US President Barack Obama - "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone"

By Bla1ze on 4 Dec 2013 06:43 pm EST

For years now US President Barack Obama's BlackBerry has been a topic of conversation. Everything from whether or not he'd be allowed to continue to use it after his being inaugurated as President right down to just exactly how it has been further secured to allow for it's continued use has been covered at one point or another. With that being considered, perhaps, it's no surprise that the 44th president of the United States​ recently admitted he was not allowed to use an iPhone in the White House.

"I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone," Obama told a group of young people at the White House for an event promoting his health care law. He added that his daughters Sasha and Malia spend a lot of time on their iPhones.

As we all know from previous reports on the President's BlackBerry usage, the device is limited in its actual use as only a small list of staff; friends and family have access to the personal email address of the President. But no matter where the President is his BlackBerry always appears close by even after recent security concerns.

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US President Barack Obama - "I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone"



The way I see it, BlackBerry has only one option. Keep BlackBerry secure, and make it cooler than the iPhone! Then why would anyone want an iPhone? Chen -----> Unleash TAT!

What a douche. Just because 7 members left does not render TAT not being a part of BlackBerry. BlackBerry still owns TAT.

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*some* of the members are. TAT has quite a few employees, and I'm sure there are some that were eager to step up into some of those more senior positions.

You're either devoted or your not. Get rid of dead weight that holds them back, and put people like @Gehr who created things like this for the older BBOS:

Developer and Lead on the team that delivered the first releases of
- BlackBerry Photo Uploaders ( Flickr, et al. ),
- Facebook,
- BlackBerry Clock.

Developed internal concepts that contributed architectural and product direction for
- Photo viewing,
- Animation and kinetic scrolling,
- Responsive applications,
- Location Sharing and recording,
- Blogging.

No you didn't. You chose it because you're a fanboy just like everyone else on here. It's OK to admit it lol.

Nope, not all BlackBerry owners are fanboys. The Z10 is actually my first smartphone and having used my friends' iPhones, Androids and WP8 smartphones, I chose it specifically for the company's consistent track record of putting security first and of course the amazingly innovative UI of BB10.

Posted from my Z10 running

I guess it would be like cheering for the Jets just because they are in Winnipeg and not because they used to be Atlanta.... so, that would make you a follower...... because I'm sure you were an Atlanta fan!!

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Aye watch it buddy -_-...

Lol jp

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I can see the advert now...... "Obama uses BlackBerry because he has to...... ( but he really, really, really wants an iphone) "

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It's funny that you should say that, because the article Gizmodo just ran of this sounds exactly like that.

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I'd like to hear the question that he was asked. It's too easy to take his response out of context. Is he still happy with his BlackBerry, or does he want an iPhone? I'm assuming he is not using the new operating system.

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It would be a bit hypocritical and maybe even ironic to have a President endorse your product touting security when he also re-signed the NDAA and Patriot Act, not to mention allowed the NSA intrusion of privacy...

Well, it takes someone like that to understand the importance of security, because he's a master of breaching security. If he's comfortable with a BlackBerry, knowing what he knows, then it MUST BE SECURE.

HAHAH makes you wonder what the US Gov't knows about Blackberry but aren't upfront in saying other than for security reasons!

Cause iphones such and have been hacked. Quite simple really. There's no phone that's harder to break then a BlackBerry unit.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

It is the year 2013.

It's no longer cool to use the word gay in this way.

You just look like a moron and by association, you make all of us blackberry fans look like morons.

So wise up and grow up.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

+1 It was cool in grade 5 when no one knew what it meant, now it's rather pointless.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Um, excuse me? I'm gay and I use a z10.

Also that's quite rude of you to generalize and entire sexuality like that to put down iPhone.

I'd never say something like android or blackberry is for straights. See how stupid that sounds?

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@Eduardo Gonzales1  Normally, I would delete this comment but JWWDUKE's reply was so great, I feel everyone should see it and learn from it. That said, if anyone has a problem with the comments being left, say so and I will remove it. However, all replies to that comment will disappear as well.

Hey Bla1ze, I hope u apply this to all forms of hate speech on crackberry. There's a user by the name of Jim Wolfson who has an avatar of a caricature of the prophet Mohamed depicted as a suicide bomber which a lot of ppl would find offensive. I think you should look into that. Thanks

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Keep it so that others who may consider being offensive will see an example of the backlash they will face. I like how gay Crackberry members immediately jumped in to criticize the comment.

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Do people have to be 10 years old to get on this forum? Gonzalez, you ain't worthy to use a blackberry. Can someone find him a Nokia 2300 with no Internet 'cos that was the kind of phone I used when I was his age.

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To lighten the mood let me remind some of you that when I was 12 years old the only telephone in existence was the rotary dial landline and we definitely couldn't carry it in our pockets and if we wanted to make a call when outside away from home was a pay-for-use telephone usually in a booth. ;-)

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Lmao!!!!!!!! Get him one of those 1st generation cell phones with the 2 foot antenna and the 6 inch thick battery!! LOL

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You'd be arrested and/or shot to death if you bashed the POTUS. Or are you talking about using the Bourne Again Shell (bash) to create scripts to run on a computer named POTUS?

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while this is not a good statement the fact is true that San Francisco is indeed the city where iPhone is the most popular. I can't find the link. It is a stats given by Apple.

What model is he kicking.

i cant stand the man child but our country knows what is the best secure phone to use while he is using the 900#'s, LMAO

I believe he is still rocking an old BOLD. He needs to get a Q10. I'm sure BlackBerry would gladly give him one if he asked.

Man child? Have some respect. He is brighter and smarter than you. After all he is your President and that is something you will never be in this life time or the after life.

Respect?? Why, simply because he obtained the office of the President? Should I forget he broke all his important promises, killed 400+ CIVILIANS With drone strikes, extended illegal wars he promised to end, appointed more bankers than bush ever did and is now trying to negotiate the TPP behind closed doors to cause all manner of horrible consequences for the average person while putting corporate interests above everything else? Gove your head a shake. He is not worthy of respect SIMPLY because he is president. In fact I would argue because he is president he should be held to a higher level of accountability and be jeered mercilessly for his abject failures.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

It's easier to be an armchair quarterback. Do you honestly believe that the 400+ civilians killed was intentionally or deliberately? Do you think it is as simple as ABC to stop or end a war? Be real.
"abject failures"? are you still in a "full blown out" recession? It seems like everything is simple to you. Kindly list some of your own personal accomplishments, Mr Perfect.

Couple of things:
1 Doesn't matter if the deaths via drone strikes were deliberate or not. He bears the responsibility for them.
2 it again, does not matter how simple it is to do a thing. If you make a promise, you are expected be able to follow through. If i promise to jump to the moon and then realize I can't do this, I'm still an a$$ clown for making the promise.
3 as for a full blown recession, i would say YES the US is still in the middle of a recession. Stock market keeps jumping due to endless QE from the fed, this does not change the picture on the ground aka massive unemployment, house repos etc.

Some people want to believe Obama is a great thing because he is the first black president. So did I. Problem is, he's not. A Democrat Bush who doesn't sound quite so stupid giving speeches

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Barack Obama is a Republican in Democrat clothing but he quickly abandoned any pretence of "Hope and Change". For those who are still confused.. Barack Obama Is not William Jefferson Clinton...Barack Obama Is more like a smooth talking version of George Walker Bush.

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Walker just reminded me of Chuck Norris...which just leads to all sorts of horribly funny Chuck Norris jokes...similar to the last 6ish years of BO...ahahah...another joke...

Oh man, I wasnt going to touch this conversation with a 10 foot pole, but I totally agree with this comment. All the conservative/Republican hate for Obama out there, if they sat back and looked objectivley they'd realize he's more to the right on a lot of issues then even Reagan and Bush 41! Whether or not thats a good thing, well, I definitely won't go there!

Everybody knows iPhone security is a joke. DoD to operate iPhones need to be crippled in order to be deemed ok to use (no Safari, app store, imessage, no iTunes) so basically useless. Touch ID got hacked in the same week along with 5 other lockscreen hacks. BlackBerry is the only real choice for any real phone security.

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Also note an iPhone needs to be loaded with software from Good to be used on DoD networks. Because of Apple rules, the feds and DoD have to pay the same price as any consumer because Apple wants it cut. I think they can escape most iTunes use via a 3rd party MDM.

But my point here is not only is the iphone expensive, but you have to add a lot of glue to make it remotely secure and to remote manage.

What we haven't seen is a pwn to own hacking contest on Good software.

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I use Good on my iPad because my company does not support BlackBerry. I think they should change their name to Okay

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Yup, when I read that he "isn't allowed" an iPhone, it sounded like he would have one if he had the chance.

He probably did ask for one and was laughed at. Must have been reminded he's the President of the U.S.
Reality kicked in and he went back to his BlackBerry.

Keep Calm and Berry On.

Nah, he was just being polite to some girls probably askingg why he did have a phone like theirs

Yesssss. And let's not forget who ditched Apple for Blackberry? Russian government.

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What is up with all of the offensive comments today? Thanks for alienating at least half the population.

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Wow, relax. It was in reference to a specific supporter of BlackBerry. This isn't a forum on equality.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

You are only allowed to have an opinion if your opinion follows the popular one, usually influenced by the media. While racism, sexism, etc, are silly and backwards thinking, people should be allowed to have those opinions. I really don't see how they are any different than nationalism, which is usually applauded. The thing is, humans have a tendency to feel inadequate in some way. Often the method used to alleviate this feeling is the downing or shunning another group or sub-group of people. This allows them to have someone they feel superior to and strokes their fragile ego. Is it a good thing to do? No. But I would rather people be free to think this way than be told how they should think and feel.

Me personally, I don't hate specific groups of people, I just hate specific people.

I am relaxed, thank you. I'm not a "politically correct " enforcer or anything, but some of the comments on this thread seem a bit exclusionary. Comments to the effect of "BlackBerry is for people like ME (not you)" sound juvenile. Truth is, there is a large variety of people to whom BlackBerry appeals (gay / straight, republican /democrat, male / female, REAL man/whatever the alternative is...)

BTW, I quite enjoy the company of men. I'm an engineer, so it's pretty much a necessity.

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Some people are offensive. Just the way it is. Feel free to think you can make a difference, but most people don't change much once they get to a particular age. Besides all that...behind the keyboard everyone is a little bit more 'free' with their opinions.

The comment "A Real Man".. was definitely taken out of context. That comment shouldn't offend a person that enjoy the company of the same sex or a woman. A Real Man to me is a male (Gay or Straight) that's about taking care of business (protecting, providing, knowing when to humble himself, having respect, etc). Not ducking child support, living with parents, mooching off friends, etc. Most importantly A Real Man knows a Woman's Worth, he would Never Disrespect....

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I don't get it then why DoD is allowing IOS and Android devices.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

He's probably using Secusmart's card to increase the security of the phone, as the German government does. The Secusmart card encrypts voice, SMS and data.

Yep. The German government made the switch to their current setup (BB + Secursmart) after news of the NSA spying broke out.

This only amplifies the good will I have towards President Obama. Big fan of his, and of course he uses a BlackBerry, he needs to get things done more than anyone else in the world.

-ARWestenberger, Maester of New Yevon

Big fan of Obama? You must not live in this country or live under a rock. He's a horrible president and his choice of phone doesn't help his cause. It's a Damn phone. To excuse his lies and misrepresentations because of his phone choice is just plain sad.

I was just thinking the same about you but with a twist. I thought you was blind and stupid......

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Sure did.... and I bet you voted for Mr. Flip Flop (Mitt Romney) ... lol. never know what that guy will do, he changes his position on policy like NASCAR Change tires..... you're funny.... btw good morning everyone

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+1... but then again, the typical American voter has a short political memory, so no surprise there.

I find it funny you all think he has power to do what has been done. Oh wait you don't know cause if you did you would have seen the last 25 yes or democratic and Republicans fishing non stop and blocking most of Obama ideas. Watch CNN people our president don't have power it's congress.

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He sure is smarter than you. You will never ever get to be in that "High Office". Glad the majority don't think like you otherwise he won't be a two term president.

what security does blackberry have that the iphone doesnt? Could someone please let me know, thanks

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Just because he uses a blackberry doesn't mean he does more work. He does more work because he's the president regardless of what phone he uses.

During the high days of BlackBerry couple years back, you know who used BlackBerry the most and said it was a work tool and not a toy? Mostly thugs kept spouting that nonsense as if having a blackberry made them all business like.

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This is just nonsense.... Thugs with Blackberries trying to be business like... just when you think you've heard it all.

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Well when you can use Bbm so that the police can't read the your messages.
Why wouldn't they? Police can read text messages but will have a lot harder time to get Bbm messages.

Posted via CB10

So I guess since a lot of us use BBM and believe in the quality of blackberry, we must all be thugs. Not really understanding your point.

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The less we hear from this ignorant, socialist clown, the better off we'll be. He blathers on and on just to hear himself talk - we're not interested in listening to lying politicians.

You think Obama is Socialist? Go to Europe or Asia for real socialism. In the UK we have had free health care since 1945.

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"Ignorant" you can't possibly know the meaning of the words.. The President has a degree from one of the most prestigious college in the country. If he's ignorant, I'm wondering what degree (s) do you have and at what institution (s) did you graduate from... just wondering that's all... Socialist, well social security has been around for a long time and as I understand it, that is a socialist program, medicare is another, and let's not forget about financial aid. Socialism has been around before this president and will remain after.

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How'd he get that degree - he hides his college records, papers and teaching documents under seal, why do you suppose that is?

He demonstrates his economic and national-security ignorance on a daily basis. He's a fake, an empty suit.

Socialist "security" and medi"care" are ponzi schemes and are running out of gas; check the statistics on these scams.

Republican/Conservatives showing their intelligence.... rofl....

Note: Obama isn't a great president like JFK but he isn't worse than Bush.

What he "fails" at is being a socialist or even ignorant, you clown. You need to look up the definition, truly. There may have been better ways to approach some items, such as calling out GOTP on their irony of BS, but he is far better than GWB ever was, even on a bad day.

Say what you want! BlackBerry z10 is far ahead of I phones, and Windows. Blackberry users = LEADERS. Not followers like iPhone users u have them because everyone they know has one. Smh. Move on to better.

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Chen would be wise to leave this one alone. In addition to Obama being unpopular with many in the USA and in other markets like the Middle East, he is now associated with the technological incompetence of the ObamaCare Web Site rollout, making him the last celebrity BlackBerry would want to exploit while struggling to erase the company's well-earned reputation for technological bungling. More importantly, the context of Obama's statement reinforces exactly the perceptions which have sunk RIM/BlackBerry in recent years - the iPhone being more desirable and the only reason he isn't using one is because his job makes him use the BlackBerry. Promoting BlackBerry's security to consumers or even "prosumers" will work only if they are not simultaneously reminded of why they learned to hate BlackBerry as the leggy no-fun handset brand their employers forced on them.

Flicked from my Z10, my first and hopefully not last BlackBerry smartphone.

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Lets be real he's unpopular with a lot of the same people who didn't want to see him elected and the whole "hes a dark skinned nigerian crowd".

Having said that i wonder what kind of press coverage if any this gets. Especially from sites that ran stories about celebrities and ceo's (marissa mayer) dissing BlackBerry...

Posted from a phone....

BlackBerry rocks in Security. And they now rock in Mobile Interface via BB10. Can't beat that.
They should get him a Z30, after that I am sure his kids would dump the iPhones in a jiffy for a Z10/30 hehe.

I prefer my BlackBerry to anything else like most of us but how is BlackBerry suppose to capitalize on this 'security'? I'm pretty sure the presidents phone is a little more secure than any other BlackBerry except for maybe the German Chancellor's!

Anyhow, aren't the BlackBerry 10's purchased by John Q Public as secure as any other phone out there? Are we not all communicating via our carriers networks instead of BIS now? I can understand promoting this 'security' for the corporate world but as far as consumers go, BlackBerry 10's are like all the rest when it comes to security. Am I missing something?

They are slightly more secure then "John Q Public's" phone...but you can make them a lot more secure...

Unfortunately though a lot of corporates are getting rid of Blackberries at the moment so I think they do need to push the security side!

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Yes he is because his achievements pale in comparison to yours which we are still waiting to hear about.

Yep, and still waiting........................ still waiting............................... sleepy time. lol

Posted via CB10

I struggle to understand why some seem to think criticizing a public figure means you have to some how be equally "accomplished". He's a politician, he's a public figure. He can be criticized with out having to trot out your resume

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

You don't seem to know what valid criticism looks like. This is my last post on this topic before it turns in a political debate and I have no dog in this hunt.

Most people in this world aren't doing anything important enough to worry about their phone security. This isn't a selling point for BlackBerry to the masses anymore. You don't need a secure phone to play Candy Crush and "like" cat photos.

Posted via CB10

How about while playing a candy crush someone in China is reading your email and stealing your credit card information?. Game over!

Posted via CB10

Why China? Why can't they be in Canada or California? I cry foul against all Chinist. I find this very offensive. We're not in 1945 inno...

Posted via CB10

Security is a selling point, among other selling points for BB10. Unless people don't mind getting there other phones such as iPhones and Androids hacked while making online purchases.

For me, there is no online purchases UNLESS I use a BlackBerry regardless.

You're right, most people aren't interested in security which I find ridiculous when they have their whole life on their phone, banking, credit card details etc. One day I'm sure they will realise - I just hope Blackberry are still around to clean up.

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I don't really find this as a good thing. Even though it means that the BlackBerry is more secure, it still seems like he's complaining about his phone and that he wishes for an iPhone.

But then again, I could be wrong.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Bush administration was the first to use BlackBerries. I recall Andy Card was a heavy user in '00.

QNX posted via CB10

A big fan of POTUS? He needs to get thing done? What a joke, if I were John Chen I would strip him of his BlackBerry and tell him to use a land line. Almost 9 billion 3 years and still have no mechanism to actually pay for ACA!! Ok I'm done ranting

Posted via CB10

Be honest, your on the payroll as an apologist aren't you. I'm sure one day he will accomplish something that is worthy of the praise some people like to give him. Just as long as they take away his damn nobel Peace prize! What a joke

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I don't know how good most people are at recognizing a BlackBerry device when only part is seen but I believe the phone is a BlackBerry 9900/9930 model without camera (for security purposes). The holster looks like the accessory that would come with a Bold 9930 in a Verizon contract.

What!? Pulling troops out of Afghanistan was a BAD decision. Repealing don't ask don't tell for U.S. soldiers and saving The U.S. auto companies were both bad decisions?

Haha no joke. Get this fool out of here. I open crack berry and have to see his name. Tyrrany at its finest.

Posted via CB10 with Z10

Now now. Don't upset the Obama lovers. These democrats think he the greatest thing since sliced bread. Let's see....we got obamacare, NSA spying which he's all good about, Fast and Furious mess, etc, etc etc. He's just super!

You open CrackBerry all by your self and then accuse Obama on being a tyrant. Did he make you open CrackBerry? Righties are weird.

That's only true if you are a conservative, and/or you see everything in black and white. I'm a progressive and I find he's a mixed bag (things I like, things I don't).

Don't need to remind us. Obama is not a politician, he is a deity. So we can critique as we see fit.

Posted via CB10

That is because there are plenty of wolves in sheep skin on this forum. Unleash the "Archie Bunkers". Lol!!

It's not about race. It's about a person who said he has attended flag burning. It's about his more control, less freedom socialist views. About leaving men behind to die. He is as anti-American as north Koreas leader.

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I chose BlackBerry a few days ago due to the neatness of the os for what I need it for it works fabulously and isn't bogged down with a bunch of useless eyecandy

Posted via CB10

Don't excuse yourself , I won't be surprised if there is an Iron Bowl pt 2 for the title.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

So he'd rather have an iPhone and only keeps it because he has to? That's not a good sign.

9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 ~ Z30

He used a BlackBerry prior to becoming President, and fought to keep it, because he was hooked on it. The secret service caved and allowed him to use a modified BlackBerry. His response regarding "security reasons" is true, but it seems like some of you would prefer "because the iPhone is for iSheep" as a response.

He's so "cool" he want's an iPhone, but the smart people in the room tell him he has to have a BlackBerry if he wants a mobile phone. Thank God for the smart people in the room. We have enough idiots here in the States. BlackBerry rocks.

Posted via CB10

I think it's a security risk to for her daughters to use Iphone too. How does his daughters learn how to self censored or confine the conversation with daddy without giving away the first family location? Considering they attend so many official functions.

I love how everyone gets the impression the President would rather have an iPhone. He said that to a bunch of young people. He wanted to make a good impression with a specific crowd so he said something that will make it seem like he has no choice. I live my BlackBerry but it's not cool to have them anymore.

Posted via CB10

You are probably right - he never means what he says and says what his audience wants to hear.

Posted via CB10