Using BBM Voice on Android

By James Richardson on 13 Feb 2014 03:34 pm EST

A big deal for many Android users who have now updated to BBM 2.0 is the ability to now use BBM Voice. This is also great for us existing BlackBerry users, who have had BBM Voice for some time, as we can now utilize the feature with our buddies who use Android phones. 

With more and more people using data around the world it almost feels natural for us BlackBerry users to call a BBM contact through BlackBerry Messenger instead of making a phone call. The big difference here is that because we are using data, we can call any of our contacts anywhere in the world, for free. Sure, you'll need to either ensure you have a reasonable data package or you can just use Wi-Fi, but giving us the ability to cross platform call each other without leaving BBM is a huge bonus. 

And you'll be surprised at the call quality too. On each occasion I've used BBM Voice the call quality has been better than the likes of Skype in my opinion. 

Getting to grips with using BBM Voice on Android is a piece of cake - just follow these steps:

  • With a BBM contact selected for chat you should see a green phone logo at the top right of the display if they are online and available for a BBM Voice call. 
  • Tap the green tab phone icon.
  • The call will be initiated and even while talking you'll still be able to send messages/pictures etc. 

You'll notice three in-call tabs on the display for speaker phone, muting and ending the call. These can be hidden if you desire by pressing the upwards arrow tab at the top right of the screen. 

BBM Voice is just one of the new features that our Android friends can now use. If you're on team BlackBerry be sure to forward this link onto your Android counterparts so they can jump on the BBM Voice bandwagon. 


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Using BBM Voice on Android


James, maybe you should change the image, you're calling your BlackBerry BBM from your Samsung, and it's saying not connecting, or there abouts.


Catapulted from my Z10.

I just went into BlackBerry World and did an update, said I have no new updates. So I went into the installed apps, tapped BBM and there it was, saying update.

Surely as it's Valentines day here in the UK, BlackBerry, I love you.

You know I've been faithful to you for the last 8 years. I've never looked at another phone, why would I, when I have you. Heck I know us guys talk about other phones in the office, but I've never let you down.

Even when I'm drunk, I've never gone home with another phone.

Yeah baby, it's valentines night, you know what that means baby, early night, I'm going to show you what I can do with my fingers.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Is the 6MB limit removed?? If you read the press release is states drop box connectivity.. where u can share large files etc videos from ur cloud straight to ur bbm contact

Last I checked the word large file and bbm doesn't mix..if someone can check that out, it would be appreciated

Posted via CB10

Nope still limits to 6mb.
Instead you should use the DropBox integration feature.
This allow you to easily send a link from your Dropbox. The other end will then be able to view or download the file at an appropriate time.
Think about it, would like to impose your counterpart to receive large file (20-50-100MB) while he (she) is only under cell phone coverage?

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What happens if I download android bbm from snap on my z10? Does that mean I can have 2 bbm accounts on the same phone?

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I have always wondered if you make a bbm voice call and you are connected to wifi but also leave your data on will it use your data or automatically use wifi? I always turn my data off just in case. Does anyone know the answer? :)

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I believe it uses your wi-fi only but also on bbm settings there's an option to not allow bbm call on mobile network

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Question for all.
Will andriod and iphone users also get the high quality audio that BBM voice calls provide ??

Can someone test this?

I tested it with my sister and her lg G1 and it worked "quite surprisingly well" according to her lol

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That is a good question. I'd be surprised if they actually did include HQ calling considering we haven't heard a single word about it in any of the articles and/or press releases.

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I just did the same ,went to BlackBerry would, there was nothing showing in updates. Do went to installed and there is was! Great!

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I think WhatsApp is totally fine. They have a huge user base. The latest update for BB10 is even fantastic and a great improvement. I think WhatsApp and BBM can co-exist and survive. That being said BBM 2.0 is looking fantastic.

I've been playing with glympse for the past 2 hours. And I just keep feeling sorry for WhatsApp

From Zarafet my Z30.

Like all technology companies, it's a matter of survival.
This may instigate WhatsApp to redesign their features.
Look at what's happening to Facebook book paper, Twitter and the like. It just means everyone has to keep coming up with new looks and features.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Go to BlackBerry World, my world/installed/tap bbm

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Official 10.2.1

Just tried it with a friend on an S4 and it was very good quality. Both on wifi.

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Looks like if you're on a lower leak OS, BBM 3.0 will not launched after the update. Gotta wait..


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Can anyone please help me test a BBM call? None of my contacts have the green light. Someone with BlackBerry 10 add me plz 24E333BA

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If you're saying it doesn't appear on 3G/4G but only wifi then that's wrong. You can "allow voice calls over data" under the settings menu in the BBM application.

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For me, this is huge. even just over wifi, it's a game changer. Sure we have skype, and the others, but BBM voice is crystal clear. Finally, we have it. I hoped video was here because that's even better.

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Does this work on Gingerbread or is that a separate release?

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

Add BBM for desktop and it will surpass Skype and other messaging apps.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

"Anywhere in the world with your data or WiFi connection."
AT&T is STILL blocking BBM Voice over LTE for me! This is unfair! I actually HAVE a BlackBerry and it doesn't work for me.

Wait, on Android?
I was referring to how everyone else can use BBM Video and Voice over LTE on BB10 except for me because AT&T is blocking people with the grandfathered Unlimited plan! Meanwhile, my friends on Verizon and T-Mobile can use their BBM Video over LTE!

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Can anybody tell me, how many MB date will be used in a one minute call between BBM in GSM net?I know it's free in WiFi.

Post via my Z10

Cannot use bbm voice between my htc and my q10's bbm not showing call icon from my htc's bbm profile..when try to call from htc, it failed. :/

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It's ridiculous that bbm voice and video is still blocked in the UAE where as skype is not! Still living in the dark ages of carrier monopoly out here!

Anyone experiencing lag on BBM loading suggested contacts on latest release for Android.

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Awesome. Now even more reason to get them "on the bbmwagon".

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I think everyone should post these BBM Tips for IOS and DROID to their FACEBOOK walls...

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My Q10 does not display the call icon when I access it from the Hub. I assume this is a bug? It does display it when I go through the BBM app.

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Are you guys running out of things to write about. I mean some things we can figure out for ourselves like how to push a phone icon to chat voice via bbm. I know the incentive is all seo related, but isn't this going a little to far. What's next "how to turn your phone on"?

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You are right. I just noticed video and voice calls can't be triggered from the hub, somehow.

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How about you explain why iphone and android users get a better version of BBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!!!

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