Use Your BlackBerry as a Modem on a Mac

By Adam Zeis on 20 Aug 2009 09:38 am EDT


Those of you looking to tether your BlackBerry to your Mac look no further. RIM has published an article with a step-by-step of just how to do it. The article How to set up an IP modem using Bluetooth on an Apple Macintosh computer has plain and simple steps to get the job done.

A BlackBerry smartphone with tethered modem over Bluetooth® capabilities can be used as an external modem to connect an Apple Macintosh computer to the Internet. To set up an Internet Protocol (IP) modem over Bluetooth on an Apple Macintosh computer, complete the following tasks.

The full article can be found in the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center. This is a simple solution for Mac users, yet many don't know how to set it up or never cared to try. If you have tested out this method, be sure to leave a comment and let us know your findings. 

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Use Your BlackBerry as a Modem on a Mac


I use the mac beta for tetherberry all the time, and it works great!
I've always wanted to try BT Tethering though through my phone, but I guess i won't get that pleasure until I see a video 'how to' on youtube.

If you read the link to, it'll ask you to get information from verizon. Screw that. I already know I'll get denied of any info. they hate giving us anything we want.

It says on step # 13:
"To access the Internet through your BlackBerry smartphone, you will need to provide information such as the user name, password, and access point name (APN). The values in these fields vary depending on your wireless service provider. To obtain this information, contact your wireless service provider."

and it works pretty well when in a 3g area. Unless youre streaming video then its not that great but it does suffice well. its not extremely slow and is extremely easy to set up

Here's the info for Verizon, however, you'll just be taken to the Verizon site where requiring you to purchase Mobile Broadband for $30/month. If anyone has a workaround for that....please share!!

# Connection Name: [whatever name you want]
# Number To Dial: #777
# Connection Availability: Anyone's Use
# Username: [your phone #] (Example:
# Password: vzw

I tried it a while ago on my storm, but verizon sends your browser go to their broadband sign up page. I think they know the trick...or maybe it's built into the newer phones because supposedly the older phones can still tether without issue. If there is a way around it...let me know.

I been tethering my 8900 via BT with no problems. T-mobile actually helped me get up and running. I mainly tether while on vacation and cannot get internet access otherwise.

Just tried it with the online steps with my 8900 with T-Mobile and its slow since its using the GPRS settings but since its free (with Tmobile, not sure about other carriers) its worth it to try out. Good for quick web searches while out on the road.

I've been tethering my Bold an Mac for about a week using this method. Shame RIM is just now posting these instructions. I searched for these instructions for months before I found some that actually worked.

This doesnt work. I keep getting PPP server error!!! Any ideas why? Im on vodafone UK. Also anyone know the login details i need?

Thanks :o)

I have been using BT to tether my Storm with my MacBook Pro for a few months. I called Verizon back in May to get the settings needed and have been using it all over the country with work travel. So far, it has been working flawlessly. No driver downloads, no special software or plug-ins, just the connection via BT and the access info that a couple people have listed in the comments. Happy with it here.

Just want to say that this works perfectly and websites render very fast.
I no longer have to use the Parallel software to access through Windows XP!

Try it, you'll like it.

I have sprint..does any body know what username and password their talking it the info we use for their website or info we need to access our account info on the phone? please help

who's successfully tethering on AT&T?

share some info?

i'd like to get my curve up and running for this.

i'd appreciate it.

i used to have a bb pearl and was using internet on my mac via blue-tooth for the longest time, until last month when i bought the new BB 8900 and now it won't work.
I've tried everything but for some reason cant seem to get this working. whenever i try to connect it gives me an error saying device not connected while blue-tooth is on on both the phone and the mac .. and everything is set up exactly like it was with the bb pearl.
I have tried everything and have finally given up.
if anyone can guide me it would be greatly appreciated.

I have been doing this since November. It is easy to setup and is like having open wi-fi everywhere you go. The speed is very good.

Ive been tethering my bb via bluetooth with my mac for a while.
Im on t-mobile UK.

For assistance, try the blog site backdrifter. They have instructions for users of Leopard.

Verizon told me that I have to pay an extra 25 in order to get the internet for mac... o well.. i guess i'll have to find a wifi hotspot