Using a 64GB microSD card on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Using a 64GB microSD card on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone
By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2013 06:40 pm EST

For those of you out there picking up a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and not liking the fact that it only offers 16GB of onboard storage, there is always the option of getting yourself an additional microSD card to expand upon that. As for microSD cards that are supported, BlackBerry 10 officially supports storage up to 64GB and as noted in our BlackBerry Z10 review they work fine as kind. That said, it appears some folks are running into some confusions as to how to get the storage working when inserting anything over 32GB's. So here's a tip on how to overcome that confusion and get yourself up and running with expanded storage.

Micro SD cards larger than 32GB are pre-formatted using the ExFAT file system. At this time BlackBerry 10 OS does not support micro SD cards formatted to ExFAT, due to this the BlackBerry smartphone will prompt to format to a recognizable file system. To use an SD card larger than 32GB in a BlackBerry 10 smartphone please re-format to FAT32.

The easiest way to format the microSD card is to simply use your brand new BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Once you insert it, go to Settings and then Storage and Access. From there, go down to Media Card Details and tap on Format Media Card. After some quick processing, you'll be able to use the remaining formatted amount of storage without issues.

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Using a 64GB microSD card on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone


Funny I was traveling the web over a year later trying to figure out the best way to format my new 64 GB card for my Q10. Then I find this. Too easy. Love it.

Hmm! It's true that I read about it too! Wondering if they did not want to rush it out on the Z10 and will eventually have a software update or even perhaps on their next BB10 phone aside from the Q10? :D

The official spec sheet also quotes 10 hours battery life :) lol, I am just messing with you. If you go to you will see that Blackberry has updated the Z10 to 64GB for the Micro SD.

I'm from Canada. You can go to and look up Sandisk 64gb. You'll find it on sale as well. Just slightly more expensive. :)

I ordered mine this morning.. haha. but I still gotta say that you guys (Crackberry) are amazing. Knowing that you guys have your own shops, but you still provide information that may benefit us better. That's why despite I follow all MobileNation, there's no other sites I visit as often as this one. The community here's unique too. :)

And yes, I'm getting my Z10 tomorrow! horray!

Team Crackberry is AWESOME :D

Amazon link didn't work for me, but checking the site, they are on sale through today for 46 bucks (free prime shipping). Great deal, just ordered one :)

Some help please! There's a 64GB Mobile...and there's a 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC. Do they both work or should I go with the Mobile disk?

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

While in California, picked up a Sandisk 64 gb XC at Best Buy for 59.00. Don't have the phone yet, but should have it by the time I get back to Canada next week.

Was just about to order it from Amazon $46.99 w/ free 2 day shipping. The Z10 doesn't come out til March 27th for T-Mo so I will hold off until the date gets a bit closer.

Is it possible to format to ext2/ext3/ext4/QNX4 or some other file system to get around the limitations of FAT?

If you don't have a newer laptop or an SDXC-compatible card reader (ie, your other device(s) only have regular SDHC readers), you might want to think twice before getting a >32Gb card and reformatting as you may end up with problems if you want to use the card directly on your laptop or with an external reader.. If you don't ever intend on directly swapping cards with an external reader and just keep it in the BlackBerry and use the USB media access feature, then you're OK though..

As I understand it, as long as the OS has exFAT support, you can stick an exFAT-formatted SDXC card into an SDHC reader and everything works fine, but all the packaging and documentation strongly cautions you to avoid formatting the card or you can render it unusable.. The exact details are not really clear, and the cards are still expensive enough that I'm not willing to sacrifice one to experiment with..

I currently have a 128Gb SDXC card in my laptop in its SDHC reader slot, and it's a great way to add additional storage to a laptop without extra bulk or weight, but again, it's an expensive form of media and I'm not willing to experiment with formatting utilities, etc that might make the card unusable.. Can anyone out there confirm whether reformatting an SDXC with FAT will really make it unusable on an older SDHC card reader?

hi, so it seems what you mentioned is applying to me right now, as I formatted my 64gb sdxc card just like this page said. But not I want to remove content or format the card and its impossible to do so. with my pc or phone. im looking for ways to get around the issue, but it seems I cant erase anything that is on the card. or add anything to it.

I have a 2yr old laptop, (windows 7, comes with sd multi card reader integrated) and my phone is a q10.

So the card is usable, but I guess its Recordable, not, RWritable

So, my good neighbors to the North - who's tried this? I want to know what's the real-world capacity when you down-format the card.

I just bought a 64GB yesterday from, it arrived today, I reformatted it on my Z10, uploaded and played some mp3 songs, seems to work just fine! =]

@willm, I just got mine and a bunch of other Z10 goodies from the CrackBerry store. Once formatted , there is 59.3GB remaining. Just transferring all the data from my old micro SD card to the new one. If there are any issues I will post them.

When I first formatted my 64GB microSD card in the Z10, it formatted properly... and showed as FAT32. Today, I reformatted ... now it is NTFS !!!! I don't remember getting any firmware update .... unless it happened while I was sleeping !!!

ok.. i gto the 64gb & formatted it... My pc won't read it via usb access.... mass storage is on but nothing happen... i have a dinosaur of a pc, it is windows XP ... dunno if that makes a difference ...

Windows XP may have issues when you are trying to read cards that use exFAT. Unfortunately, XP is an older (but still useful nonetheless) operating system that doesn't necessarily have the ability to read newer file formats.

XP works fine with exFAT. Just have to download and install exFAT support files from MS.

Its Blackberry that doesn't work properly with exFAT.

n/m it looks like mass storage has to off first then be turned on when it is plugged already .... it works.. yeah : )

Mine won't work :'( I've tried multiple times to format through the Settings menu and I even tried formatting on Windows (to exFAT) and then doing it, hoping that would fix whatever the problem is.

When you format to FAT32 (as required for use in the Z10), you will be limited to files that are no larger than 4GB in size. If you want to use files larger than 4GB, you need exFAT (the default formatting that the Sandisk 64GB cards are shipping with).

If you already own devices that use the 64GB cards in the exFAT format (I do) and you were hoping that you would be able to interchangeably swap the cards (I did), then it won't work. Your exFAT formatted cards must be kept out of the Blackberry Z10, as it will give you an error message and offer to reformat over your precious data (I didn't).

Not nice Blackberry. Add exFAT support and fix this while you still can.


I have inserted a Sandisk 64Gb, Class 10 micro SD into my Q10 and the media card is not visible and the option to reformat media card does not show in the storage and access settings tab. Any other suggestions to reformat and or get the card "visible" to the Q10?

After insert the micro card and the Media and Access doesn't detect the micro card, you might have to shut down your phone. It happens to me when I inserted the micro card into my Z10 and it doesn't see it until I shut it down, turn it back on and then it sees it.

Thanks for your response. However, I did turn Q10 off and on with card in the phone but phone still didn't detect the card. Subsequently, I installed the card in my wife's Z10, it was recognized in the Z10 and I reformatted the card in the Z10. After the card was reformatted it was recognized in my Q10. Problem solved.

If the 64GB memory card was formatted in FAT32, and If you were to record a video that file size would be say 6GB, would the video stop recording at 4GB and then have to start the video recording again, or would the video recording stay continuous and it would make one 4GB and one 2GB file seamlessly?

Hi, I know this post is very old but I have a Z10 and a 64GB memory card which was working fine until today. I've tried formatting and re-formatting the memory card and am it is still not working. The problem is when I try to format it in the handset the device says downloading memory card driver and then says memory card formatting could not complete, please try again later. Anyone experience this?

Android has the same problem with exFat. I just got one couldn't figure out why it doesn't work on my android 4 tablet and no option to format either. I have tried with win 8 and an old xp netbook to reformat to fat32 but no beans. I can get the issue with the partition size but if they locked it so you can't change the format that's just ludicrous. 32 gig cards don't have this issue it's just those over that size which is I guess why everyone says 32 gig max because they haven't included the new format in their os yet.

What about an article on how to meaningfully use that extra storage ??
It seems that most apps cannot use sdcard space, even though it would make sense (maps, caching, etc).
Also Android apps think don't reach sdcard and keeps wasting internal storage. :-/