Using Device Monitor with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By DJ Reyes on 2 Mar 2014 06:33 am EST

A really neat and useful feature that has been added to the BlackBerry 10 platform is Device Monitor. We saw it emerge in BlackBerry 10.2 but it wasn't really useful until OS 10.2.1. It allows you to take a deeper look at your usage and monitor which apps are using the most battery life as well as resources. What is great about Device Monitor is that it is built in. No longer do you need a third party app do get this information.

A shortcut to Device Monitor can be enabled in the Quick Settings menu so you can quickly access it. Otherwise, you can find it in Settings>App Manager>Device Monitor.

Upon launching the app you get taken to the battery section where you can see a quick glance at your battery usage, since its last charge, in a graph chart. It also tells you how much battery life is left. Below the graph chart is a list of the apps that are using up the most battery life, with the one using the most at the top of the list. You can change the view of the details to show usage in the last 12, 24 or 48 hours, too. Just use the dropdown menu found the top corner of Device Monitor. When charging, no app details appear in the battery section, only your charging status.

Device Monitor Battery Status

Device Monitor doesn't just show you your battery usage though - you can also see the status of your CPU, Memory and Storage - just use the tabs across the top. Again, you'll see a chart (Memory and Storage) for a quick overview. Within each section you can tap into an app to see more information. Such as app version and developer details, as well as file size. You're also presented with more charts showing that particular app's battery usage - CPU usage, memory usage, mobile data usage and Wi-FI usage. So you can really see how much resource a specific app is using. Handy when you want to narrow down an issue you're having.

Device Monitor App View  Device Monitor App View

When in app information view, you also have options to delete the app or close it. Close it will shutdown all processes of the app.

Device Monitor is definitely a feature I recommend using, most especially when you're having some issues. It helps to narrow down the cause of the problem. When you have Device Monitor added to your Quick Settings menu, you can see the battery percentage from there too, also handy sometimes.

Device Monitor CPU Status  Device Monitor Quick Settings Battery status

If you haven't tried out Device Monitor yet, it's definitely something you should check out today. Visit our BlackBerry 10 Help section for more tips, tricks and how-to's. You can also check out our complete guide to BlackBerry 10.2.1

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Using Device Monitor with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


If only it was available in the US... T-Mobile is still on 10.1 lol

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Bummer looks cooler with the dark theme lol! I want!!!! Bring the dark theme for the entire OS BlackBerry!

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Could the issue be that you're not using the appropriate power adapter plugged into the outlet? I use bedside all the time and even when my phone has been completely dead.....the next morning it's good to go at 100%

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@wolf... The charger came with the phone and in the morning it never is at 100%,anywhere from 96% and up,I noticed BB travel is eating juice I'll delete it and see what happens,thanks.

Strange... I always use bedside mode and it always charges to 100%.... really no problems, ever.

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Yeah, me too. Bedside every night from quick settings menu, and plug in to the charger that came with the phone. 100% every morning.

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I have my Verizon Z30 on bedside on a Tylt wireless charger every night and it charges to 100% about half the time, otherwise it goes to 96% and up also

I use the bedside mode every night, but I also use the PlayBook charger with my BlackBerry. 100% and lasts from 6a-8p.


I use Bedside mode every night and I get 100% charge when the alarm on my Z30 wakes me up.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30

Use the Device Manger to see what apps are using battery overnight. You can take before and after screen shots to compare. most likely, something is running actively so that you don't get to 100%.

@flacrack...It's seems to be ok but still weird as when I open the phone in the morning and it is still plugged in to the wall charger it reads 96%,then when I plug it into my computer a minute later it reads 100%,no big deal I guess.

I've had no issues with both Z10 and Z30 getting a full charge when using bedside mode. I use it every night without fail and I'm at 100% every morning

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It is a nice feature, and comes in handy when I have to try and diagnose a phone. I'd find it even more handy if it also monitored data usage.

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It does monitor data usage for each process. I don't think there is an overall view, though.

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For overall data usage the app BaSA may provide what is needed. It's a great addition to the built in device monitor. :-)

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If you want to diagnose the phone, download BBVE (BlackBerry Virtual Expert), it has similar features plus hardware tests also.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Just download 10.2.1 with Sachesi. It's easy. Verizon hasn't put it out yet for my Z30 and I just got tired of waiting on them. I highly recommend it.

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Just use a leak... at this point it isn't a leak anymore, it is the final version that everybody has. you just download it from a website vs coming from the carrier

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Alright T-Mobile, it's officially early March. I'm ready for my 10.2.1 update. Anyone received it yet?

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Yeah I may have to cause I'm sorta tired of waiting, I called them and they told me they started rolling it out 2 weekends ago yet I still don't have it

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You can get the black screen on certain apps with the Z10 os 10.2.1.
Check settings for apps. You can get it on calendar and contacts apps

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Interestingly when using the device monitor in conjunction with the 2300 standard sized battery it show s 86%battery time remaining 1DAY 7hrs as opposed to 99% 10 hrs with standard battery. Got mine on Amazon for 12 pounds.used for 3 months no problem

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App! about trouble shooting,check out..Blackberry Virtual BB World,if you haven't allready.I just did and it's a lot of fun,the only thing it doesn't check your phone for are STD's,hahaha!! And they send feedback of the tests back to BB,BIG WIN....

I loved device monitor on legacy bbos devices and I was thrilled they finally brought an improved version to bb10.

Now all we need really is full blackberry protect back and our email addresses back. No idea why the took away ota from blackberry protect on bb10. How do they expect to ever compete in the consumer space without competitive service offerings?

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I actually have a thread on the forums about this and how I am unable to get any info on the device monitor page other than the cpu usage tab

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I love the Device Monitor. It does open some cans of worms though. I was looking at data use and found that despite restricting Box and Dropbox to wifi only, they do use cellular data from time to time. I also see several other apps, while not active (Facebook, BBM) still use data and if you're on the LTE when they want to do something, they pull LTE data. Deleting the account from the settings just logs you off FB and if you log back on, Facebook is back in the Hub. I have all FB notifications off, but it seems to check anyway. I guess BBM transmits whether you are available. The data use isn't big (kB's) but FB is more (100's of kB daily).

I'm okay, with BBM being open cuz it's little data (for me). Facebook on the other hand will have so many issues, draining battery, pulling data (including gps?). But all I have ever had to do is close it from the device monitor and so far it has always remained closed till I open it later to a flood of messages and notifications and such.

I guess the point is, keep an eye on what's still going in the background. Device monitor has solved many problems, and prevented me from having to restart my BlackBerry every couple days because an app (facebook) failed to run smoothly.

The device monitor is excellent. The only trouble is I can now see how much data gets eaten up by certain apps. Twitter & Crackberry both DL from BlackBerry World at 1-2mb, and after some weeks usage both are up towards 400-500mb with usage. BlackBerry need to give us a way to clear the app. cache. The only way currently is to uninstall / reinstall, which is a total pain.

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@Stwutter...There is a way I stumbled across it a few days ago and cleared the whole page,I don't remember how but if you ask in the forums you probably will get an answer,this phone has so many in's and out's I get lost ,lol

Does not address my question. But I totally disagree with your statement! BB's have always had poor battery life and issues!

Dude where have you been legacy BlackBerry devices had pretty good battery life up until the 99xx series. I was able to get two or three days with my 9650.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

What world are you living in? I am yet to own a BlackBerry that doesn't get significantly better battery life than the equivalents on other platforms. The Q10 battery life is head and shoulders better than the current Android offerings that my close friends currently use (HTC One, Note 3, GS4).

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Great feature. Wish you could still sort processes by name like on pre-10.2.1, but the new features are very cool!

What it really needs is an option to only show what is CURRENTLY using battery power so you can see where a drain is coming from.

Very nice. Just used it to sort out Media Player which was playing up and only had sound but no video. In the past had to do a hard reset for any issues. Now you can simply open device monitor, choose the app and close it!

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