Using BBM Voice on iOS

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By James Richardson on 14 Feb 2014 04:27 am EST

With the recent roll out of BBM 2.0, the additional feature of BBM Voice for our friends on iOS brings us all a step closer together. It's been great having the ability to send messages over BlackBerry Messenger with our iPhone buddies but now we can call them too - without leaving BBM

BBM voice works over data, so you can call any of your BBM contacts, anywhere around the world for free. This works on both 3G/4G as well as Wi-Fi so you shouldn't have any restrictions when it comes to making that important call. 

Getting to grips with using BBM Voice on iOS is as simple as peas - just follow these steps:

  • With a BBM contact selected for chat you should see a green phone logo at the top right of the display if they are online and available for a BBM Voice call. 
  • Tap the green tab phone icon.
  • The call will be initiated and even while talking you'll still be able to send messages/pictures etc. 

You'll notice three in-call tabs on the display for speaker phone, muting and ending the call. These can be hidden if you desire by pressing the upwards arrow tab at the top right of the screen. 

There you have it, a pretty sweet upgrade for team iOS. If you're a BlackBerry user with iPhone friends be sure to send them this link so they can start enjoying the benefits of BBM Voice. 

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Using BBM Voice on iOS


Those I know using BBM on iPhones and Androids say that they want it to be able to ne used on multiple devices (phone/laptop/tablet) more than anything else.

Posted via CB10

That's definitely something that the BBM Team have to address because that's what a lot of messengers have.

Posted via CB10

I hear the same from those I've converted over so far. Desktop BBM should solve this, so long as they don't have to have Link installed to use it.

Now the BBM Voice is available cross platform, perhaps we can have head to head quality comparison with Facetime, Viber, Wifi call, etc. We can convince more people if the BBM Voice is proven to be the top.

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I tried to call to my friend iPhone but the call is not showing on the lock screen.
He needs to be on BBM to see and answer the call.

Posted via CB10

Hey I tried bbm voice with an I phone 4s and my z10 ! it works great ! The calls from z10 shows on the iPhone lock screen and it also rings ! And that's with bbm being closed on iphone! The only problem is when I answer the call, as soon as I unlock the iphone screen, it stops ringing and I don't have any option to answer the call unless I open bbm! Once I open bbm then I see the option to answer the call!

Posted via CB10

My girlfriend has called me over wifi today. She has an iPhone5.

It rings and I can call her, it connects after 10 seconds say...and then nothing.

I can see the call time ticking away but we cannot hear each other.

This is the same experience I get with Skype. BlackBerry to BlackBerry is spot on though, works every time.

Cross platform teething issues I think.

Posted via CB10

PS by same experience with Skype I mean cross platform experience.. . I.e. BlackBerry to iOS.

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Face time is still better for voice/videos calls, But I have tried voice calling from a BlackBerry to BlackBerry it's works fine.

Kalpesh, Q 10

I just had conversation to my friends in android and ios, the call was crystal clear

Posted via CB10

Update: she can hear me but I cannot hear her...unsure why this is. connects within seconds so possibly my Internet speed??

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Are you on a wifi network or mobile data plan. It happens when your speed isn't fast enough.

Check Microphone permission on iPhone. It happened to my wife phone when we first used skype on iPhone.

~ it's not a phone, it's a 

Giro...tell her to get a Blackberry....BBM will only work as good as the phone you are calling on....and we all know that iPhones sick for receiving and retaining calls.

Haven't dropped a call yet (2 months) on my Z30.

CB10 from the Z30

And of course as all video and voice BBM features, we in the UAE won't get them. Great. It's only half the BBM experience, sigh.

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That is a good question and one that UAE carriers and the government need to answer.


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There is a setting within BBM for iOS that says "do you want to allow BBM to access your microphone?".

This had accidentally been turned off but now it's working sweet!.

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The article should mention things like this. "Make sure you allow the app to access mic". Great find, you should post a thread in forum. I bet some ppl have the same problem.

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Does anyone know the amount of data a BBM voice call uses/min? The call quality is great but would like to know how it compares to the likes of Fiber and Skype

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Call function will not available if closed the app. Why this thing ruin everything. BBM should work background including BBM voice calls. I hope BlackBerry will check it

Posted via CB10

It does work in background. Except for iOS... no multitasking

Well they do, but it's reserved to iOS appa

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I have tested with my wife's iphone5. Sound is crystal clear (both of us were on wifi). The only problem is the iphone doesn't rings when receive a BBM call. Is there anyway to turnaround it?

Are you talking to me? Did you miss my point? I am using my Z30 calling on my wife's Iphone5 and the Iphone doesn't ring. That's what I was asking help for.

Try checking the settings of the app and/or the notifications settings in iOS settings. Hope it helps.

Paulo...."mixed smartphone marriages have more problems"...what does she think about your Z30?

You should get her one and " problem solved" you can use BBM Video Chat today- it is fabulous....

CB10 from the Z30

LOL I'm trying all the time but unsuccessfully. The fact she's blond maybe can explain her reluctance to move to the Z30 (thanks God she don't visit this thread ;-)

Does anyone else have a problem with that enormous and ugly iPhone case? The iPhone is already so ugly. You don't need to make it worse!

How about you explain why iphone and android users get a better version of BBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!!

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