Usain Bolt and the BlackBerry Q10 - The fastest man in the world also uses the fastest OS

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2013 02:38 pm EDT

Last week the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, took some time for a bit of private shopping at the Hublot boutique in London. Mr. Bolt spent over 2 hours checking out loads of amazing watches with no interruptions (which I'm sure makes Kevin extremely jealous).

We can tell that he's all about having some awesome accessories which explains why he's also sporting a BlackBerry Q10.

Of course someone as fast as Usain Bolt would want to use an equally fast device, right? I'm loving all of the celebs we've seen lately that are rocking the BlackBerry Z10, but as a Q10 user this makes me smile even bigger. 

I'd love to get any of those watches on my wrist, but for now I'll just settle for Mr. Bolt being a part of Team BlackBerry.

Thanks Winston!

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Usain Bolt and the BlackBerry Q10 - The fastest man in the world also uses the fastest OS



What about that odd device on his leg that looks suspiciously like an iFruit? I guess even the fastest man in the world needs a toy or two?

These stories need to put up on the net, not just at crackberry.......
.....spread the word about this news community.......
I will be the new aggressive board of directors for BBRY now......

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

It's too late for that. Bb10 will only survive in the corporate, institutional and government sectors. It's unfortunate, but the youth sell phones at all the retails and carriers and they sell what is in. Not what is better. If you are a kid with a BlackBerry you are a joke. Iphone is king in their eyes and androids are give aways to those who cannot afford so to speak. It really doesn't matter how good bb10 is. It doesn't. That is why BlackBerry is going back to private and they will continue to dominate the corporate world and gain consumer share only if this has a spill over effect with things like BlackBerry Balance, the Hub etc.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I phone is the shit? Maybe in America.. in the Netherlands you got way more android phones. Just cause they are better then iphone:p

Z10 MaDnesZz

Note the headphones. The iFruit is for music because... *2 minutes of people listening to music* ... "Everyday, more people listen to music on the iPhone, than any other phone"

Mr. Boulben, make some hay with this! Usain Bolt, Alicia Keys, President Obama the list goes on. Different fields, but all are top of their game!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Gush! That moment you realize that cb has better marketing and advertising ideas than BlackBerry....smh

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you got that right here is another : compare features eg. when it comes to Instagram I say " hay I can side load Instagram but heck let me send you a picture and I will comment on it then share to Twitter , LinkenIn Facebook , Youtube etc... " Netflix " I am starting to use Rogers Mobile Movie not bad " now on to business !!

Don't really like Obama but I love his Bullitt -proof, bomb-proof and radiation- proof Z10 he received in early February.

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Please keep the political hate to yourself, this is a smartphone site. Some of us actually like the President. Thanks!

Really?! I think Obama is exactly what the US needs but just isn't exactly ready to deal with his type of reform. I also see him failing because like all good men, he to is cracking from the American people's pressure to have everything now without little to no work ethic or structured planning.

It's only a good plan if it doesn't affect me adversely right?!

Anywho, back to topic! Mr. Bolt should be doing advertising for BlackBerry for sure! BlackBerry's saying is "Keeps you moving!" who else moves faster then this guy?!

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At last somebody's saying it like it is. A good man can become great only if he is supported well. +1

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Anybody else waiting for Kim K to start sporting a Q10?

Or has she already been spotted with one?

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Says "Usian" in the title, the fastest man in world can only use the fastest OS in the world :)

Why doesn't BlackBerry make a commercial with him

Don't you think the fastest man on earth should use an equally fast device you should to. Or something like that

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Why would you do that when you could make a commercial of all the things BB10 can't do? ... ... amiright? *cough* *superbowl* *cough* :S

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Another loss opportunity for advertising bb10 from the start. I remember at the Olympics after the race he mentioned he had to BBM family and friends on tv live. They could and should have made an add from the start with him...

I noticed that too. They always have the date of the major events they're covering come across the screen. I thought it was funny how some were in "2010" and they still were using a 9900.. maybe ACN gets their BlackBerrys from the future??

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Love the newsroom and yes I noticed there are a lot of BlackBerry phones present in the show (including the intro), mostly 9900's. In one of the most recent episodes I couldn't help but notice Will Maccavoy (Jeff Daniels) uses two devices, an iPhone for media and a 9900 for communications. Both are visible on his desk.

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I've noticed it in the intro to the Newsroom also. Nice view of a 9900. Also, in House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, he's on his BlackBerry constantly. Homeland has quite a few BlackBerries as well.

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Shame that Bbry is not as fast selling as Usain bolts running, Bbry are way behind their competitors from selling their phones, launching new phones and BBM to other platforms like what's app... what are they thinking in their business heads... I have heard at the hare and the tortoise but Bbry are no match as a tortoise, they are more like a snails...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Really, they miss opportunities like this all the time. I will never get why BlackBerry settled for such a lack luster marketing campaign? We wouldn't be talking about selling the company if they just got this right once and for all.

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Maybe they should come up with an advertised pitch using him and the speed and efficiency of the Q10...just a thought.

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Hey BlackBerry if you want to be successful on the marketing front maybe you should listen to some ideas, from the loyal crackberry forum's.

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We need more commercials here in the USA! We need more commercials here in the USA!We need more commercials here in the USA!

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Adam, is good to know you like all the celebrities are using BlackBerry. Though you should know most of us in the West Indies use BlackBerry.

They are popular with the keyboard as well.

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Exactly, bb is big in the West Indies..I recently sold my bob for an iPhone and right now my communication has severely been reduced Cuz they all have blackberry...

As a Jamaican using both Android and BlackBerry, I can easily day that is a given the Usain would have a Q10 (even if it means having another toy along for the ride). It's just a Jamaican thing. BB is everywhere and although BB10 hasn't really caught on as yet, I expect the arrival of the Q5 to bring the country into BB10 dominance

Oh, and Bush was such the upstanding character. Move the wannaba political talking points out of here and stay on topic.... Usain, please BB!

All this political talk is too funny to people like me who r non-american. Its funny to see the "real" Americans blowing cold on Obama. Even we non-americans know how "great" the repubs are - just replay the 47% speech.

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BlackBerry 10 is my watch, computer, phone, jewelry, video player, music player, music mixer, music maker, gaming device, server, client, etc...

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how about making Usain bolt one of the main celebs endorsing BB10? move over Alicia Keys...

ps. he only has the icrap phone because I bet he doesn't know how to side load Instagram (I follow him on Facebook and Instagram lol)

AND this is the guy who mentioned BBM on the Olympics AROUND the world....and Thor and Frank Boulben STILL can't figure out how this would be a thousand times better than Alicia "I-tweet-from-my-iPhone", we have her and a little sticker on an F1 car....Genius (not really)

last I know who was seen with a z10 was Leonardo dicaprio. dammit I wish his name was shorter.

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Hey! For the people who didn't know, Usain bolt is sponsored by telecoms company Digicel. They send him the latest devices on a regular. Its however, nice to see him rocking the Q10. Jamaica is moving away from BlackBerry as we speak. Its gonna be a blood bath for BlackBerry when BBM goes cross platform.

Ajouter bolt pour l'image de blackberry afin de monter la côte des smartphone. Bolt c'est le meilleur !!

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