U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to begin BlackBerry 10 pilot program in early 2013

By Michelle Haag on 13 Dec 2012 02:25 am EST

A few months back, it seemed like every other tech headline was another company moving away from BlackBerry for other platforms. Some did it quietly, others were more outspoken about their (albeit misguided) plans, but it was happening nonetheless. BlackBerry diehards knew it was just a matter of time before those companies would regret those decisions, with BlackBerry 10 looming on the horizon, with all the advancements in both software and hardware we've been anxiously waiting for.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) was one organization that had planned a few months ago to move away from BlackBerry, but now is set to begin a pilot program on RIM's new smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 early next year. Though we don't know yet if ICE is nixing plans to put their 17,600+ employees on iPhones, or if they'll be using BES 10 to manage both BlackBerry smartphones and other devices, the news goes to show that people are really starting to notice the new BlackBerry.

With the official launch of BlackBerry 10 just over a month away, we're sure this is only the first of many organizations that will be taking another look at the new and improved BlackBerry platform.

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to begin BlackBerry 10 pilot program in early 2013


Last I heard, the core of BB is not made in China because of security issues.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

That's whats up and what blackberry's about, if a company like that would have a change of heart and test the new bb10 devices, then I'm sure many more will follow.

Bb10 will be the safest most secure OS(one thats military approved), government agencies will take notice to this and may be the deciding factor between bb10 vs android/iOS/wp8.

Like it or not, The RIMPIRE strikes back.

Michelle : THANK YOU !
In some random post, I've been asking for this kind of blog entry with a tick list of past rumored quitters and their effective decision. I believe it would be something really hot if one @ Crackberry could contact them all and then check the reality ... numbers are not that big ... and that'll be an all-in-one "don't-don't-don't--don't-believe-the-hype" !!!
Are you self-designed ? I believe ... (and sorry for both overpassing the cBBoss editor role and filling your agenda ;-) !)

Yea I would LOVE to see Bla1ze's list in a few months & see what those same people are saying now.

I can think of one analyst who use to be down on RIM & now he's saying buy, but instead of admitting he was wrong, he is talking about how OTHER analysts were incorrect in saying RIM was dead.

Idiots that should be nominated on that list:
Richard Saintvilus - Forbes; Eric Savitz - Forbes; Andrew Sadauskas - www.smartcompany.com.au; Jordan Kahn - 9to5mac.com; Don Reisinger - Cnet; and the infamous dumb quartet of the "iBGR" lead by the moronic clown Jonathan "Gag me" Geller
That will do it for now, more to come! Crackberry followers and readers here, please be free to contribute! Put name/names on the list if you happen to remember any other.

Now people are starting to notice the good side of Blackberry!
Now its time to RIM!
Show them what you got!!
Take it all off!!

RIM must be doing something right with BB 10 when your getting Gov. agencies doing a 2nd take on BB.
If it security that they want, then BB is what they need.
I think also allot of Gov. drank the Koolaid about other phones out there and once they switched found out in the real time that maybe they didnt stand up to the Blackberry.

Well it sounds like the reality of what other MDM and supporting iOS caught up to ICE. Seriously it would be foolish to not evaluate it. In the end I bet they have limited adoption of their BYOD program and most people stay with whatever is the corporate provided device (that's paid for).

Other MDM are double the cost of Blackberry solutions and if you stay with Blackberry 10 it's actually no cost as you ALREADY have the licenses. People don't realize how big of savings this is for large corporations. Typical CAL is $50-100 per user. Other MDM push $150 per user or higher. So a shop like ICE with 17,000 BES CAL this is a 850k savings assuming $50 CAL per user they won't have to purchase. This doesn't even include the incentives RIM will provide on hardware. Trust me Apple provides NOTHING to lower the costs and not one MDM can touch $50 a CAL.

With BB10 they can support both platforms and allow BYOD and the handful of corporate liable iOS devices for the special people.

thanks for the info.

once you send proposal to the CFO and tell them they are going to have 1 million by sticking with BB10. I think they are going with BB10.

Immigration are going to use the L series. They can throw these handsets, and with the bulk of them they'll make great missiles. :)

Oh come on, a laugh is good. Xx

I question wheter ICE had really left the RIM platform. It makes no sense to leave for a new product a couple of months before BB10 would have been released. Now 3 months after abandoning BB for iPhone they are going to trial BB10. For what? That makes on sense. I have been saying that this rumor about ICE had been rubbish the entire time. Maybe there have been talks about laving BB but thats about it. Makes no sense to me otherwise.

This was probably a negotiating tactic from ICE to get a better price for their BES. They never switched, they were just threatening to leave. This happens in the airline industry all the time when carriers want to buy planes, ex: they use the media to spread the news that they will be switching from Boeing to Airbus.

RIM probably caved in because the negative news would probably hurt them more than the loss of profits from ICE.

I'm not sure if it was a negotiation tactic or whether it was a bogus news item to begin with. There were a number of things that struck me as odd with the original article. First, ICE was going to buy 18000 configured iPhones for 2.1 million. So that is just over 100 dollars per unit. Let's face it, someone is losing money big time and the only way to recover this is through carrier fees. Next, Good technology adds security to the iPhone but it is simply not at the level that blackberry offers. Way too easy to transfer proprietary information around to private accounts unless you really lock down the device. BES is a huge cost advantage for RIM when it comes to device management. Like I say, the original article seemed to ignore these issues. Who knows for sure.

Funny how Forbes has not carried this yet, especially Savitz, they are the first to jump on RIMM bad news but last to mention positives. When they do mention positives they always add a negative spin. Lets see how they handle this (probably with silence).


LOL damage control from ice clearly tell they used Iphone for months and found it inadequate and not good enough on many fronts security and communications.Now they running back to RIM the complainst must of been huge also the slowness of basic phone activates must of been annoying during trilaing ios.Whoever made the decision is a total numpty fire them.Him or hers love of their apple phone got in the way of national security job effeciency.Just like the numpty making the call for IOS they will all be back to BB.RIM just look so good on all fronts thanks for publicity.

Ha ha, nice comment on Engadget: "Apple maps shows Canada instead of Mexico, that's kinda important for the Border Patrol". Could be a good reason ICE decided to check BB10

I work in Canada in the public sector (local gov't), and all supervisors, managers, and up, all had corporate BB's, without any problems. Just in the last few weeks they started switching to Apple. so now some have BB's and some have iPhones and iPads.... From what I can tell, it was just a switch because they heard it was the way the corporate world was going.... just a case of follow the crowd without any real discussion...... now I already hear that the IT dept is pissed and there are security issues and now they regret making the change...... I don't think they knew too much about the upcomming BB 10 OS and all its goodness. I think many companies will switch back, or maybe not switch now if they were thinking about it.

It's funny too, watching all the ones who switched right away during the start of the transition, as they were acting like they were better than everyone else and that they were on the leading edge of technology, and now only a few weeks in, the honeymoon is already over, and with the security issues, they have ended up looking a bit foolish. Funny how things work out.....

Dear Abby :
The iPhone that I have seems very outdated. I find myself entering an app, the exiting it, then entering another app, then exiting it to go back to the previous one. All this seems very repetitive, and a big waste of my time.There must be something better. My iPhone seems so out dated. It can't event handle NFC payments. What do you suggest?
Need help in New York.

ICE had never left BB, all they had said was that they are going to allow iphones, never said BB. It was negative press before and positive now..same head line but twisted

I'm really happy with this news.. Some guys on the Forum has taken this to the next level about how 'equally' efficient and protected other smartphones can be and basically RIM had no USP.

I guess this pilot is a great testament to RIM's commitment across all sectors.

What a few people on CB do not understand is that although iP and Droid can be equally secure and efficient as a BlackBerry.. They make everything extremely expensive. I've always said that these devices come at an additional cost which is definitely not overlooked by large organizations.

For example.. To put music on iPhone, I need to download and maintain iTunes. This means, first of all I need to install an additional software on my work pc.. Which means more maintenance work for IT. Secondly, iOS are less tolerant to faults and difficult to troubleshoot.. For eg. My home network has 2 routers with different network IDs. The iPad will connect to wifi but provide no internet access. No errors but no Internet either. Whereas the PlayBook will give 'network error' and not connect. 2/3 times I will not connect.. But if it does manager to connect after a restart of router or tab, it will give access to the Internet. So in this case, iPad connects to the network but no Internet (without any error).. PlayBook gives error. You see, easy to troubleshoot because problem is in the network thanks to PlayBook giving the error message.

These are costs.. I had to rework my network with same SSID on both routers and now Internet works flawlessly on both devices without needing to switch from room to room.

Android comes at the cost of loose ends on Hardware and Software. There is no one point of contact and tomorrow if Samsung goes kaput on Android, they will just switch to Windows or BB10.. There is no guarantee. The Android software is so open although it might not be open to attack but it has to be constantly monitored.

The IT definitely have a field day with BYOD. It's the biggest mistake that's happened in the IT world since MacOS.

It's great for BB10 to get the pilot chance.. If US is serious on resolving IT issues... Then we know BB10 is the right way to go.. I hope they make the right choice.

If android flops, samsung will use bada, or windows phone 8, or something else, but they won't be using blackberry 10, because it's not going to be licensed out.