USB support shown off on rooted BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2011 10:19 am EST

The DingleBerry tool for the BlackBerry PlayBook opens up all kinds of new possibilities for hardcore users everywhere. While there isn't too much you can do just yet, many PlayBook owners have had plenty of sleepless nights pushing the tablet to its limits and finding new things to do. One of which comes from eltecnoblog and shows off a rooted PlayBook with a USB support (much like what was shown off by the guys at TAT). As seen in the video above, the PlayBook is able to read a USB flash drive and play movies from it thanks to some hard work and a bit of hardware. It's definitely a great start and a good sign of what can be done on a rooted PlayBook. Check out the full video above, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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Source: eltecnoblog
Via: BerryReview

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USB support shown off on rooted BlackBerry PlayBook


About time! This is a much needed option. Although a preferred micro SD slot would be great if there is a Playbook 2

About time! This is a much needed option. Although a preferred micro SD slot would be great if there is a Playbook 2

Perhaps if you watched the video you may have realised that PlayBooks do not run Windows. As well as picking up this great bit of knowledge, it may have been possible for you to have picked up that not only Windows can recognise flash drives, and that apps have the ability to view folders - I know, shocking, isn't it?

AM42 - You could connect the adapter but if you use a case or anything that closes the adapter will stick out. If you have a slot it would be built-in and not take up your usb port/charging port.

But it is a great feature to be able to add a usb flash drive. I actually have one of these adapters so I need to decide if its worth rooting my PB just yet.

No post about the fact that rims q2 financial results were previewed and the stock is now at 15.70??

So if some great people have managed to open new potential functionalities within the PB, what have RIM been doing during the last 9 months? Did they fire everyone from the PB development team?

Whoa! Crazy awesome. I cant wait to see what will happen when this gets fine tuned.

Any word on how the battery holds up when doing this?

Guys is a USB size changer, what is the real issue here? Essentially he took the female micro USB port and made it into a Female USB standard it didn't take soldering or anything fancy other then a simple device bought, yes he could have placed it on the end of the thumb drive but then he couldn't plug it into his computer. Let focus on the real thing here.... this is absolutely amazing we can do this on a rooted PlayBook. This will change the game going forward that we can use flash drives for storage and even cases that have built in SD card readers so you can just put your device in a case and you have a SD card slot. When you think about the possibilities this is jsut amazing!

Playbook with USB host = CAN REPLACE UMPC unit for ultramobile pro users !!
It's very very PRO FEATURE !!

aah, now i get it - had to think things through outloud before it made sense:

1. .create mount point on PB
2. edit config file to auto mount device to mount point when plugged in
3. plug in device

you will need access to the config file to make the change permanent after restarting the PB


RIM, if you read this, please enable this feature so I don't have to root. This feature will attract even more users.

yes, since you won't lose anything. you're not making any profit at $200, might as well not worry about the premium for 32 and 64 GB versions.

@all, sorry, i didn't know there was such an adaptor. that's great!

I just ebayed a micro usb host adapter in preparation for this! Unfortunately Ill still have to wait the 3 weeks for it to come from china...

Dear RIM,

As a Christmas present to all PB owners you should include this feature in the 2.0 release AND give as all an adapter INSTEAD of these BS apps for free in App World. This would make up for not only the delayed launch of the PlayBook itself but also the delay of the release of 2.0.

Thank you,

Crackberry Nation

i always thought it would have been great if these adapters worked out of the box, without the need to "dingleberry" (lol) the playbook, for external usb hardware, not just storage drives

i remember Mike L mentioning "and support for usb" during devcon when discussing the playbook, so i figured he meant that was coming to us via 2.0


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The code was already in the os, but not enabled for whatever reason. The dingleberry folks afent making anything new, but they afe enabling features the rim must have seen as "not ready".

If the playbook came with sd card integration and usb hosting. I would have got one on day 1. I'm still waiting for usb host but at least the rooted blackberry kinda shows u how its done :p