First Look: Using the Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

By Adam Zeis on 21 Feb 2012 11:58 am EST

Along with native Messages and Contacts, the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software is sporting a native Calendar application as well. Setting up your accounts is super easy and once you're up and running there's nothing to it. There are various views available like monthly and weekly, and you can color code each calendar for easy viewing. You'll find many of the same options in the calendar here as on your device as well, so most things should look pretty familiar. Check out the video above as we walk through the features of the Calendar app on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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First Look: Using the Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0


Agreed. I have a few google calenders set up for different things and I need it to sync with more than just the main one. I wonder if there's a workaround.

This appears to only be specifically an issue for gmail. I've been able to sync to my hotmail calendar and it shows all my seconary calendars there just fine. I'm sure as feedback comes in this will get fixed though.

The Restriction is on Google's me a mobile device that let you view their 2ndary accounts

And the Elephant in the room !! How about syncing with Outlook calander and contacts, Probably the most popular PIM in the world and our new OS2 wont sync with it HELP

Google calendar... What if I don't use that! How come it won't just pull from my berry? Come on RIM.. you missed a few things...

I can get my secondary calendars from google (holidays, sport team schedules, etc) on my playbook and my bberry. I don't remember how I synced it up right now though. I also have iCal synced to my google cal too and everything links up well. I'll try to retrace my steps.

Keep in mind that the secondary calendars all get lumped into the main gmail calendar for me, so you see it only as one color from
I hope that will still be what you need.

The issue is with Google, unfortunately. I remember they wouldn't allow Windows Phone 7.5 to access multiple calendars even though it was shown that the WP7.5 phones could do so via a work around using a different User Agent.

I believe there is a workaround you can use. You have to set up dummy Google accounts and tie each one to a different Google calendar. Then add those accounts to your PB but only allow the calendar to sync. This should give you different color calendars for each and allow you to view them separately.

As I said, I haven't had the chance to try this myself yet but it may be a stopgap until Google allows multiple calendar syncing.

Thanks I may try this. Hopefully Google will straighten this out. I only use a couple of secondary calendars but my work stuff for my small business is all on one of them and that is my life as far as work goes.

I read up on iCal and I think that maybe the difference maker. Unfortunately I have a PC and I understand that iCal is only for Mac. I am still exploring some work arounds, but if you figure out that you did something different I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks again!

iCal is both a Mac program AND a format. You can use the ical format links to subscribe to a calendar in some programs. For example, I "subscribe" to my Google calendars using the ical links on my old Windows Live account and, using a MS program, I can add them to my Outlook. That's not available on the PB yet.

How did your this??????? Someone please post how to get Any Google calendar to show as well as multiple calendars, even if it gets 'lumped'. I already found sucess in syncing the Gmail account associated with the calendar,but no calendar entries......

I'm having an interest with making it easier to add People to my People tab. ie. my facebook events are loading into the calendar, however it would be nice if those people would be populated in the list, or at least I can easily add them in.

Currently I think People are added only if real calendar event/meeting invitations are accepted, I cannot confirm cuz I use my PB for personal use.

The native calendar looks great but I expected it would sync with my bridge calendar, which syncs with Google calendar. So I guess it isn't much use to me. What a disappointment.

As a new Playbook owner I upgraded from an Android to the Bold 9900 and really loved what RIM did with BB bridge. This new update is fantastic, I love the look and feel of everything, and obviously a lot of time and energy was put into making everything perfect.

Unfortunately, as a BB bridge user, I've had to remove my email and twitter accounts from the Playbook native apps, because there's no communication between the two platforms anymore. I can't believe this actually. I don't want to use the old bridge messanger and calendar apps, as they pale in comparison to the new ones, but communication between my blackberrys is more important than the look and feel of these apps.

Please RIM, release updated bridge apps that function exactly like the native apps. I really want to use the Playbook as you've now updated it, but until it works with my Bold, it's Playbook 1.0 for me :-(

I am shocked I can't sync to Outlook!? The PB Calendar is a thing of beauty ... so much work to only sync to Gmail? Really?!? Is there something I am missing here? I can use the Bridge Calendar, but the native calendar seems to have more functionality. This makes so little sense, I am assuming this will improve ...

One good thing ... a miracle has occurred and I was able to backup my PB for the first time with DM.

Calender and Contacs will help sell the playbook to people without Blackberrys which is a good thing. But without the abillity to sync directly from Blackberry to Blackberry Playbook without the need of a third party cloud service like goole, it makes it kind of usless. Which is unforchanet, because it's very slick, and faster then bridge. It seems crazy that I can't sync my two local peices of RIM hardware without using some random cloud service. Even having outlook sync wound not help because I would still need to use my computer to sync the two devices. I better stop berfore I start YELLING.


on a lighter note. I am loving everything else with my 2.0 release.....MOST of all the Remote....

nothing like playing exploding boxes from my leather chair and using my Storm2 as the Choice.....

SYNC the ok even pushing yes to a prompt when I bridge....its ok......

Thanks RIM



I'm not sure how many people have seen this, but I think it would be great for this post to be updated with the information in this thread regarding multiple Google calendars managed on one account. Might want to re-word the directions to make it crystal clear, though.

I've got my multiple calendars working thanks to this fix without having to change anything on my PB!

All credit goes to tubbycyclist for sharing this!

Adam could you paste the full link please? it comes up with ... when i look at your post and that wont get me to the solution you found.


My issue right now is that I cannot add participants into any event I create on the native Calendar. I looked up the "Help" and it told me to invite participants in the "Attendees" field. Only, there is no Attendees field. Otherwise, I'm fine with the Calendar. It's just not very useful and I'm not getting the BlackBerry Flow that I was hoping for. Maybe it's a bug? Something I'm overlooking?

Hey KMB4, I'm having the exact same issue. I have two email accounts synched but neither will let me add 'Attendees' and when I select the option to use 'PlayBook Local' calendar it tells me that I don't have an email accound registered?

Someone please help!

I've been reading some of the posts regarding not being able to have your Blackberry emails show up on your Playbook via bridge. I would suggest that's not something you necessarily want. It sounds good at first, but you have to consider the reconciliation issues. I currently work in an environment where there is a cascading of data from a contact management system through Outlook to BB and back. There are plenty of reconciliation issues there if you start working in two different areas at the same time. Until you are live wireless with your PB all the time, then I think you would be better off bridging over your info from your BB. Really, it's not a big deal, though I can see where being able to merge your bridge calendar with your other calendars would be a fantastic enhancement. I love the PB as I see it as an extension and enhancement of my BB, not a replacement.

Adding myself as another Calendar user who can't add attendees. Is it a bug? Nothing to do with my Google Apps mail account because I can add invites on my 9900.

Has anyone figured out how to sync with the ical from a Mac laptop? I like inserting my entries into the laptops calendar but it sucks having to import it twice. As I've read above its making the beautiful native calendar in 2.0 useless so far

Can someone from CrackBerry ask RIM why there is no way to sync bb cal to PlayBook??? Why didn't they foresee this, or did they want the native cal just to work with contacts etc., at least an answer would put me at rest for the time-being...thanks!

I sure hope that someone can offer some suggestions here. I had no problem setting up my calendar accounts and they sinq just fine, except that the items from my work calendar (Outlook) are up to three hours off on the Playbook. As an example, I have a 12:30 lunch date today, but I had a reminder pop up on the Playbook indicating that the lunch is at 1:30. I have started to save my meetings with the time at the beginning of the subject so that I have the right info in front of me, but I would really like to resolve this goofy issue. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Three days in trying to sync and I'm going back to a paper diary. I'm gong to take a perverse kind of pleasure from the first electromagnetic pulse bomb.