Using BBM 2.0 for Android

By DJ Reyes on 14 Feb 2014 08:37 am EST

A big BBM update has just landed for Android (and indeed, iOS users), bringing it to version 2.0. The update brings BBM Channels, BBM Voice and a few other new features to our non-BlackBerry toting friends. You’ll find a find a few things have moved around but the overall look is pretty much the same.

Along the bottom you should have some tabs, just as with the first iteration of BBM for Android. But now you have Updates down there in place of Contacts. You will now have to access contacts in the menu when you press the three lines icon in the bottom left of the screen. What you will also find in that menu is the addition of a Channels tab. This is the BBM Channels section.

BBM Channels has been around on BlackBerry devices for a while now, first releasing in beta back in May 2013, then released to the masses in November 2013. It has now arrived on BBM for Android allowing you build your community some more. You can pop along to our BBM Channels section to find out more and also discover how to follow Team CrackBerry.

As well as BBM Channels, another big addition to BBM for Android is BBM Voice - allowing you to make VOIP calls to other BBM contacts over Wi-Fi (or cellular, where permitted). If you are or have been a BlackBerry user you’ll know how great the call quality of a BBM Voice call is, so this is a great plus point.

The BBM Voice option is found in the top right corner of a chat window. You will find a speech bubble with a telephone icon. If it is green, then this indicates that the contact is available for a BBM Voice chat. It will be grayed out if the are not available for chat.

BBM 2.0 new chat windowBBM 2.0 Push-to-talk

There are also some new options available within the chat window. You’ll see the addition of a paper clip icon to the left of the text field. Tapping it brings up some attachment options, making easier for you to share files. Selected by default is the option to send a voice note. Just tap and hold the microphone icon and speak, once you let go the voice note will send. There’s an option to snap a picture using the camera icon but you can also send a photo from your library by using the last icon, the flower. This icon gives you other options too. You can send contacts details (person icon), files (paper icon), your location (map pin icon) or share items from your Dropbox folder (Dropbox icon), which is a new addition to BBM 2.0.

BBM 2.0 file attachment layoutBBM 2.0 Glympse location sharing

There is a better way to share your location with a contact, though. BBM brings you location sharing powered by Glympse. It allows you to share your location in real time with other BBM contacts. What is great about this is that you can share your location for a specified amount of time. Once that time period has elapsed, the option to view the location expires on the receiver’s end. Location sharing is great for those meet ups and days out. This is done using the 'G' icon found within the paper clip attachment option above. When you tap it, your location will be found using GPS. You can then use the toggle to choose an amount of time for which your location will be visible. When this time has elapsed, they will no longer be able to view the map again, unless you re-send your location.

New emoticons are also available, now giving your more than 100 ways to share your emotion via BBM.

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Using BBM 2.0 for Android

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Finally some Crackberry love! Movies, Advertisements, Tv shows and Documentaries! C00012373 :D Looks like DJ Reyes has a favourite channel! :D

Posted via CB10

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile users
We got to unite and send these USA carriers the the message We want our our BlackBerry OS , Link updates on time as rest of the world!!

We know BlackBerry has released updates many months ago. When will carriers finish testing them? We demand Carriers give us DATE they will release the updates. No other answer is acceptable.

We will bring awareness(present &future customers) to this via Carrier Twitter, Facebook, Email, CEO and phone every day every hour. Until who ever in charge realize changes must be made because it's bad for Business.

Posted via CB10

Yep that will do it. The legions of BlackBerry users that are left will be able to force carriers to upgrade the OS faster.
1) It is not a priority device to the carriers any longer. by removing the compression algorithms that used to be on legacy devices BlackBerry is no different economically on the network than iOS and Android
2) Companies don't dedicate resources to propositions that do not increase revenue and profits. Carriers won't push devices that don't sell, it takes up showroom space, shelf space, inventory space....and costly to train and market sales teams.
3) Carriers in USA are typically last to upgrade OS, and with issues in BlackBerry code (look at the 9900 for example) carriers want to ensure stability on the devices....and calls can be made.
4) USA does not have small footprint, unlike other markets. Carriers have a prescribed testing process. Live with it.

Why only Dropbox? I have 50gb on Box, 30 on Google drive, 25 on skydrive. Only 5 on Dropbox so I rarely use it

Posted via CB10 on ZED10

Actually the conversation is about BBM and it's ability to connect with BB.... entirely relevant and many of us CrackBerry types would like to see how Android people are responding to BBM (and the same for the same post you made in the iPhone version of this blog). Don't be a forum nazi... that's what the mod's are for.

Not at all unrelated to BlackBerry, BBM is BlackBerry. Is it an attack to point this out, and say you're barking up the wrong tree here?

Hilarious. This guy goes the iPhone BBM post and says the same thing. Apparently doesn't want anyone commenting on this post.

Posted via CB10

I think I may fire up "Captain Phillips" in BlackBerry World and play it via micro USB from my Z30 to the Samsung Plasma on WiFi

Has anyone tried watching a movie in this manner?

CB10 from the Z30

I don't think I understand your question. Micro USB or micro HDMI? And if you're using a physical connection, why wifi? Are you referring to using miracast? If so, I haven't used it on a TV that has it built in, but a plugin type console and gaming was a bit annoying although movies should work just fine. I'm still looking for a better quality miracast dongle for my TV to test out. Not quite ready for a new TV.

Posted via CB10

My friends got a Samsung galaxy 4 mini on virgin, still no BBM update anyone any idea why as seems she is about the only one without it??

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

My android friends say when BBM messages come in there isn't any notification. What is recommended for this? Thanks

Posted via CB10

They still not have fixed the fact that BBM messages on Android all come in without any lines,.. this is annoying.. All messages just looked jumbled..

I have it on a HTC One and a Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Mega.. Same issue... No Lines between text,.. everything is Jumbled..

What device you have it on?

Has anyone noticed that the update required users to re-login to BBM. Since this has been introduced to (how do I put this nicely) not the brightest end users, they often don't store their passwords. Many of them are going to blame BlackBerry because of it.

Posted via CB10

Somebody knows why on pay as you go they are asking me to put BB charge otherewise I cannot use BB? I thought with BlackBerry Q5 and others and the OS 10 we didnt need it anymore? Help!

Posted from my awesome Q5

I'd like to see tighter integration in the Android contacts - so I don't have duplicate contacts in my contact list and BBM list.

Hi I have a Sony Xperia t phone and the story of how I got this phone is that my contract ended before the z 10 was released. This Xperia t is actually a replacement phone as 16 months ago I purchased my first ever smart phone, the Sony Xperia Ion LT28. Recently I had a failure in mymicrophone which I had mistaken for dropped calls. Everyone was stating that they could barely hear me. It took quite some time to get used to a smartphone. I have always been a Sony fan so it was fitting to buy a Sony Phone. Any how my wife has had a bb pearl a bb bold and last year when her contract came due we purchased a new bb q 10. I tell you the simplest phone and the fastest phone was like owning a Ferrari of all phones. I was impressed after all of it smoothness and able to peek and at how fast that device was. Anyhow the design and thought and materials made the q10 so easy to hold and grasp. The texture of the case gives a sure handed grip. What an improvement! Anyhow I had made a decision to buy $4500 Canadian shares in Rim and it was at $13 / share! March 2013.When BB 10 launched the shares went up to $16+. I was happy but sad that I had an android phone. Any how I had my XPERIA ion lt28 figured out I finally get a hands on with the z10 ( 8 months ) I was impressed and realized that what purchase I had made with Rim shares was the smartest choice! Followed later with the launch of the q10. When I compared my Sony Xperia lt28 to the z10 I was impressed. It's size and wait and the material not to mention the speed of which it operated. I figured this was the smartest of all smartphones! The z10 is lighter slightly smaller but not tiring to hold its like I was holding an iPhone killer. And to boot its a Canadian piece of engineering. Later all the bashing that apple ers gave against this new hi tech phone I did not understand it! My daughters both have iPhone 4 s, they are learning so I know first hand comparison but could not believe the crap being slung at Rim and it's BB10 phones. Any how my XPERIA T came into my hand and it was as a result of a failure,microphone stopped working. Realized how similar this Sony Phone is to the new z10. It's faster and smaller slightly than my older Xperia Ion but thinner and heavier than the bb z10. Sony made a good product better thinking that BB design had some Sony engineers retooling! How I ended up here is my phone was replaced from an extended warranty insurance protection plan that I paid for in case my phone scrapped out. 16 months into a 24 month contract I had 8 months to weather. Buyout would be $330 to get into another contract. My insurance extended warranty plan required me to pay a $190 deductible ans to make a claim to call esecuritel. Simple and then go pick out a new phone at my phone retailer. Upon arriving at the store was told that I was getting an upgrade. No more Sony Xperia ions discontinued and 2 choice on list is a Sony Xperia T sold out and 3 choice a Samsung galaxy s 4 mini! What! Well this upset me here is a company substituting Sony phones for another brand in this case a rival Samsung. Well this set off a 3 week standoff which somehow my phone service provider got me a new Sony Xperia T. It's the closest thing to owning a blackberry z 10 which in 6 months I will. But for now I have bbm for android and it's awesome, texting is so old school and I even converted my girls to bbm on their I phones. As a family we can see what and who has got going on and doing and who has read and delivered the message. My wife's q 10 I love it for having the right word without writing it down. Youngest picking. Unlike my android where I have to go back and change which makes it more frustrating and I have to be careful as I could end up writing something entirely different. All in all its the little things that make up all the difference in the world! Although my shares are at $9.18 I am in no way abandoning Blackberry! I am going full bore into it! You will see that BlackBerry will make a resounding climb and will probably end up engineering other companies phones just because it is that far ahead of the competition. Build a phone for the long run that's what Rim did! All others are now playing catch up. Just like the play book how many times did it take Apple to catchup to the first edition of what the playbook offered! We love our playbook too! I felt compelled to right this so people can see first hand that BlackBerry is far more superior at everything including security!
Andrew Balfour

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I tried having my family on android use Bbm, one of them told me that on android there has to be an active notification constantly, therefore he doesn't like to use it, is that correct? Can that be removed

Posted via CB10

How about you explain why iphone and android users get a better version of BBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!

Posted via CB10