Use the #TAXI application this Holiday season to enter for a chance for $50 credit for future cab rides

By Jared DiPane on 24 Dec 2011 12:24 pm EST


Looking for an easy way to find a taxi in an area you are unfamiliar with? #TAXI (Pound TAXI) is an application available in BlackBerry AppWorld which allows users to easily find and call for a taxi service. The concept of the application is quite simple, once you launch the application you are presented a screen in which you decide whether you want the first available taxi or a specific company. 

Once you select this you simply press the call button and the app will then find the taxi for you, the only downside being a charge from your carrier of somewhere in the ball park of $1 - $2 per use. Users who download the application and make use of it between now and January 5, 2012 could enter for a chance to win $50 in cab rides. Hit the link below to download #TAXI for yourself!

More information / download of #TAXI 



Pay $2 every time I use the app or type "taxi" into Google for free? Google.


R U guys kidding? 2$ to give each time? +1 for Google


seriously who really thinks someone is going to use this at such a ridiculous price? google-free point-free i missing something?


Forgot the yellow pages app!


No thanks. Thanks carriers!