to lock your device with a password, keep reading and we'll show you how.

  • To set the device password, tap the Settings icon, then Security and PrivacyDevice Password
  • Toggle Device Password on and enter a password
  • Choose how long to after the screen dims to lock the device. Press back to save

  • To unlock your device from sleep, swipe up on the screen or tap the lock button
  • Enter your password to unlock the device

As you can see, using a password on the Z10 is a bit ugly, but it gets the job done. You should keep your device locked with password - trust us on that one. 

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Using a device password on BlackBerry 10


Hopefully they will soon allow us to put a pin or pattern in to unlock the phone as this would definitely make me put a password on my phone.

^ This +1

Android's pattern-lock is brilliant, as is the quick-PIN keypads on WP and iOS. Having to type a full password on a small keyboard is more secure, but it's also hard to do quickly and accurately.

RIM really ought to give people the choice of numeric PIN, password and (if it's not patent-encumbered) pattern unlock.

BlackBerry won't supply a pattern unlock. It's too easy to bypass by looking at the fingerprints/skin oil left behind and then brute-forcing.

I liked pattern lock on my 9810 but soon realized that someone could follow your fingers path and figure out your password pretty easy.

This is what is needed. A large 4x4 grid, with 0-9 and A-F would be easier to use and would provide more than enough combinations. The regular Z10 keyboard is not well suited to fast password entry.

I sometimes wonder whether some of these gaps are deliberate, so that developers will build an app to solve the problem.

Too bad you can't immediately lock the Z10 like you can other platforms. The shortest time is 1 minute. That means, when you "lock" your device, you can still swipe up without getting prompted to enter your password. I want immediately as an option not 1 minute as the minimum. Not overlay secure on something so simple as passwords.

You can hold the power button for a second until the lock screen shows up and then tap the lock icon to lock "immediately"

Using a holster an option for you?
It seams you can set it to lock immediately when put in a holster (or another pouch with a magnet, I guess).

Just found this myself to immediately lock the Z10. All you need to do is to hold the power button at the top and the select "lock" at the bottom of the screen.n
I am also hoping that BlackBerry will introduce some enhancements to the password unlock process.

hi t u all what sort of a friends do u all have ??? that u all need all of these pass lockes on your PHONES thank haven all my friends i can TRUST yours milan123

What if your phone is lost or stolen? Also, most enterprises require password locks on mobile devices for security.

I thought I read somewhere that there were supposed to be different ways to lock and unlock the phone. That was before it came out though. But they do hold patent on some pattern unlock

Its a general rule of thumb to keep your phone passcode locked. Why? because you're significant other will get ideas in their head when they go through your BB

It's so easy to shoulder surf the password on that type of lock it's essentially useless as a security feature.

I haven't used a gesture pattern codelock a la Android, but I have friends who have them, and I know their swipes after watching a couple times. Personally I feel that kind of codelock is pretty weak. It's a PITA (pain in the asterisk) to use the keyboard code at first, but I got used to it and it's pretty automatic now. BTW, I'm on BES and have a LOT of sensitive client info on my BB. Thought we now have multi-device BYOD, I wouldn't trust any other device with that kind of data.

They should have like a some sort of wearable ring or bracelet/watch with an NFC chip with the code embeded on it.

The moment you pick up your phone, it automatically unlocks it. The moment the NFC in your ring, wrist watch/bracelet is moved away from the phone it automatically locks it.

That is a great idea that I'm sure people have probably thought about (I know it's implemented somehow in super secure places using an ID chip pretty much to access highly secured data on devices). I think the only problem they see is that if you accidentally lose said ring, bracelet, or watch, or something happens to the hand you usually wear it on, then your device could become permanently locked.

Personally, what I'd like to see is an NFC / Bluetooth lock with a pin-based bi-pass if said NFC / Bluetooth item is not in range. I say Bluetooth because I look at it like this. There are 2-3 items that most people never leave the house without in this day an age: cell phone, keys, and wallet. If there were a little bluetooth chip inside one of my primary keys or on my primary key ring that would make my phone buzz when I got out of range, it would mean never forgetting my keys at home. This would also make it so that as long as I have both my keys and my phone on my person, the handset never fully locks. If the phone is stolen and taken out of range of Bluetooth, it locks and is unusable unless the thief can figure out my pin code within x number of tries. If my keys are stolen or go missing, I still have access to the device because of knowledge of that pin code, and I can either pair it with a new "key" or wait until I find my keys again.

Just a thought: you could do a "pattern" on the keyboard. Not exactly a "swipe" lock but close. With the keyboard being smaller probably not as easy for people to watch your pattern either.

Could NFC tags be used to unlock? I was browsing through the Shop today and saw Samsung's TecTags on sale and got me thinking...

I have app lock side loaded but it locks only 3rd party apps and uninstalling apps in other words its very limited as to what one can lock. I need to lock media and really hope someone will dev an all inclusive app. I also emailed tafasa.