Using CostSplitter helps you keep track of where to send the hired goons

By Ryan Blundell on 2 Aug 2011 08:58 am EDT

I’m not usually one to split a bill when it comes to a night out with friends. Most of the time, it ends up as “We’ll get it this time”, followed (hopefully) by “Ok, next time, it’s on us”. Since we frequent the same places, it tends to work out. Not everyone is like that, and not every situation is like that. You may prefer to keep track of the expenses, debts, and payments for everyone involved. Somebody has to do it right? So why you, you ask? Well, maybe you were put in charge of a group budget, maybe because you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, and maybe because of an app called CostSplitter that may help you out. CostSplitter, an application by Soulid Studio, is a much easier way to track than jotting info down in a memo on your smartphone.

The application organizes everything by events – could be a family bbq, a road trip or an out of town work function. There’s no help or options menu to be found, so you will have to rely on the sample event they provide. When you open an event, you can swap between three different views; Participants, Expenses and Report. In the Expenses section, you note down each item as an expense. You can then assign participants to the item. From there you can record who hasn’t paid, who has and how much. The reports screen then automatically summarizes who owes what to whom – based on the payment records you captured. I don’t worry too much about things like this, because it all tends to work out in the end with the people we know. If you do worry about such things, you may want to check CostSplitter out. You also may want to look at who you’re hanging out with. I did like how effortless it seemed to jot details down. I especially liked how I had the debt calculated for me. One feature I would like to see, is the possibility of exporting the report in a message, you know, as a friendly reminder. It sure beats busting some kneecaps. You can pick up CostSplitter for $0.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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Using CostSplitter helps you keep track of where to send the hired goons


The etiquette for these things can be tricky but I do like the thought of being able to see who owes what. We have all seen those that take advantage of group dinners and order a bunch of alcoholic drinks in hopes the cost will be shared by the people only ordering a sandwich.

Does anyone have experience with this program. How well does it work?

The day I need an app like that when I go out with my friends it's time to get new friends :)
If you can't or don't want to pay a little more for someone else in your group maybe you shouldn't go out with them in the first place?
But hey, I've seen many people like this all over the place so I guess there is a market for an app like that, I'll pass...

I can see this being useful when you go someplace that will not split the bill, so we all end up calculating our beers separate and splitting the food.

I have this app and I used it during a trip abroad with 3 friends. It was very useful because we had a lot of common expenses (car rental, meals, hotels). All I had to do was to write down the expenses and I immediately knew who had to pay whom. This required lots of math during previous trips as we had to do this by hand and nobody wanted to do it and creating an excel file was way more complicated than it seems.
On the other hand I have to say that using this to split a *single* expense (a dinner out for example) is an overkill, you can easily do that by hand.
I also miss to ability to copy the report to the clipboard to send it by email, I hope we'll see this in the next updates.