Get your Instagram fix on BlackBerry legacy devices with Client for Instagram

Client for Instagram
By James Richardson on 1 May 2014 06:26 am EDT

We all know that the social photo network Instagram is super huge these days, however, legacy BlackBerry users have been missing out on the action. That is until today when I was having a look through BlackBerry World on my Bold 9900. Client for Instagram from The Jared Company may not be as fancy as the Instagram apps for BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows Phone but it does the job by utilizing the web browser. 

The nice thing here is that when you launch the app you'll be given two options: 'Open Viewer' or 'Upload Photo'. Selecting the latter will swing you into your picture gallery where you can select the image you wish to use and add a comment to it as shown in the photograph above. It's certainly not as smooth as on other platforms and you don't have the option to alter the image or add filters but you can still get your Instagram fix. 

Opening the viewer will allow you to scroll through your feed and you can like and comment on photographs. The images are a little small and this is far from the perfect solution but at least it is an option. 

Client for Instagram is free to download although you will find a slightly annoying advert at the top of the page. You can't win them all! 

With the app you will be able to :

  • Register a new account - Post photos
  • Comment on posts
  • Like photos
  • View popular photos
  • Search tags / users
  • Follow/Unfollow Users
  • Perform searches to find photos of interest
  • View your own feed

Pretty sweet don't you think? Give it a go and sound off in the comments with your thoughts? After all, there are more BlackBerry legacy devices out there than BlackBerry 10 at the moment. 

More information/Download Client for Instagram for BlackBerry legacy devices

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Get your Instagram fix on BlackBerry legacy devices with Client for Instagram

22 Comments is May the first.. :-P thx for your upgrades! Missing your video-reviews!!

Posted via CB10

Ahh the white 9900. Probably the best looking phone BlackBerry have ever made. I do miss it (apart from screen size!).

Posted via CB10

Those pics of the white BlackBerry bold make me want to get the new upcoming BlackBerry classic in white (if available). Looks so unique in a sea of glass phablets.

Posted via CB10

Decided to try it. It sends you to a webpage that reformats in a way that works on the BBOS 7 browser ( doesn't load on BBOS 7 -- at least not on my 9810 with 7.1).

So there isn't a lot of "app" to this app. Browsing Instagram is done on the bbos Web browser, not in the app.

Posted via CB10

Oh wow this is a nice surprise. BBOS 7 has been getting some love lately. Might have to dust off the 9900 and give this a try.

Like you "avatar".

Looks like
... well, a dread-lock dude from correspondingly named movie. Or the Lion King.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I tried it from my 9930, uploaded a selfie, liked some pics, and let a comment, so yeah It works. I just don't like the ads. It might not be an "app" but its better than nothing! I wonder if it will work on my Playbook?

I'm still using a BB9900 cause I could not get used to typing on glass with one finger. My android tablet satisfies my other needs.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Have you tried the Q10? Great keyboard and with BB10 super fast browser / Maps & tons of other apps.