U.S. Election Day Straw Poll

Don't like Obama or Romney? Vote CBK!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2012 12:24 pm EST

It's election day in the good ol' U.S. of A. folks, so if you're an American and eligible to vote, get out and Vote!

I was born in Canada which means I'll never be able to parlay my experience as the Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation into running for President of the United States in a future election. It's too bad really.. I think with a BlackBerry and ham sandwich in hand I'd do a pretty good job. One thing is for sure... if I were President you'd definitely see a lot more contests on a daily basis. People love winning free stuff. :)

As for who's going to win this U.S. election, we'll know for REAL later tonight. In the meantime we're having a little fun and posting this poll today across some of our Mobile Nations sites. It'll be interesting to see how our polling turns out against the actual voting. Keep it civil in the comments folks... we're all in this world together! 

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U.S. Election Day Straw Poll


When will people realize that this mess started with Reagan?some will vote Romney just to get the Blackman out of office despite republican obstruction for the last 4 years.

How intelligent of you to bring race into the conversation, everyone votes for their own kind right? Haha you are ignorant and it is sad that you think of republicans and conservatives as racist.

Especially since 40% (at the very least) of non-blacks vote for Obama.... even Iowa voted for him and they have only 2% blacks! (racist? oh sure)
On the other hand, nearly 100% of blacks voted for Obama.
If there is a skin color issue, it isn't with the Republicans or the US population in general.
I voted libertarian because I do not care for either major party candidate.

Try your race card again. Nearly 100% of blacks vote democrat. All presidential elections before Obama were between white candidates remember? Let's not forget even the healthy amounts of blacks that voted for Hillary in 2008. Alan Keyes could win the Republican ticket and nearly 100% of blacks would still vote for the white democratic candidate.

Like I said, try your ignorant race card again.

Are these results seen on Crackberry correlated across all MN sites?

It would be interesting to see the preferences across platforms.

That said, NOT OBAMA 2012. Not terribly fond of either party, TBH.

We're using the same poll across the sites... so Mobile Nations cumulative.

Maybe in four years we can do it site specific and cross reference?! That is interesting... how do BB users vote vs. iOS vs. Android.


My opinion, majority of Blackberry users would choose Romney. Majority of IOS users would choose Obama. Android would be 50/50.

According to the poll you are wrong.
And if I was American I would confirm that with my choice. I don't know any reason why people would choose Romney other then "it's not Obama"

Not a good reason to me.

That's because you're not living with his policies and paying for his increased spending in every arena...

I love it when people say Obama's policies. It's more of the party policies. Your hatred should be towards the party. In America it seems people vote solely on the basis of whether or not they like the candidate and almost completely ignore the polices that the person and his/her party represents. If you were to ask Americans what were the key policies of the Republican and Democratic parties of 2008, I'd say more than 90% of the people couldn't name them, even for the party they voted for.

And any president has chosen to be the avatar and enforcer of said policies, so it's on their heads.

Actually according to the poll I could be right or wrong. This poll is across mobile nations not just crackberry.

First :):) :) never mind...(:
I think this poll is more representative of US elections than those stupid scientific polls...

I vote for the guy who rocks a blackberry. Crackberry Kevin. What? He's not running? I'm in Canada too so I can vote for him, right?

Oh well, I vote for the guy who rocks a blackberry. Obamacare.

Who is Romneyryan? I haven't heard that last name before

Was it not Obama that choose to give the Queen an iPhone? Of all the devices and or gifts he could have given her, he picked an iPhone. Does not get my vote.

The iphone is 'technically' American so it makes sense for him to give her an iphone. On the other hand, if Harper were to give the Queen an iphone, that would be weird. Well maybe not, Harper is always trying to appease to the people of the south

I miss the option "I'm not American, but an America-friendly German/European who is nevertheless interested in the US elections"!

Can't be just BB users. For all of RIM's failings, no way are the end users dumb enough to put Obama 12 pts ahead. Gotta be a huge oversampling of iPhone users (and jealous, petty, small minded foreigners) in there. Go Romney, America is strongest for a reason. Get over it.

Ok, I'll take the troll-bait.

Those "jealous, petty, small minded foreigners" are the reason that the USA was strong.

Now it is a bunch of idiots in a sinking boat debating the kind of bucket needed to bail it out, without actually doing anything about the problem. One says that you should just keep bailing, the other says throw the bucket overboard because someone else on the ship will fix it.

Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on and shakes their heads.

For purposes of disclosure, I am Canadian and my wife is from the USA.

Are you for real?

America has been a sinking ship since 2000 for a reason.
And it will continue to be.

Either the Romney will continue G.W.B's cliff jumping, or will continue to be as obstructionist as they can to sabotage Obama's second term.

So yeah, the rest of the world isn't expecting much from you guys anymore.

Romney is not a good man and Paul Ryan has to first names, I don't trust him.

as far as Obama he's gridlocked and can't do anything because of all the republicans in the senate...In fact one republican in the senate said during an interview during the 2008 election was that the most important thing to do in the 4 years Obama is president is to make sure that he doesn't get anything MAJOR done so they can blame the bad economy on him.

Obama can work with republicans (ex. Chris Christie) but most republicans don't want to work with him.

So I really hope Obama wins, however I refuse to vote during an election (though I am registered)

I fail to see a reason why I should vote for the next guy that messes up our country so I don't vote. until we can get a humanitarian running for president I refuse to vote.

finally you should vote for Obama because he has 2 BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Romney has an iPhone 4s...this last point was a joke by the way...OBAMA Y'ALL!

Though it is pretty frustrating for those who know their vote doesn't matter because they live in a state that is decided for the candidate they oppose.

I live in Oregon but I'm pretty firmly anti-Obama (as is pretty much the entire population of my half of the state), but the Willamette Valley controls Oregon's electoral vote, so we're SOL. I still vote anyway, though it's technically pointless.

That's the biggest problem with the electoral college, IMO.

* BlackBerry by choice *
The electoral collage should have been abolished 75 yrs ago. In today's times it is truly obsolete.

I had a very smart professor tell are class once that if you are eligible to vote and do not vote, you have no right to complain about the government and people that take over office. But if you vote, you can b***h and complain all you want.

"Unfortunately, I was born in Canada"

Kevin, I think you should have left the word "Unfortunately" out of that sentence.

Or, alternatively, at least removed "Un" from the beginning of the sentence ;^)

I also was taken aback when I first read the sentence. The exact meaning and intent is ambiguous, but I decided to give Kevin the benefit of the doubt. I agree, it could have been worded much better, unless he indeed meant to imply...umm... Naw, he couldn't.

1-2% growth is NOT a recovery, it's stagnation! 23 million Americans out of work is NOT a recovery. An additional $6 Trillion in debt is NOT a way towards recovery. You could tax the top 1% earners 100% of their earnings for 100 years and not put a dent in our current debt...it's simple math and it's not a valid recovery plan. Demonizing Romney with lies is NOT a plan for recovery. Obama has had FOUR YEARS and failed and voting for more of the same is NOT a path to recovery. WAKE UP! VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN and prove you are a well informed voter who loves America.

Yeah and voting for Romney is better right?
To have the same policies that Bush had! Yeah that's what the world need now! People seemed to forget how they got in that bad situation in the first place, and who is responsible for it.

I dont feel like going in a debate right now, but 1-2% growth in that case sir is a huge recovery. Remember that Obama received a country that was severely bleeding, and at least now that bleeding is over, and the country is healing. So I say you wake up and vote Obama/Biden.

PS: That comment is coming from a more conservative than liberal person who is sick of these conservative policies that are destroying the world.

New Flash, more then half that debit was already in place thanks to the Bush's oh and the financial collapse again thanks to the Bush's and the deregulation of the Banking industry. And if you think Romney cares about the people of America, I have land in Florida for you.. He answers to the corporation and Washington lobbyist who fill the campaigning coffers with Billions of Dollars...

but Romney is going to tough on the Chinese and crack down on their spying.. That's because he believes only the American government has the right to spy on it's own people..

Were you expecting a sudden 180 degree u-turn when Obama was elected? I don't think anyone did.

Moreso to the point, it's difficult if not impossible to do anything when you have your opposition (GOP), DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN to makre sure you fail.

These last 4 years have been a failure only because the first 2 were wasted trying to work through "bipartisanship" with the GOP.

I don't think Obama is has lived up to what he campaigned on in 2008. But I know a big reason for that is squarely because of the spiteful, ideologically stubborn, party of arrogance, racism, and greed. The GOP.

Ronmney will tax the rich also, unless he's lying again about "lowering" taxes for everybody. I find it astounding that Republicans can rely on the fact that most people are too stupid to know the difference between nominal tax rates and effective tax rates.

Thank God for Chris Christie. A Repubilcan that put party politics aside to help his people.

Thank you Chris Christie for putting Obama in for a second term! You are a class act.

If I recall Obama did rock a Blackberry when he took office in 2008. They had to put some kind of special encryption on it for him to continue using it. Not sure if he is still using one today.

"Unfortunately, I was born in Canada" WTF Kevin?

1) RIM is Canadian.
2) If you have travelled anywhere else in the world we are loved everywhere (except for maybe the U.S. where they like to make fun of anyone that is not American..and we get back at them by unleashing Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, Nickelback...keep making fun of us and we will keep churning out and sending you horrible pop stars).

We also unleashed Alex Trebek (reminding them how smart Canadians are), William Shatner (Must....act!), Nathan Fillion (lots of lost productivity due to him), Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox (Ok, he is kinda awesome), and most of the voice cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

What crax me up is watching them do the voices. When you get random responses as (in no particular order) Spike, Older Spike, Mayor Mare, Rarity, Snips, Nightmare Moon, and (not by the original) Fluttershy.

It gets a little crazy.

For the love of... Geez, take it in context, please! Kevin said "Unfortunately, I was born in Canada" and can't run for president, not "Unfortunately, I was born in Canada." This is a post about the American presidential election, and Kevin's just saying that were he born in the U.S. of A. he (and Hammy) could appear on the ballot since it's a requirement that presidential hopefuls be American-born. I'm Canadian but just recently became an American citizen, and I have nothing but pride for Canada. I'm sure Kevin feels the same way.

Agreed with taking out of context.

I was surprised about how much stereotypes there was about Americans in Canada when I moved there. I think it is how patriotic Canada is (never seen that type of patriotism) that through me off and my own stereotypes of all Canadians being polite and open. Learned real that that just like the US and around the world, there are those who are polite, those who are knowledgeable, those who are overly patriotic, and those who are not.

Who cares who you vote for, just make sure you vote...

And dont complain who wins (unless you voted!) :)

That's the spirit! lol

But seriously, it would be nice if a third party had a fighting chance. It's pretty obvious that the two-party system isn't great, and is propagated by psychology.

Most don't vote for who they want, only against those they don't.

Why is everyone getting all bent out of shape about Kevin's "Unfortunately I was born in Canada" statement? Clearly it was a joke, as indicated by the rest of the statement which talks about his thwarted aspirations of being US President

I am Canadian but i would vote for Obama.I am actually surprised that the country is split 50/50 given what Bush did in his 8 years in power. Two wars, tax cuts for wealthy, second great depression etc. I am surprised why 50 think that 4 years is enough to fix what Bush did through out his presidency.

Maybe we just don't think that doubling the debt, growing the government without bounds, playing games with monetary policy, and passing an enormous mystery healthcare plan that provides nobody with healthcare and that few people comprehend is how you fix a problem. And we are hard pressed to find a promise that Obama has delivered on from the last election.

A lot of that has to do with the media we have. We have the Right wing Fox and the Left wing MSNBC. The healthcare isn't perfect but isn't a mystery if watching MSNBC. The doubling debt isn't a mystery if watching Fox.

The US doesn't have unbiased media anymore.

Obama has many promises that he kept, and many that wasn't. Fox will tell you what he didn't, MSNBC will tell you what he did. Nobody will tell you the list objectively.

Well, I seldom see Fox or MSNBC. I do listen to Bloomberg in the mornings and read a lot of random news sites aggregated by Google during the day. I think I get a decent picture of things.
I don't think that we ever had an unbiased media. It's up to us to use or minds. Not sure anyone else has an unbiased media anymore either.

As to the debt and monetary policy. It is common knowledge. Modern US politicians seem to lack courage to actually invoke sound economic policy, so they play games with the debt and monetary policy to make it look like they are doing something.

As far as Obamacare, I am basing that on what my HR folks tell me about this nightmare law.

Whatever, I'm just a taxpayer in this silly republic.

I hear you there. IMO, as long as people use their minds, doesn't matter who a person votes for. It is the ones who say "well Glenn Beck says...." or "well Rachel Maddow says.... so it must be true" that gets to me. One source is never enough! Especially if that source is only from a commentator on an evening show.

Even Bloomberg isn't unbiased.

It was founded my Mayor Bloomberg for cripes sake. Immensely left-leaning and one of Obama's biggest supporters and advocates.

Huffington Post isn't much better.

Of the two, Obama is the better. I rather a slow move in the right direction than a quick, erratic move in the wrong direction.

Maybe I'd like Romney more if I knew what he stood for... but he just has sooooooo many stances. Romney was a Massachusetts Republican (like a Canadian Conservative, conservative but not extreme anti-social anything and pro-guns for all), then was like a southern Republican (the extreme), then went back to being a Massachusetts Republican, and then just stopped saying anything but the same stump speeches.

Romney seems to easily manipulate the public or is easily manipulated... either way is scary to me.

Glad to be dual American and Canadian in times like these! :P

For those that have an interest, we do have a conservative BBM group if those of like mindedness would like to join. Just PM me on the forums with your PIN, and I'll send an invite. As for me, I have to vote for Romney. Obama is a Bears fan....can't have that. Go Packers!!! :p

I once posted a thread on which Republican Candidate (during primary season) this or that. Tried to relate it to BB in some way. I think I said Ron Paul was like BB. ;not very popular in the mainstream but highly underrated.

My thread was taken down for being political. And here we are.

Obama is paid by Goldman Sachs. Romney is paid by Goldman Sachs.

They both will not end American Imperialism around the world (140 bases worldwide). Just imagine China with 3 or 4 bases in Alaska, Mexico, Bahamas or Greenland. How would we feel towards them?

They will both allow a non-congressional, private bank AKA The FED to print their money. Creating massive inflation and destroying the value of the USD and punishing savers. Q.E to infinity!!! Long Gold and Silver people!

They will both continue to destroy civil liberties through The Patriot Act and have secret Kill Lists of Americans without trial AKA, NDAA act.

Vote Gary Johnson this year, Hopefully Senator Rand Paul can run in 2016 (if Obummer Wins).

Most Congressmen, local government officials and governors are just looking to keep their sweet cushy job. How do they do that? By promising their constituents anything they want.

New high speed train system? - you got it.

Pay police 100k a year? - sure

Vote YES on bills that create massive bubbles like the student loan fiasco? OK.. just whatever gets me re-elected. And the FED will always be there as the lender of last resort to increase the money supply and debt ceiling

Senators and Executive branch people are in the business of making money of bribes AKA Lobbying.

Im getting all rilled up. gtg

Spoil the ballot and vote none of the above!

They're all out for themselves. Politicians don't care about the people, they answers to the corporations and lobbyist who fill their campaigning coffers with billions of dollars... Once upon a time government might have been for the people but that boat has long sailed away!

Elections are fixed because we as voters must vote for someone or not vote at all. We need to have "None of the Above" added to the ballot. This way people could truly voice their discourse for all candidates and force them back to the table to work together.

Right now we're force to vote one way or the other (the guy you may not hate as much as the other)..

"None of the Above" spoils the ballot but allows you a voice to complain. Not voting at all doesn't give you that right..

"NONE OF THE ABOVE", who's with me!!!

People who vote for Obama are voting for more spending, more unemployment and no economic future. Romney has proven he can get out of deficit's and Obama has proven he can get a deficit up to $16 trillion. Also, an average of 9.08% unemployment rate during Obama's 4 years is embarrassing. RIP USA.

Obama is gonna win. Corporate America loves it's puppets they can control. Happy today is vote day in the US. Tomorrow when I turn my US stations, I won't have to look at all those retarded election commercials.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Obama is gonna win, don't say I didn't tell you so. ________________________________________
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

@q649. Facts are a bitch huh? Well Obama won. Take that and smoke it in your bitch pipe buddy.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Smoke what?

Did I ever say that Obama wasn't going to win? Maybe you should cut back on whatever you're smoking.

A like minded politics hater. I detest politics too.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

How are you my fellow North Americans,fine i hope to mjgallaway and anybody else out there who does not live here know that Bush spent a surplus left by Clinton(some who say he was really the first Black President)then dug a hole with two wars,tax cuts and just plain old looting of the Treasury dept by putting everything on our credit card,was so bad that by the time he left office he was loosing 800,000 jobs a month,meanwhile Mitt was buying American Companies and loading them with debt and selling them off also exporting jobs to china.Obama is not perfect but he stopped our slide into the abyss.He has done a lot killed more terrorists than any other president including Osama he gave us all health care and makes sure we all can buy insurance he could have done more and he will.Go ahead and believe the bulls@#$t Mitt and crew try to tell you the twelve million jobs he is talking about are being stalled in the congress those are the job bills Obama is talking about that they refuse to pass.If you can log onto Crackberry to post crap then use your time to research things.p.s someone needs to call apple on their shipping jobs overseas ipods and ipads suck but they sould be built in amercia ,that is part of our problem we let big companies get away with ...

I voted for Obama the first time around. I thought it would be great to have the first Black President, he has inspired many people . He is a wonderful spreaker. I truly believe he cares about america. I think it is the responsibilty of all americans to get this country back on track. This is not a racial thing. Obama had his chance and he has failed. Maybe if he learned to get along with congress instead of having the attitude my way or nothing things would be different. He believes in big Gov. who do you thinks would pay for that? We would. Creating Jobs with Taxes is stupid. How about creating jobs in the private sector Wow thats an Idea! it wouldn't cost tax payers money. Hire more Teachers well who pays for that? we do! Expand Government we pay for that! He spent billions to Green Companies of which half were his buddies that backed him and the went bankrupt what was it 90 billion! He tells lies about Romney to scare us. He focussed on Big Bird Like if the people were stupid and would buy into that. The economy needs help and he does not have what it takes to help this nation. This is america not europe. His Ideas belong over there. We always been the most powerful nation in the world because of american ideas not european. Europe is bankrupt because of those ideas. Stay true to American Values of which he has none. I really wish he was diferent and able to succeed but who new he was so extreme to the Left not me anyway. Nothing racial just whats best for the country.

But Mitt cant keep his lies straight. He has shipped more jobs to China than GM. He wants to create jobs like best buy assoicates and staple sales people. They make no more than 20k a year with no health care...Is that the type of job I want for your children? Who pays for the uninsured peopled now? We do! So why is it wrong to health care affordable to all people? Remember 2000 when the republicans convinced you that lower taxes would create more money and more jobs...how well did that work for the US? Recession! Yeah going ahead and vote for Mitt and see how he will help you. I just hope you are not on of the 47% he was talking about in the video.

+100. I didn't vote for Obama the first time because I had this gut feeling that he was a great talker and motivator, but a President?? Not at all!

Obama! He carries a BB with him! Romeny shipped his BB to China long ago and received a Iphone in return. Plus he shipped the Iphone factory to China...Foxconn... Republicans are only for big business and big profits. They are not for the american people or for small business. America has 99 problems and MItt is one!

Your reference to Jay-Z proves your point. That's what I look for in a president. I want the most powerful man in the world to associate with a one in a million rapper who admittedly sold drugs while getting his career started. I hope 50 cent is available to help Obama with his economic plan.

Nothing unifies voters more than the cynicism they share after a politician lies to them. Those who vote do so because they're optimistic, but at the end of the day, we're always ready for politicians to fail to deliver on any of their campaign promises once we put them in office. We believe that hopeful future presidents, like all job candidates, will say anything their prospective employers want to hear in hopes of securing the gig. George H.W. Bush going back on his no tax hike promise, Barack Obama's failure to close Gitmo, William Howard Taft's promise to lose 30 pounds -- these people speak only in lies.

Statistically, those failures were actually the exception, not the rule. Political scientists in the 1980s set out to evaluate the promise-keeping history of American presidents and found that 75 percent of pre-election pledges made by presidents Wilson through Carter were met. Most people are lucky to keep that kind of ratio going in a marriage, let alone while running a country. And yes, this trend still holds true with our modern leaders.

For instance, during the 2008 campaign, Obama made 508 distinct promises for his term in office. As of right now, he's successfully followed through on 193 of those promises. That sounds a little low, but you have to take into account the fact that "president" doesn't mean "dictator." A president can't just do anything he wants -- he has to work with Congress, and because Congress isn't exclusively populated by Obama's friends, it means that he needs to compromise. Which he did, on another 79 of those promises. Another 44 have stalled, while 102 are still "in the works."

Add all that up, and you'll see that Obama at least made the effort to fulfill some 418 of his 508 campaign promises. Nearly half of those efforts have, so far, been successful.


Thanks Cracked

I Bleed Black & Berry

I voted for the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson/Jim Gray. I consider myself to be an independent and beholden to no party, but the Libertarians are the closest party to my own views.

Canadians jealous of US health care? Are you retarded? Its the other way around. American healthcare sucks and the whole world knows it.

I can walk into any doctors office/hospital with my Ontario OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) card and its 100% free.

My father recently got spinal surgery, and 2 months at a rehab facility...FREE. Thats almost $100,000 FREE. The only thing that's not covered are drugs, but my father has disabillity and drugs are covered. Again...FREE, unlike ''Obama care.''
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

FREE huh?!?! Didn't cost anyone, anything?? (face in hands, shakes head with disgust that ignorance is a pandemic spread across the entire north American continent)...does OHIP cover self inflicted blindness??

Control your jealousy buddy, it's not becoming.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

@kjm2010. Romney is a crooked as a $3 bill. Obama won just like I said he would...enjoy Romney LOL.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I'm canadian. Even if I was american, I wouldn't vote for ANYBODY. That's my two cents. We don't need somebody to lead the rich/wealthy, famous, CIA/NSA/Government and "elite" to safety and leave us all to perish if a world-wide un/natural disaster was to happen.

Just my thoughts.