Use IT Manager free during the holidays and you could win a 1 year license

By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2013 02:23 pm EST

While you’re out of the office enjoying the holidays it's the perfect time to use the IT Manager app to monitor and control your servers from your BlackBerry device. Many of you will be away longer than normal at the end of the month, so what better way to be worry-free than to have the ability to manage your servers no matter where you are?

The solution allows network administrators to manage their servers from anywhere, including management of Windows, Unix, BlackBerry Enteprise Server, VMware, Amazon AWS, Google Apps, SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP and much more from their BlackBerry 10, iOS or Android devices.

To celebrate the holidays, the team is offering a free license to all CrackBerry readers! All you need to do is simply fill out this form to get your free 30 day license. By filling out the form you’ll also be entered into a draw to win one of 5 free one year licenses of  The promotion ends on January 6th, 2014. 

Head to the link below to grab your free 30 day trial and enter to win a free 1 year license!

Register now for a free 30 day trial of IT manager

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Reader comments

Use IT Manager free during the holidays and you could win a 1 year license


Nice! I've published this app in my Work Zone, but only used the free part so far.
If I see added value in the full version, I might try to convince my manager at work to buy a license.

Adam probably got a lifetime subscription ;)
Application is decent but man to whom services are needed just in case (once a year) is not beneficial.
Developers make application once paid, otherwise someone will do this for you and your application will be useless.
Sorry for my english :)

I'm not familiar with this app but I currently RDP into my servers and desktop at work using Remote Desktop for BlackBerry 10.

What does this application bring to the table above and beyond that?

Posted via CB10

IT Manager does RDP, but it also does a whole lot more, such as VNC, SSH, Telnet and more. It also has a native interface to manage things like the BES and VMware, using RDP is great, but on a 4" screen you have to do a lot of panning and zooming to get stuff done over RDP, with a native interface it's a quick way to get the job done.

Paul Dumais

Anyone know how this product compares to idokorro (oops!) / Rove Mobile (oops again!) / Solarwinds Mobile Admin (yeah, that's the name now)??

Posted via CB10