Use your BlackBerry to make purchases at Starbucks across the US!

By Michelle Haag on 19 Jan 2011 12:40 pm EST
Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerryStarbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry

Back in September we let you know that Starbucks was testing out their new mobile card app in limited markets. It looks like their testing went well, because starting Wednesday, January 19, the app is going official across the US. What does this mean for you? Just enter your Starbucks Card number and your BlackBerry Tour, Curve or Storm becomes your Starbucks Card. You can register your card, check your balance and track the Stars you earn toward free beverages through My Starbucks Rewards.

And here’s the coolest feature: you can pay for your drink using the Starbucks Card Mobile app! Enter your card number and your device will display a barcode you can use as your Starbucks Card to make purchases. Mobile Pay is available at more than 7,500 Starbucks stores, including all Target Starbucks stores, in the United States. To download Starbucks Card Mobile for your BlackBerry, text GO to 70845.

I hope Starbucks expands the availability of the app to more BlackBerry models and other countries, and soon! There is a huge chunk of market out there they are missing out on with the current limitations. If you are a Tour, Curve, or Storm owner in the US will you be trying out the Starbucks Card Mobile app?

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Use your BlackBerry to make purchases at Starbucks across the US!

59 Comments clearly says Curve, Tour, Storm...c'mon dude...

don't get me wrong I'm a 9650er too but if it says its not available, its probably not dumb as that is

But the Tour and Bold 9650 are the EXACT SAME DEVICE save for Wi-Fi and the Trackpad, both of which should not influence app compatibility whatsoever!!!

Use the direct download.. the only thing stopping it from loading is the server checking which device you are running by reading your browser ID. :/

What a bunch of ignorant bozos. It works great on the Bold. I use it fine. Why dont you try reading the instructions before you hurt yourself. Or just use cash if you can even find the Starbucks. Again it works great on the 9650. If yours doesnt its your fault. End of story.

Doesn't work on my 9650 Bold. I think Starbucks needs to get the bugs out of this before they release it.

it obviously isn't starbucks that is doing the programming. Whoever they farmed this out to is dumb for not putting out Bold/Torch versions. Hopefully they will come soon.

Before you put your foot in your mouth again go to this link about the prog on the Starbucks website....of all places. It shows how to install it and CLEARLY states it is for the BOLD 9650!!!

It even gives you the option to just ext them and they send it to your BB. Enjoy.

Been using it on my Storm2 for a couple weeks now. Works great!!! I know the article says it starts today, but my store got the new scanners in 2 weeks ago and have been accepting my phone purchases. I have had the app for a while and used to have to give them my phone so they could type in the card#. Now I can just scan the bar code. Love it!!!

I have been using this app since September on my Storm2 and it is great. I have a SuperTarget Starbucks near me, so I've also had a chance to use the barcode-scan to pay and it is slick. I have found that sometimes I have to instruct the cashier what button to press to allow them to use the scanner.

For those of you on os 6 or an unsupported phone, no promises but go to this link: it's direct download and worked on my 9700 running 6.0:

On a whim, rather than use:

I tried:

It gave me a download link, but the version number is the same as the top link.

I loaded it, ran it, tried to login to my account, but it said "The Network was unavailable".

Thinking that it wasn't working, I tried to go to on my PC and it seems the whole web-site is having problems right now.

So the app may work on my 9650, but I will have to wait for a bit......

EDIT @2:25PMEST: I think the server is crashing. Now when I try and go to the site, I get SQL errors. Either their server has crashed badly, or someone has hacked in, or both, or neither...dunno.....

EDIT @2:30PMEST: Meh....deleted the app. I generally use it infrequently, and usually only for the lo-fat frozen drinks in the summer. Not worth waiting around to try to get it to work....

Thanks for the link, it's a success. I would caution anyone attempting to use the link to complete the old fashioned battery pull after downloading.

Unsupported on 9700 with OS6 as well. Can't detect the device. Maybe it's an OS6 issue?

Can someone that has it working get a direct link to the .jad file so we can try to force it on our unsupported devices anyways? I have theory it can work.

EDIT: Posted too soon. Thanks for above link. :)

You might want to try and give it one more go. I used to use it on my 9650 before I switched phones and it didn't give me a problem. Best of luck

This stopped working on my 9550 a month ago. The "Pay" button never shows. I spoke to a Starbucks employee and he said the iPhone did the same thing and they cannot fix it. So I'm pretty upset about it not working.

Thank you a million times over, jsnewman!! I had been running this app on my Tour, but by following the normal download procedure from the Starbucks website, it wasn't compatible with my Style 9670 (running OS6). I used the direct download link you posted above and it works!!!! Yay! I had been so very disappointed that it wouldn't work on my Style (before now), since I had been using it every day at the Starbucks in our SuperTarget here. You've made me one happy gal! Thanks!

Everyone, it looks like the mobile payment part of the app only works with 9650 users who downloaded the app a few months ago or more. I have two Bold 9650s (Verizon Wireless-run), one of which I've used the Starbucks app with for 6 months and the barcode payment works fine, the other I bought last week and when I downloaded the app, it doesn't work.

Hopefully this helps...knowing Starbucks, they'll fix this bug soon enough.

I've been using this app on my Bold 9700 (OS5) since September (Seattle market). Never had a problem, use it to pay and reload my Starbucks card frequently (while waiting in line to purchase a drink, which I then pay for using the barcode displayed on the phone). The only problem I have noticed is that it doesn't always display reward "stars" correctly, but who cares? Great way to pay and not have to carry the Starbucks card around.

I have been using the Starbucks card app on my Bold 9000, since the trial began, with no problems at my local Target.

I had just returned from the *$ down the street and read the above article while sipping my grande drip. I was able to download the app to my Tour by texting GO to 70845.

I went back, bought a $10.00 gift card (they slide it once to register it), entered the card number and security code into the app, ordered a second coffee, and handed the guy my phone. When you hit the pay button in the app (to the right of your $ balance "as of day and time") the barcode appears, with the card number below it.

He said their scanners weren't working so he entered the card number manually. He offered to make the sound the scanner normally makes. :) He promised the scanners would be working soon.

Since the purchase I have been unable to refresh my balance in the app. "The network was unavailable. (BB342)"

I'm sure they will work out the kinks as the scanners to all their stores must have cost a few bucks.

Starbucks, love them or hate them, made a good move, and got 10 more bucks out of me for the effort. I'm in there too often, know many employees by name, but never get the cards because I don't want to carry them. But I always have my BB.

Like I read of Japan, this method of payment is going to catch on here.

I created a "spacebar *" shortcut to the app with QuickLaunch.

The icon for the app should most definitely be changed from the ugly unrecognizable rectangular gift card to the recently updated, known the world over Starbucks circular siren logo.

Man am I wired.

Hahaha this was an awesome, useful comment. Glad it worked for you. Did you take up his offer and have him make the scanner sound? lol

Nah but I should have. Maybe if it had been the cute girl with the nose stud. :) Thanks for turning us on to this.

You're welcome. I hope more people can get it to work. I'm sure with time Starbucks will expand the app to be compatible for more people. :)

Works on my Sprint 9330 with OS6 except the bottom of the display is a little screwed up. It does communicate and the pay part of the app works also.

I had this app on my Sprint 8530 so I had the COD file which I just copied to my 9330. I have had the same problem that it won't download from the normal site because of the phone type checking, etc.

Works on my 9700 with OS6 .424 leak using the direct link posted by jlb21. I'm currently at work at Starbucks, it's slow right now, and getting this set up has kept me entertained. Only problem is, my only option is "payment trial," there is now "pay" option to show the barcode :/

Edit: I got the pay option to show up and scanned it to mark out my coffee. Awesome. (Method: battery pull, payment trial, uncheck then recheck "enable payments," it showed up. I had done a battery pull after installing the app, too, but I guess that one didn't completely take, or the network was still having issues and this was just happy coincidence since I'd unchecked and rechecked the box before with nothing happening.

Thanks for the direct link. I'm sending it to my phone right now. I was a little frustrated that they only gave you the option to use a text message to get the app. I don't have text messaging, don't need tm, and don't want tm. No reason to pay more for something I will rarely use. Hopefully this works. I only go to Starbucks a couple times a month but I do like their coffee.

I downloaded and installed without issue, and had no real problems getting the barcode to display. However, the barista kept getting an error when we tried to Pay using the BB. The other baristas reported similar problems earlier in the day (1197 E. Los Angeles in Simi Valley CA,) even though this location comes up in the app as one that should accept the BB payment.

Haven't tried the battery pull, I'll keep trying

For all of the people arguing whether it works on the 9650 or not, its obvious that the website is sniffing what OS you are on. When I go via the texted link, it says my phone is not yet supported. I am on a Sprint 9650 with OS6. Apparently, that combination is not working yet. I'll just wait. Its just as easy to whip out my starbucks card for now.

I've tried getting this via text, but get a message that my 9630 isn't supported. Would someone, plz, send the direct link to me? Thanks!

Been using the app since Sept when it was first posted on Crackberry. But in Canada....cannot register a card or pay with BB....waiting....not so patiently.
Great as a store locator, especially when I travel.

It doesn't work on any modern blackberry. V6 or higher won't install including the bold 9650 which is listed as "supported". Clearly Starbucks is abandoning the BB app in favor of the Android / Iphone apps. But they don't understand the connection between corporate blackberry users and starbucks coffee!