Usain Bolt - Fastest BlackBerry User Alive

The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is Soooooo Fassssttt!!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Aug 2012 02:36 pm EDT

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Usain Bolt - Fastest BlackBerry User Alive


Ya, they're so fast no one can actually find them in any of the stores. Two days looking and still no luck. Way to go RIM!!!

He shushed the crowd when he won. Maybe he meant that we should not complain and wait for BlackBerry 10 :D
oh and I wonder if he has a Bold? :)

I'm sorry but these type of stories just reek of desperation. One amazing athlete uses a Blackberry and it's like front page news on here for a week, and who knows how much longer still. You know who uses an iPhone/Android? Every other amazing athlete in the world. It's just the reality right now. You don't see iPhone or Android blogs loose their shit when they spot someone using one of their devices. You know why? Because the devices speak for themselves, they don't need to bother publishing article after article about it, and they have more important articles to focus on, that actually matter. I know its slow around here with BB10 being developed, but pushing the fact that Bolt uses a Blackberry so much just comes across as desperate to me. Is it cool? i guess. Is it worthy of a small write up? sure. Is it a game changer that deserves multiple extended write ups and analysis? Absolutely not.

business101, meet grammar101

"couldn't have"

When people say out loud "couldn't've" it does sound like "couldn't of", but is isn't.

You two have woefully missed the point. I do not think a headline (or doodle) will make or break RIM.
This is just in the spirit of the Olympics in that Bolt (the fastest man alive for the past 8 years) shocked everyone by saying he was going to BBM some friends his thanks seconds after breaking an Olympic record by setting the second fastest time ever. Given the media frenzy around him around the world at the time it's VERY notable for a fansite.
You really need to get a life. Sheesh.

Great image for sure. I remember seeing a long write on here a few days ago, hence that particular comment. Long time RIM fan and I'll always use a Blackberry myself, I just find the fascination over Bolt using a Berry a little odd. And it's not just Crackberry, I've seen it posted on a few other blogs. Anyways, glad he enjoys it, can't say I blame him.

Genius. There's no need to come on CB and trash talk about how more athletes are using other devices than BB. Don't you think people have had enough?

Why are you so offended? I come on here for the same reason you come here, to get news about RIM. It just so happens I didn't really care for this type of article, so I made a comment. That's what the comment field is for, to voice your opinion. Having a negative opinion doesn't mean I'm trolling. Just like if you have positive opinion, it doesn't mean you're a sheep to all things Blackberry. But, getting overtly hostile and acting like a general a$$ because someone doesn't share the same opinion as you, is trolling. Newsflash, Android and Apple own the market right now. Acknowledging that doesn't mean you're trash talking. I didn't trash talk about RIM in my initial post, nor any post after that, it's a shame that's what you took from it.

So after reading this i can't understand what dj. M said that was so outrageously hateful to deserve the personal attacks if one feels so inclined to respond to a comment posted in a open comment section why not A)ignore it.
Or B)respond without throwing labels of hate or troll because what the man said does not fit into your ideology.
I'm not saying I'm just sayin. It's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions their like a$$ holes everyone's got one and they are entitled to express them

Blah blah blah... who cares? You really take that seriously? It's just for fun! C'mon, where's your sense of humor? I personally don't care if King Kong uses a BB, but it would sure be fun to have Kevin put up a fun doodle about it on Crackberry, because it's just fun!

Im sorry, you just reek of troll. Id say your little editorial on the subject took more time to post than all others regarding this matter combined. It is sad really. This is important to me and many others Id suspect. It doesn't justify anything, it doesn't make people want a BlackBerry (well maybe it will and thats what your threatened by), its just a doodle and a few stories of an Olympic Athlete and his preferred means of social communication. is exactly where this belongs because that is what they do. Have you ever heard of Celebrity Sightings? Is that where you post the bulk of your trollings? Give it a rest already. We cant help that the vast majority of smartphone user are 15 year old sheep with iphones. Not because the product is superior, but because it's that overpriced new thing that the popular girl has. To be honest, if it were me, I'd be all over this. The fastest man alive uses a BlackBerry! Now that is an Advertising Executives dream.

Please pick me I am actually a tri athelete and i am pretty quick not as quick as bolt but quick, and I have been druling for a playbook 4g ever since it was ever mentioned

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

There are some people that hate some time and then there are people that hate ALL the time.....which one are you?? GREAT DOODLE

This was a cool doodle. I was born in Jamaican and it's personally great to see. On another note, how about if you haters just let us dream while BB10 is en route instead of crapping on ideas/concepts/possibilities that come out? Go try and make some else feel crappy.

Usain is in the UK right now, correct? I don't think they have LTE networks in the UK, or do they?

I think RIM should fly Usain to Canada and give him a LTE PlayBook, and let him loose on one of Canada's LTE providers and then he really WILL be the fastest BlackBerry owner on Earth (as fast as all other PlayBook LTE users, but you have to admit he has an edge when it comes to physical speed).

I would like to see a sponsorship. Deal with Usain bolt. And name one of the new bb10 phones the blackberry bolt.

Not to upset the berry cart here but...

20 seconds is about all of the time I have to devote to track and field anymore. I also think a majority of the world maxes out there too. So yea, 200M on down sets the standard for speed.

On a side note, my 5 year-old was screaming this morning and I am pretty sure my wife made the 100M in less than 9.63 seconds.

Remarkable athlete: Yes indeed

Usain Bolt quote: "I'm now a legend. I'm also the greatest athlete to live." Give me a break. It is this type of obnoxious bravado that, ironically, will put Bolt in the same pariah category as Carl Lewis. Not at all a good fit for RIMs image.

your such a hater, track and field is a highly competitive sport, if he wants to talk all the hype he wants as he can back it up (which he does) dont hate just because whatever country your from cant beat him. Usain also displays alot of class, im sure you haven't seen the two interviews which he halted in respect for the national anthem being played for USA at one time and Kenya the other few sportsmen would've done that. So enjoy focusing on the bad stuff

Rim could find no greater representative, also jamaica is a big blackberry fan

+1. Haters will always find the one little thing out of 1,000 to say someone is not worthy. Much like coming on CB and crapping on a whimsical idea/story. They just loove to hate.

OK genius, tell me where I said a single hateful thing about Usain Bolt. Can't do that?

OK then tell me where I made this an issue about national pride or derision of any other country? Can't do that either?

OK? You can say categorically which interviews I have or have not watched? No, I didn't think so.

Once you take a deep breath and un-wad your panties, read my point again. It is merely a statement that Mr. Bolt, for all of his athletic prowess (The point I started out with BTW) will make himself unmarketable if he continues with the over the top bravado. Don't believe me, ask Carl Lewis.

.... and to save your two functioning brain cells from having to do the work of critical thinking my ultimate point is I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN TO HIM.


today he won the 400 meters relay, how much more does he need to do? for all his clowning around he does alot to help kids and people and ids a god fearing man, if he wants to joke around when he wins races let him and keep your comments to yourself. and dont mention carl lewis again

Ali stirred the pot and pissed people off to the Nth degree more than Bolt. Ali redefined his sport. There was no marketing him at all, right? Much like what will happen if you say Bolt continues down the path of bravado and machismo. He should fit that cookie cutter, nice guy image that you can put on a box of Wheaties.

I grew up in the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica, where you would be scared to walk down the street in broad daylight. Bolt is no different. I applaud him for saying "I came from nothing and I'm the best. In your face!"... AND with a smile. Excuse him while he spends his well deserved money on rebuilding his home town and other charities. The guy's a loudmouth, and is unmarketable right? He'll just ruin his career

Lewis was an obnoxious fool. He was never fully embraced by sports fans. People, except for haters like you, love what Bolt has brought to the table. Like Phelps, He has done something that will take someone else a long time to achieve. Maybe you should call Ali a pariah as well.

I Would like to add KIRANI JAMES.. GRENADA'S 1st EVERY Medal and smallest country to ever win one, KIRANI JAMES has a BlackBerry and is the only non american to break to 44 sec barrier in the 400m.... so my friends Kirani James is the fastest BlackBerry user alive ;p

While I agree that no extensive write-ups should be published about this discovery (this is not one of them), I do think it's nice to see someone like Bolt using a BlackBerry, because superstars and athletes are just as susceptible to herd mentality as everyone else.

That would be the case in point.

Congrats to Usain "Lightening" Bolt and his 6 for 6. Most Jamaicans either have or would like to own a BB device, highly used there, no problem with me, the more promotion the better for RIM.