Using BBM 2.0 on iOS

By DJ Reyes on 14 Feb 2014 10:32 am EST

BBM for iOS (as well as for Android and BlackBerry) has just seen an update. The biggest changes come to the the iOS and Android versions. In BBM 2.0 we see the addition of BBM Channels, BBM Voice, location sharing and more. With a big change means some things have switched around so we’ll take a closer look at BBM 2.0 on iOS.

When you jump into BBM you’ll find that the Contacts shortcut along the bottom is now replaced by Updates, so you can quickly see your contacts status updates and comment on them. You can filter these updates by All, Contacts or Channels. To access your contacts list use the tab menu on the left.

As mentioned one of the bigger additions to BBM 2.0 is BBM Channels. A micro-blogging type service where users can create a channel on their favorite topics, engaging in conversation with their subscribers. It has been available for BlackBerry users since November 2013 (in beta since May 2013) and it has plenty of well established Channels for you to discover. You can learn more and see how to follow Team CrackBerry in the BBM Channels section.

Another big addition to BBM 2.0 is BBM Voice. Allowing you to make VOIP calls over Wi-Fi and cellular, if permitted. To use BBM Voice, just jump into a chat conversation and you should find an icon in the top right corner - a speech bubble with a telephone in it. If this is green, then the contact is available for a BBM Voice call. It will be grayed out if they are not available. The quality of BBM Voice calls is awesome I highly recommend it to make calls to friends and family abroad.

BBM 2.0 iOS new chatBBM 2.0 iOS push-to-talk

Other new additions include new emoticons. Bringing you 100+ more ways to express yourself via BBM. You’ll also find the paperclip attachment icon has moved too. It’s now to the left of the text field for easier access. When you tap it you will also find some new options too. The option selected by default when you tap the paperclip icon is voice note. Pretty much Push-to-talk. Just tap and hold the microphone icon, speak, then let go to send the voice note. There’s camera icon for you to be able to quick snap a picture to send to your contact. And also a flower icon (the last icon) with a plus sign that gives you more attachment options. You can select a photo from your gallery (flower icon), send a calendar entry (date icon), send contact details, (person icon), send your location (map pin icon) and share a Dropbox file (Dropbox icon).

BBM 2.0 iOS file attachmentBBM 2.0 iOS Glympse

While you can send your location using the option described above, you’ll also find a ‘G’ icon in the main attachment selection area. This is a better way to share your location and it is powered by Glympse. When you tap the Glympse icon, it will use GPS to find your location and then you can send that information to a contact for a specified amount of time. From 5 minutes to 4 hours. The receiver has the option to view the map of your location for the stated amount of time, once the time has elapsed, the option to view disappears telling them it has expired.

BBM 2.0 is a nice big update on iOS and if you haven't got it yet. It's definitely time to try it out.

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Using BBM 2.0 on iOS


It definitely will, in the name alone. All those other non BlackBerry devices with BBM, that's one way of free advertising. Keeps brand awareness alive.

If all works well on other devices, I bet over time there will also be some cross purchase of blackberry devices.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Can't even get it on my q10. This is shit. Any leaks that will work?? Bricked my bbm when updated to 10.3 running Had to downgrade to 10.1 just to be able to use it! So pissed

Posted via CB10

Yup. Either install 1925 leak or security wipe and install latest official release.

Posted via CB10

Why don't you upgrade or download a leak of ? New BBM will work fine with that as well as everything else.


why are you using .1295? use the latest official OS which is .1925 or (for some carriers) .2142

Don't complain that something won't work on your OLD leak. You only have a right to complain when your on an OFFICIAL release.

Anyone know if it's possible to save appointments sent to an iPhone to the iphones calendar? And is it possible for the iPhone to send contact info for non bbm contacts? My iPhone friend can't seem to figure this stuff out.

Posted via CB10

at the moment you'll have to do it via groups, as far as android is concerned. sending a calender entry directly is -somehow- not compatible.

Not sure that the greyed out icon for Voice Calling is 100% accurate. I have some contacts that I know are on iOS and they show green and they are still using an old version of BBM.

The iphone reviews are complete bogus. The app works great especially on BlackBerry what honestly are people's problems?

Posted via CB10

Try actually using it on iOS and just trying scrolling in channels. It's slow, lags and makes the screen funky

Still doesn't look like we can send files other than pictures from an iPhone. I don't understand why this was left out because now my wife has to MMS me mini-videos she takes so I can then send them to our BBM contacts.

If I am missing how to send video files from an iPhobe, please someone show me. :-)

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

Is the file too big? Haven't tried it, but perhaps you need to put the videos on Dropbox and then provide the link?

Posted via CB10

It's not a size issue, its a lack of the file transfer feature/icon.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

yea I don't know why the iPhone release is missing the file transfer. Must be something in iOS that's preventing them from easily implementing it....can't think of what it is though....

This is know....about BlackBerry? Who cares about even seeing or hearing anything iPhone here?

Posted via CB10

What do you think the "BB" in "BBM" stands for? Get lost, don't read if not interested, nobody forced you to click on the link (or make comments.)

This is about BBM spreading it's love on other mobile devices.

Truly a game charger with all the features it brings.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Did you read the original post? If so then you must have an issue with the way CrackBerry admins are running their site.

Considering they are covering a BlackBerry product, I think you are either seriously confused as to how this whole site is intended to worj or simply trying cause trouble.

Either way please stop.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

I have a Z10. Mrs has iPhone 5. Glympse doesn't work. Shows that she is at home when she isn't. Do BlackBerry even test their shit before they push it to production. Nothing is ever simple or straightforward with BlackBerry.

What's worse is me the fanboy screams from the rooftops just how cool it all is and then I end up looking like an idiot.

Sent from my Z10

Confirmed, difference between Whatsapp and bbm: Whatsapp is working. I converted 4 people to bbm, all left because bbm is tucking kit working.

Posted via CB10

BBM still not working properly on iPhone. Messages only sometimes being sent and received reliably.

Posted via CB10

I tested it between my Z30 my wife's iPhone and big improvement. Sending photos is quick. Glimpse works great and choosing photos accesses iPhone photo library. Selecting Dropbox prompts accesses it or prompts to download and sends you to Appstore so you can download Dropbox. Sending voice notes seems straightforward. One negative is if the iPhone is on lock screen and a BBM voice chat rings you get a notification but once you unlock you have to open BBM app in order to see the call screen.

Posted via CB10

Tested. OK between, any two of bb, iPhone, and Android, when phones are on same WiFi router. Bad, near unusable between China (iPhone) and Canada (z10).

The only good thing is low latency. But iPhone side heard broken voice. After 2 minutes, BlackBerry side heard broken voice as well.

Voice on the two same phones from the same locations using Skype from z10 are OK but with long latency. Note this is BlackBerry Skype (paid service) to iPhone regular phone number.

BlackBerry needs to hire more capable hands to make bbm good on iOS and Android. Better hire in U.S and do it there. The town of Waterloo is too small.

How about you explain why iphone and android users get a better version of BBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin!!!!

Posted via CB10