Use BlackBerry App World as a QR code scanner

Use BlackBerry App world to scan barcodes
By Joseph Holder on 8 Dec 2010 12:22 pm EST

Many people want a barcode scanning app that can read codes in the wide world and report on the best deals around.  But some just want to read QR codes.  Quick Response codes are the black and white, checkered squares you see in the CrackBerry app store and at the BlackBerry App World website.  While there are many options for scanning a barcode, they all require you to take a picture of it.  A process that I fail at more often than not.

The barcode scanner in the BlackBerry App World application (try saying that three times fast!) is different.  Rather than taking pictures, App World processes the live feed coming from the video camera.  Just press the menu key and select "Scan a Barcode."  Hold your smartphone up to the code and wait a few moments.  You'll soon get a message asking if you want to follow the link.  Presuming of course, the QR code is for a website.  

Using the App World scanner, you can process any QR code.  I use the scanner to get App World or CrackBerry App Store links into my phone.  It's much faster than sending an email to myself.  And with a BlackBerry smartphone, you know that's saying something. 

Thanks to sutriat for originally pointing this out to me

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Use BlackBerry App World as a QR code scanner


yea iv done it on my 8520, also adding a group barcode from BBM works too.

also adobe do a download of a program called Q-Air, which allows users to make QR codes for texting, weblinks and phone numbers!

You can do this through BBM as well. When the first 5.0 BBM beta was leaked, it worked for all forms of QR codes, including text, phone number dialing, web pages, etc. Now it only works on certain QR code types.

Anyway, BBM is a little quicker to use for QR code reading since it's running in the background and you don't have to launch it.

Also remember, you can make free QR codes at Just precede your text/url with the letters qr and a space. Test them out with the BlackBerry App World scanner. If you want a telephone number QR code, type "qr TEL:15555551212" substituting the number you want after the TEL:

I had no idea I can use the app world scanner for this as well! Thank you Joseph and Sutriat! I would have never of known this. Works way better :)

Great tip! Thanks. And this one actually works in the leaked OS6 for the Bold 9700. Which the one in BBM doesn't.

I just tried this on the 9700 running and it hung my phone. When I pressed scan bar code it launched the working camera view but no matter what I pressed it never went away (trackpad, menu key, camera button, back, hold menu to try to get the app switcher, end, lock/unlock, mute etc...). ATL/Shift/Del did reboot the device.

Has this happened to anyone else is there a way to get out of this state?

Got the same issue on a Curve 8530 running I let the screen go dim, but pressing buttons did not restore the screen or provide any other activity. The "end" key did bring up a white screen, but I wound up having to reboot via ASD...

I can neither give this a thumbs up or down due to the fact that my Storm2 is "unsupported". I highly doubt it is because of my carrier, Verizon, and since this is the case I highly recommend that "Supported Devices" is changed to list specific models instead of claiming all are supported.

Just disappointed - that's all =/

Ha, not only did it NOT work on my Tour, it locked my phone up, and wouldnt let me out of the scanning screen. I had to pull the battery.

As a matter of fact, I did a blog post about this the other week. Google is displaying this code within my feedburner account and the url shortener. I put my phone up to the computer, scanned the bar code and it took me right to the url I shortened.
Read about it at I even posted a screen shot.

I tried several different versions of these in the App World and none worked. One app said it worked only with a BB with an auto focus camera. My 8900 has an auto focus, but never worked with QR, barcodes, or anything.... Might try this, and see if it works, but not holding my breath.

I'd like to point out that MOST of the QR readers in BB App World require that you take a picture of the QR code, and the app analyzes the picture. There is, however, a saving grace. It's called QR Scanner Pro from The Jared Company. It works like the QR scanner in App World (formerly in BBM) but can be assigned to a quick key (especially if you're using QuickLaunch) instead of navigating through App World menus.

QR Scanner Pro scans in real time (no pushing buttons to take pictures of the bar code) and displays the information if it's text, or opens the page if it's a link. QRSP is free and works on 5.x and 6.x devices, even the 6.x leaks for the 9700.


I seem to have a problem with QR scanner in app world locking up and getting stuck in camera mode. Anybody else have this??