US Walmart stores roll back BlackBerry PlayBook prices to match their northern counterpart

BlackBerry PlayBook sale Walmart
By Michelle Haag on 21 Nov 2011 12:06 am EST

*Update 2: Not sure what's going on with the Walmart pricing. The site is now saying 32GB is $398 and 64GB is $498, so I am guessing the current $298 pricing is for the 16GB which people are reporting is out of stock.*

*Update: Looks like they've sold out of 16GB PlayBooks at $198, though there are still 32GB and 64GB available for $298 and $398. Who knows, maybe they will get more 16GB in stock soon.*

The list of retailers discounting the BlackBerry PlayBook the past week or two is growing, with the latest addition being US Walmarts. Much like the Canadian Walmarts, they have dropped the price of the 16GB PlayBook to $198. They mention a bundle offer on the website as well, which you can find details about at the link below. Basically they want you to add on some discounted accessories when you purchase the tablet. Except, we know you want to buy your PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry. ;) Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Find out more about the BlackBerry PlayBook sale at Walmart

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US Walmart stores roll back BlackBerry PlayBook prices to match their northern counterpart


I've been eyeballing this all day. I wondered what was happening here. Not saying 1st. Someone else can. Bugs the crap outta me.

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I just bought the 64 GB for $398 earlier today. Because WalMart just raised the price, will that mean they'll charge me an extra $100?????

I think you are reading it wrong, they dropped the price to $198 for the 16GB (SOLD OUT) and $298 for the 32GB and $398 for the 64GB.... Tabletaholic

Sadly I think you're right; they probably sold out so quick Wal Mart didn't even bother to preemptively make sure their site wouldn't look buggy in the event such an occurrence would take place.

I got a 32GB PB on Sunday. Was planning on grabbing one from Staples next Friday but this Walmart deal with free shipping beats having to wait in line overnight and risking not getting anything.

When I try to place an order for the 64g it prices me at $498.00. Did they jump $100 bucks or is there another discount that I'm not seeing?


They're being sold as a "bundle" on WalMart's website. When you select which model, it adds $100 or $200 (depending if you choose 32gb or 64gb) to the total of your "bundle".

I guess after the 16gb sold out, WalMart raised the prices...

That's a lot of PlayBooks out there if Walmart is selling out! Perfect! RIM needs market penetration.

I just finished my order with for U$ 199.00 + 5.** for second day shipping .... it was sold out earlier tonight..... and now they have it in stock !! hurry up this could be last only couple minutes !! .. sorry newbie question : can i post link here ?

I can't keep up with these price drops! I'm trying to grab one at these prices, but every time I find out there's a deal I miss it and the prices are back up!

Thanks for this, anyone know if is an official retailer and if warranty will be supported by RIM? I ordered one before they are sold out but seems like they have a pretty good return policy despite some somewhat mediocre online reviews. This sure beats trying to time the Staples deal on Friday.

i hope rim floods the market with theses devices....even if the 16gb are at such small margins. the short term beats out the long term....just get em in hands of people!

I was at a Walmart on Saturday and they didn't even have Playbooks. Best Buy did but no deals. RIM should just do a price cut, but I guess free marketing on black Friday was too tempting.

i talked to my walmart guy this morning in electronics. he said all of his playbooks were "recalled" by headquarters not too long ago. i told him that they were $199.99 online so his response was maybe it was walmart's way of hoarding all of them in one centralized warehouse for the online sale.

Ordered a 16gig yesterday morning, and since I work for the company I also received a 10% discount! Happy day!!!

The prices should be $100, $200 and $300 (respectively). Anything higher than that is totally unjustifiable for a tablet.

you're living in a world of make believe with elves and gremlins and eskimos!

a 16gb tablet for $100? good luck with that

You can insist on those price points until you're blue in the face, but the market seems to be prepared to go higher for now.

In two years? You're probably right...

305$ 32gb playbook 2nd day shipped... im stoked!! no more gettin up at 5am for me... imma sleep in and leave the crazy consuming to the other white people lol